Making it in the REAL Estate Industry- Boraie Development LLC

Being an entrepreneur like Omar Boraie is one thing and having a successful enterprise is another thing altogether. Real estate business has been growing tremendously in the recent years with investors in the industry getting a high yield in profit. Establishing a real estate company is not an easy task as a huge amount of capital is needed.

Boraie Development LLC is a real estate company that offers a broad range of services in the construction industry. The company was founded by Omar Boraie an Egyptian immigrant who relocated to New Brunswick 40 years ago. Omar is a Ph.D. holder in Chemistry. The company is responsible for providing services such as real estate development, sales, and marketing, as well as property management.

The real estate company constructed a two-tower building in 1985 at 120 Albany Street just to the spring street corner. The founder of the organization describes them the construction of the building as a scramble. Boraie mentioned the intervention of the large pharmaceutical company Johnson and Johnson as a big step that enabled them to construct the building. The Boraie Development LLC of Omar Boraie is proud of what they have been doing, and today they can excitedly stand in the hallway of 120 Albany streets where their headquarters is located and show the number of buildings they have constructed and the ones in progress.

Currently, the Boraie Development LLC on is putting up a building that will be a New York-style apartment tower at One Spring Street downtown. They have described the apartments to super-high-end and mentioned that there is nothing else that can compete with the apartments in New Jersey. The company has hired a competitive team of architect and are targeting the who is who in the society as their customers.

Boraie Development LLC does not only engage in the construction business but it also a property management firm. They know how important is to manage resources and they have this as their inclusive policy. The organization understands the importance of managing property as it enables them generate extra value to their asset over time. They are responsible for renovating their properties often as well as retaining them with incomparable details. Boraie property management services include maintenance, accounting, administration, leasing, customer service as well as marketing.

Omar Boraie is enthusiastic and devoted to engage their vision, reliability and capital to every project they undertake. The company has been in existence for 30 years and have gained experience in the real estate industry making them the most pursued after company in New Jersey. Their aim is to develop projects that attract tenants, residents and financial partners who see the benefit of their long term proprietorship commitment.

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