Internet Overload

The Internet is a good thing (most of the time). Anyone that uses it can tell you so. It is the information highway that homeowners freak out about when their ISP goes down for a moment. The Internet is also the thing that we use anytime that there are questions in our minds that need answers. There typically websites that cover just about everything that people want to know about anything. For some people, igornance may still be bliss.

There are some people that may even say that the Internet has ruined a lot of experiences that would have otherwise been better if there was no website in place for these things. Traveling, for example, has become so much easier now that there are so many different websites out there. The obvious problem, however, is that the information that is posted by so many users can play with the mind. People that may have been excited about a trip can find themselves backtracking on a vacation because they read the bad experience that someone else may have had. According to Buzzfeed contributor Annie Daly, there are more than 350 million reviews on Trip Advisor. Anyone that has said that one should do everything in moderation was not wrong. The person that also said that there is such a thing as having too much of a good thing was also speaking the truth.

The Internet is repsonsible for all of that bountiful information. The same thing ca be said for what is happening in the music world. There was a time when people had to work harder and become groomed for a recording contract. Today there are tons of people that are discovered over the Internet. People don’t even buy albums anymore. A person that wants to hear music can hear anything that they want on Youtube. This cuts down on the listerners of radio stations. That is also music streaming, but no one knows which one to pick because there are no many to consider. This is yet another gift and curse of the Internet.

Fewere people are able to connect, socialize and develop personal relationships because everyone is chatting and posting stuff on Facebook. The Internet is good, but Internet overload is not.

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