The Valuable Advice of Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is someone that knows how to provide important advice. She is someone that has managed to become a very valuable voice for all of those that are trying to make the most of their time in the executive world.

McGalla is someone that has managed to rise in ranks because she had a vision from the very start. She knew early in her career that it would take a college degree to become a resource in the marketing world. There were too many glass ceilings for females that want to excel in business. Susan McGalla realized that she had a higher purpose than lower level grunt work on Bloomberg. She wanted to rise to CEO status and she knew that higher education was going to make that possible.

Today McGalla is one of the top executives in the business world, and people are still talking about all that she has been able to do in marketing. Her branding experience in the clothing industry is quite impressive. She has managed to become a leader that has studied her craft well. She even started her own company at one time. McGalla has decades of experience in the world of building brands, and she managed to get a lot of people interested in what she is saying.

Even now McGalla still believes that education is the key to better opportunities in the business world. That is what she is telling the nation of women that are looking for a chance to compete with others in the marketing world on She knows that this is the stepping stone to success so she urges many people to take the plunge and get started early. Once education is gained in the profession a person has to pick a career and get good at what they are doing.

Susan McGalla was with American Eagle for 14 years. She didn’t elevate from one position to the next by failing to know her job. To the contrary, she did her job with excellence and found the favor that it took to get promoted to the next level. That is what females today must do. They have to work hard to elevate from where they started. They cannot get comfortable and complacent in one job. They also cannot waste their time trying to build a career in marketing if they don’t know the fundamentals. Education is everything in the marketing world.

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