The History and Humble Beginnings of the OSI Group

On the list of largest private companies by Forbes, OSI Group is ranked as the 58th largest company. The current Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group is Sheldon Lavin. The position of the Chief Financial Officer goes to Sherry Demeulenaere. Currently, the OSI Group has an employee base of 20,000 people working across the globe. OSI Group has a revenue of $6.1 Billion and mainly specializes in tobacco, drinks, and Food. The company was founded in the year 1909 and has maintained its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois.

Some few months ago, the company managed to acquire a Dutch company called Baho foods. This was a company that specialized in snacks, deli meats as well as convenience foods. OSI Group acquired Baho Foods to increase its presence and business in Europe. To understand what Baho foods brings along with, it’s important to realize that Baho foods have five subsidiaries in two countries. Baho foods used to operate in Germany and Netherlands before its acquisition, and its five subsidiaries were a vital convenience, Gelderland Foods as well as Q Smart Life as well as Henri van de Bilt and Bakx foods.


Despite this acquisition, most of the workers will continue working with the company and will strive to make OSI Group the leading food retailer and processor in Europe and the entire globe. The acquisition will ensure that OSI Group maintains its good relationships with its customers and clients. Even before the acquisition of Baho foods, OSI was already operating worldwide. Other than the corporate headquarters, the company has plants in other parts of the globe as well as in the United States of America. Some of this locations include Chicago, Oakland in Iowa as well as West Jordan in Utah. The firm has plants in Riverside California and Fort Atkinson in Wisconsin.

Some of the major products produced by this firm are the meat patties, dough products, bacon, vegetable products, hot dogs, poultry as well as fish, and pork. OSI Group is known as one of the largest meat suppliers for the western food companies operating in Asia and particularly China. Some of these companies that the company supplies meat to include Pizza Hut, Subway, Papa John’s Pizza as well as Starbucks. Due to the good services that OSI Group has been offering, it has received the award for health management and safety risks over the past few years. OSI Group has also been recognized for observing the environment and creating sustainability policies.

OSI has a long history as it was founded by a German immigrant called Otto Kolschowsky when he opened a meat supplier company in Illinois. During the early stages of this company, it used to be referred to as the Otto and Sons. Having been successful in supplying meat to the locals, the small company soon opened new branches in the surrounding areas. OSI Group breakthrough came when McDonald’s subcontracted the company to be its sole meat supplier in the 1950s. OSI Group was overwhelmed with this business. In fact, supplying McDonald’s with meat became its only business. However, over the years, the OSI Group has managed to diversify and has grown into the company it is today.

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