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There are many people today who say they want to start their own business. However, few people have the capital or the work ethic to make that dream a reality. If you want to start your own company, you need to have a plan in place to do so. Adam Goldenberg has a great track record of success in this area. As the founder of JustFab, Goldenberg had to scale up a small company from an idea to what it is today. Over the long term, he has proven to be an asset in the world of business. With a small company, there are a variety of ways to get financing. If you want to scale quickly, getting help from outside investors is usually the way to go. However, you are giving up a piece of your ownership in the company when you do that.

Adam Goldenberg

From the time he was young, Adam Goldenberg has always wanted to make an impact on the world. There are a lot of people who look up to the success that he has had in recent years. If you want to invest in your future, Adam Goldenberg is a great person to look up to. He knows what it takes to get ahead in life, and he is willing to put in the work to get there. When he first started his company on, there were a lot of people who were doubting whether or not he could succeed. Through a lot of hard work, he proved all of the doubters wrong. If you want to start investing for your future, model yourself after him.

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One of the most tempting things to do in life is to borrow your way through a problem. There are many people today who are not wanting to go into debt. When it comes to your business, you are going to have capital requirements in order to meet your goals. Adam Goldenberg has always wanted to stay away from debt with his company. There are a lot of people who feel differently, but he always thought it took away from his freedom. Adam Goldenberg went to outside investors instead. He would rather give up some of the equity that he has on his business than be in debt that he can never pay back. The future is bright for Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler with their business ideas.

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Choosing The Right Ad Agency For Your Advertising And Marketing Campaigns

White Shark Media is serious about delivering reliable and efficient management service for businesses, especially small and mid-sized businesses. White Shark Media has been in company since 2011, and the enterprise was founded by three Danish entrepreneurs with great expertise and a lot experience in both online and offline promotion and marketing. With low setup fees and free Adwords evaluation, White Shark Media works by following a basic principle that their client’s great results should also lead to their great outcomes and not before.


Pay per click (PPC)advertising is a proven advertising method, and it generates traffic quickly at affordable costs. But you need to know how to use it properly in order to get the results you desire.


The goal of the founders of White Shark Media was to dominate the developing Search Advertising and marketing arena in the United States and Latin America by rendering good quality service. What made them so great was the combination of a domestic and offshore presence with a dedicated and entirely bilingual staff. Everything the organization has learned over the years, they show to their valued clients. Their clients benefit from the firm’s proven concepts as opposed to utilizing trial and error or starting from scratch themselves.


The professionals at White Shark Media test, investigate and rigorously optimize every element of the campaign that they handle. They value their clients and take appropriate steps to make sure that everything is well executed to really help the client attain their goal and to become highly successful in their endeavor.


Any enterprise that wants to significantly improve their ROI, and attain measurable outcomes, lasting growth and predictable revenues needs to speak to the PPC campaign management team at White Shark Media. They have access to top notch resources and industry know-how, which enable them to render the best quality service possible. They are dedicated to ensuring that their clients understand what it takes to run profitable campaigns and how to track performance.


White Shark Media’s PPC specialists come highly recommended in the industry as a result of their top quality services and easily affordable price. They have produced top notch results for countless clients and a substantial amount of money of ad spend. White Shark Media has been providing services for several years, and can really help you succeed. Visit White Shark Media to learn more about their advertising solutions.

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Kenneth Goodgame leads True Value Company to success

UPDATE: November 23, 2016 is a great place for marketing professionals to share knowledge and ideas with each other. Imagine my excitement when I saw that Kenneth Goodgame made a profile on the site. This is amazing news, not only for other marketing professionals, but the entire industry! Give it a look today and see what kind of ideas and strategies you can get with Kenneth’s insider knowledge!

UPDATE: October 31, 2016

Kenneth Goodgame recently decided to get a change of scenery. He has relocated to the great state of Arizona. His immense experience in the marketing sector enabled him to gain traction and make this move. His prominence in the profit and loss management departments had also benefited him to form capable and quality teams in Arizona help him fulfill his responsibilities.

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UPDATE: September 21, 2016

While he has primarily held positions that were related to merchandising, that isn’t to imply that Kenneth Goodgame lacks experience in other areas as well. In fact, he has also served on the board of a number of companies in a directorial or general manager capacity. This versatility has proven to be incredibly useful throughout Goodgame’s career, as it has allowed him to take hold of floundering companies and provide them with a clear path moving forward

UPDATE: August 25, 2016

Kenneth Goodgame is working his marketing magic. He has officially taken True Value to the next level! They just posted their quarterly earnings and the results are nothing short of amazing. Ken Goodgame is the man with the plan, and it’s definitely paying off.

Kenneth Goodgame has been the Senior Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer of the True Value Hardware Company since 2013. He received his education at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, studying Marketing and Finance. He is well known for building high performance teams and is an expert in profit/loss management. With True Value he is leading the company with his experience, product knowledge and customer-focused philosophy. His innovative programs are designed to create instant impact in the global marketplace as his product launching techniques have helped to make True Value Company an internationally recognized brand.

Before joining the True Value Company, Kenneth Goodgame was the Global Materials Manager(GMM) for Ace Hardware where he drove record sales and designed a long-term growth plan. He developed new products and improved existing processes. His business experience is vast, starting with merchandise management positions with well-known companies, The Home Depot and Black and Decker. In 2002, he was offered the job of president of Rubbermaid Cleaning Products, where he designed innovative programs in infection reducing micro-fiber cleaning products still used in hospitals today. He also created and patented “wave break” technology in their mop bucket systems.

Although Goodgame is best known for his leadership in the areas of product creation and brand recognition, his creativity in packaging, sales and promotional planning have proved to be just as important. He also has the leadership ability to take many ideas and consolidate them into a focused, unified vision. This empowers his colleagues, since they all know they are making significant contributions to the productivity of the company. His long term vision for the companies he has worked with, helped to establish and sustain their place in the market and solidified his place as a true innovator and leader in the retail world.

Kenneth Goodgame is a leader that any company would be proud to have on their team. True Value Company is certainly on their way to continued success with Mr. Goodgame leading the way.

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Stephen Murray Leaves A Good Example

As with everything, there is a beginning and an ending. Among the endings that have occurred is Stephen Murray’s ownership of CCMP Capital. CCMP Capital has seen a lot of prosperous times with the use of Stephen Murray. Murray has brought forth a lot of ideas that have helped the company not only succeed, but also grow in its success. People have learned a lot from Stephen Murray. For one thing, he has shown a lot of wisdom when it came to the decisions that he has made. He knew when it was a good idea to move forward, and he also knew when to cut losses.

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Stephen Murray of CCMP Capital has left the company in order to deal with some health issues. One thing that could interfere with any career is if someone is face with a health issue or an injury. While people can do a lot to take care of themselves, the truth is that there are a lot of things that are out of the person’s control when it comes to health. There are a lot of illnesses that can suddenly occur in which one does not see coming until it is too late. Stephen Murray himself has given in to his struggles.

Murray has died a month later. This has turned out to be a loss that was felt deeply by the staff of the firm. There has been a lot of efforts made to not only follow on the success that Stephen Murray has brought to the company. They are also looking for ways to build on the success of Stephen Murray. One thing that is certain is that he will be remembered for the ideas that he has brought forth to his staff. CCMP Capital continues to move forward with their plans when it comes to business and investments.



Cone Marshall Efforts towards Tax Laws Enforcement

Geoffrey Cone founded Cone Marshall Limited in 1999. The company has specialized in trust and tax planning. Cone attended the University of Otago, New Zealand and pursued a bachelor’s degree in law. In that particular year, from the same university, he was awarded a post-graduate diploma in tax and trust law. His career began in 1980 when he got a job with Auckland Law firm as a lawyer. With a few years of experience, Cone moved to Christchurch. Here, he was made a Partner and the Chairman of one of the leading firms in the region. In this position, he was able to major his practice on Commercial Litigation. While in this firm, he also took the role of leading counsel in several major cases. Cone had acquired vast knowledge in tax related matters and also offered his advice on tax and trust for the firm.


In 1997, his desire to start his practice led him back to Auckland. He worked as a litigator for the British West Indies firm for two years. 1999 marked the beginning of a prosperous future for him. He founded Cone Marshall Limited, and unlike other companies, he specialized in foreign Trust and Tax Planning. The firm has aligned itself with several affiliate companies, and as a result, it has been able to offer trustee and trust management services to its clients. The company headquarters are in Auckland, New Zealand where it was founded.


The company has been recognized for its exemplary leadership. It is led by two competent individuals whose pasts, speaks of only success. Karen Marshall, one of its executives, joined the company in 2005. Before this job, she had an experience of 10 years as a Commercial Litigator. Her primary role is to advise trustee companies. Her experience has been of great value in the revitalization of the firm.


Geoffrey Cone also brings years of experience to the enterprise. He has been considered as a role model by upcoming attorneys in the country. He is well versant with management skills. The skills have been tested and displayed several times in cases handled by the firm. As of recently, the company has enhanced its structure. This structure enhancement is due to the increase in international Trust cases. The improvement will ensure that cases brought by clients are handled with utmost professionalism and delivered in time. As foreign trust are purposely meant to protect assets, Cone Marshall has played a role in representing their interest. However, the company has distanced itself from any trusts that may be used for tax evasion.



George Soros Bands Together with Donors in Preparation of Trump Presidency

One of the biggest donors to the Hillary Clinton campaign, who donated well over twenty million dollars to her efforts, was George Soros. Soros is a staunch democrat and has played a big role in a handful of elections in the past, as he hoped to make another mark on the 2016 election. He wound up donating quite a bit of money, specifically designed at increasing the odds that people would end up voting for Hillary Clinton. The majority of this came from dealing with immigrants, both legal and illegal, as well as other groups. By getting these demographics to the voting booths, there was a very good chance that Hillary Clinton would get almost all of these particular votes, which Soros thought would help to clinch a victory for Hillary and the democrats. As the weeks and days leading up to the election looked like Hillary Clinton was going to win the election and step into the white house next year, things took a big turn when Donald J. Trump ended up winning the presidency.

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This was not something that Hillary Clinton or George Soros thought would happen, as it truly was one of the most shocking election results in history, at least in terms of what the polling numbers showed. George Soros relied heavily on the polls that have come out in the last few months, as well as polls that he has conducted himself, all of which pointed to a Hillary Clinton victory. Because of this, it is clear that George Soros did not account or prepare greatly for a Trump victory, which was seen as almost an impossibility. Since Trump has been awarded the presidency and will eventually take office in the first month of 2017, George Soros has responded by planning to minimize the effects that Trump may have on the country. George Soros has banded together with other donors that were also banking on Hillary Clinton getting into the white house, to attempt to make sure that Donald Trump doesn’t follow through with the promises he made to his supporters. One of the most fundamental parts of his campaign was the promise to build a wall between the United States and Mexico, which George Soros is majorly against.

George Soros has taken to social media over the last several days to proclaim that we as a people need to focus on tearing down walls, rather than erecting them, as he has been referencing the Berlin wall and its eventual tearing down. Another thing that Donald Trump gained a massive amount of traction over was the promise to stop allowing immigrants from various countries in the middle east to immigrate into the United States, which he says needs to stop until they can properly be vetted. This is something that Soros and the rest of his donors that he has united with are against, which will likely end up being one of the biggest things that they focus on, in an attempt to stop the advances of a Trump presidency.

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The Midas Legacy Helps Individuals to Gain an All-Round Success in Life

With their physical location in Winter Garden, Florida, the Midas Legacy offers research services for individuals planning to become more successful. The kind of people they deal with include individual investors who aspire to manage their cash better, potential entrepreneurs who desire to better their lives, people who want to find inner peace, become better and happier. They also help those who are interested in the natural healing of various illnesses. And if you want to get an early retirement, then you should also talk to them. Though these elements of success are different, The Midas Legacy aims to guide you toward that life you seek.

This company is quite admirable as it focuses on the entire package of life. They pay attention to other areas of life that often get ignored by many. This is what sets them apart from other institutions. They not only look at your finances but what you do with it as well. To do so, they provide resources to their members that have proven beneficial influence on the lives of individuals in the areas of the self, natural health, retirement, finance, entrepreneurship, real estate among others.

For entrepreneurs, this company will help you with your financial and business decisions so that you don’t just manage a successful business, but also create jobs for others and help them improve their lives too.

To help you build your life, The Midas Legacy will help you to learn how to instigate discipline in different aspects of your life. They also teach you how to find different alternatives so that you can still work towards a better life even if you tried one option and failed. The Midas Legacy has a team of experts who provide a lot of mentoring to their clients. They not only encourage them but also teach them about different paths that they may choose to take.

The Midas Legacy research services will benefit anyone who is looking to have improvement in all areas of their lives. They will help you come up with a perfect procedure and plan towards success in your chosen path. They will work with you from the beginning to the end of your journey.

Martin Lustgarten’s Achievement in the Investment Banking Industry

The principle purpose of investment banking is to underwrite clients’ securities. Besides, investment banks may also provide ancillary services such as professional investment advisory services, private wealth management, and assist customers with mergers and acquisitions. An investment bank consists of the following departments;

  • Finance
  • Investment banking
  • Human Capital Management
  • Operations
  • Private Equity
  • Merchant banking
  • Security & Trading
  • Risk management
  • Technology

Graduate jobs at investment banks

Applicants for positions at the listed departments of investment banking usually apply as either an Associate or Analyst. Holders of a Bachelor or Master’s degree with little or no experience in the banking industry applies as an Analyst whereas those with MBA and Masters in Finance and a qualified working experience apply as Associates.

Categories of investment banks

Investment banks are categorized into Tier 1 and Tier 2 based on the size of the firm. However, tiers do not apply to fund managers or small-scale specialist investment banks. Importantly, investment banks’ roles fit into three categories that include;

  • Front office

Front office investment banking involves revenue-generating activities such as sales, trading, structuring, and research.

  • Middle office

Middles office investment banking is responsible for risk management. Professionals working in the middle office usually analyze and evaluate the risk undertaken by the front office.

  • Back office

Back office investment banking involves routine operations such as employee management and technology division.

About: Martin Lustgarten

As the economy recovers at a rapid rate comes the need for preparation of an investment plan. Initially, retirement seemed like a dream, but with the advent of pension schemes, the dream is now a reality. Investors need assistance from qualified investment advisors to help them bridge the gap between retirement planning and living in retirement life. Martin Lustgarten is among the world’s smartest investment advisors with a significant impact on the success of his clients.

As a citizen of Venezuela and Austria, Martin capitalizes his citizenship to help clients invest wisely. Over the years, Martin spreads his wealth across countries, as this reduces the expected risk. Global portfolio has helped Martin minimize the expected risk while riding on the stability of the local market. As an expert in understanding market fluctuations, Martin is an ideal role model for any investor.

The History Behind Kabbalah Centre

In 1922, the Kabbalah Centre was founded by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. When he founded this center, he had different intentions with what to do with the knowledge and philosophies. For one thing, the wisdom has always been kept secret as a tradition. However, Yehuda has decided that it is okay to make it accessible. He sees no harm in a wider variety of people getting a hold of this knowledge that only a select few people were allowed. Before him, the only people that were allowed to access the knowledge were devout students of the Zohar who are above the age of 40.

The Kabbalah Centre of course carries the Kabbalah which has a lot of insights about the different religions and the books that come with it. The people of the Kabbalah believe that each religion is only a piece of universal wisdom. Therefore, there is no conflict among any of the religions. Instead, people are taught to come together and accept their differences as different pieces of the whole. There is a lot of wisdom that the Kabbalah has been collecting ever since it was started thousands of years ago. It talks about different aspects of reality.

Among the things that it talks about is the universe that people can see and the universe that people can’t see. Among the things that it points out is that only 1 percent reality can be detected by 5 senses. The rest of reality is undetectable. However, the 99% of the reality which can’t be seen has a major influence on the 1 percent that can be seen. The Kabbalah centre and spiritual teachings have a lot of insights that will bring about enlightenment for people that seek it. This is one of the reasons that the Kabbalah Centre is worth looking into for people.

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Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: Top 10 Amazing Tourist Destinations in Panama

Panama is the southernmost nation of Central America that provides an incredible mix of fascinating cities, quiet villages, extensive coffee plantations, beaches, tall mountains, and scenic rainforests. The city is strategically positioned between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Below is a summary of ideal places to tour in Panama according to Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa.

EL Valle de Anton
This small village is situated in the basin of an extinct volcano. High viewpoints and tropical rainforests surround this beautiful village. Its climate is freezing, and the sites are perfect for horseback riding and hiking.

Pearl Islands
Pearl Islands is a collection of nearly 100 islands in the Panama’s Gulf. It is rich in both history and natural beauty. They gained publicity when they were the base of the “Survivor”, a reality TV show that aired in 2013 on YouTube. Tourists can lease private yacht to cruise and explore these amazing islands.

Baru Volcano
Based in the Chiriquí Province, Baru Volcano is one of the Panama’s highest peaks. It offers a mind-blowing experience for mountaineers and hikers. With the steep, broad climb, hikers should expect changes in climate as they approach the top.

Gulf of Chiriquí
The Gulf of Chiriquí spreads along the Panama’s Pacific coast. It stretches from the border with Western Azuero Peninsula and Costa Rica in the East. This region is rich in mangroves, sandy beaches, and extensive coral reefs. Therefore, it is ideal for sports fishing, diving, surfing, and boat riding.

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Popularly called “The Valley of Flowers,” Boquete provides a broad range of travel experiences and numerous activities to carry out at the Village Boquete Mountainous.

Santa Catalina
Located in Pacific country, Santa Catalina is a perfect tourist destination in Panama. It is ideal for surfing, hitting up the beaches, and accessing the Coiba National Marine Park.

San Blas Islands
These islands have maintained their beauty and indigenous people for centuries. They offer travelers a favorable environment for solitude travel and relaxation.

Bocas Del Toro
Located in the Caribbean Sea, Bocas Del Toro consists of six wooden islands and many uninhabited islets. The region attracts tourists in need of outdoor adventure and natural beauty.

Panama City
The Panama City consists of an assembly of sophisticated high-rise towers surrounded by a beautiful tropical jungle according to Figueroa. The Panama City, which flourished due to the establishment of Panama Canal, is arguably one of the most attractive places to visit in the whole of Central America.

The Panama Canal
The Panama Canal extends beside the Panamanian isthmus, and it is recognized as one of the modern-day wonders of the world. It is an essential key to the growing economy of Panama and has turned out to be a major tourist attraction.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa’s details

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a prominent professional businessperson hailing from Venezuela. Today, he holds three powerful positions as Director, Treasurer, and President in five major firms of Panama. His first executive appointment dates back to the winter of 2011. Being a member of the prestigious Panama’s business community, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa helps businesses to grow, mentors young entrepreneurs, and aims at bettering economic conditions. His companies have benefited from his proactive leadership style.

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