Equities First Holdings Is an Affordable Finance Strategy

Equities First Holdings is an alternative source of financial solutions to companies and high-net-worth individuals seeking fast working capital to conduct their daily business and projects. For the company, they value their customers. For this reason, they provide the best services in the word. Their conduction has unmatched no wonder the stock-based loans have been adopted on a massive scale. The company serves enterprises and individuals with the stock-based loans as one of the most innovative ways to secure fast working capital. Equities First Holdings has gained massive traction and nominated as one of the best ways to secure fast working capital

One of the main features of the stock-based loans is that they offer individuals with a non-recourse feature. For this reason, you can walk away from the loan without any further obligation to the lender even if you have never paid the loan. Therefore, you are at free will to enjoy the proceeds of the loan. Low-interest rates also characterize these loans. As a matter of fact, their interest rates are far below the standard credit-based rates.

For this reason, you will enjoy the loans characterized by high loan-to-value ratio. For you to secure of a loan with Equities First Holdings, you must first be evaluated. However, their evaluation is not as bad as the credit-based loans evaluation, for this reason, you can walk away from the loan without paying.

For you to get the most affordable rates when securing fast working capital, you need a better way to work with the company. There is a major difference between the stock-based loan and the margin loans. For many people, they consider the two loans to be seamless. Therefore, we need to have a careful look at the two. For the margin loans, you are required to state the use of the loans as a way of qualification. On the other hand, the stock-based loans offer a better way to get a loan. You are not required to state the use of the loan as a way of qualification for the stock-based loans.

Moreover, the stock-based loans are characterized by the provision of liquidity at the most affordable rates in the world. Margin loans provide higher interest rates than the stock-based loans, for this reason, we can deduce the fact that the stock-based loans are better than the margin loans. For you to get better financial solutions. You must first work with better ways of securing stock-based loans.

Who Learns The Most At The Kabbalah Centre?

Anyone who is sensitive to the spirit of God and his presence will learn quite a lot at the Kabbalah Centre, and they will find it quite simple to build a scholarly program from the walls of the each office. The Kabbalah Centre has offices around the world that began in Los Angeles, and it is one of the few places to study religion that professes no religion at all. This article explains how someone may learn at the Kabbalah Centre in their own time, with their own mind without a doctrine to follow.

#1: Finding The Truth In The Presence Of God

There are quite a few people who come to the Kabbalaha Centre hoping to find the truth, and the truth of their situation is quite clear. They are sseeking a God they cannot see. They look for him in the scriptures they read from the library, and they seek out texts that may not come from their faith. The Kabbalah Centre does not require religious affiliation, and it ensures that everyone who enters is welcome.

#2: The Offices Around The World Help Quite A Lot

Offices from around the world all help carry the Kabbalah Centre name and mission, and they have ensured the students in the Centre may study of their own will. There are no requirements as students put their minds to their books, and the students are not forced to do anything they do not normally do. There is a freedom of opinion and religion in the Kabbalah Centre that is not found in most seminaries.

#3: Who Benefits From Kabbalah?

Anyone who is seeking God will benefit from reading as a Kabbalah scholar does. The scholars are quite keen at finding the presence of Good in the words, and they show their students how to find where God is without going on a wild goose chase.

The Kabbalah Centre is a Godsend for anyone who needs the spirit in life. They may come to a place that is warm and open to them, and they will see that Kabbalah expands their horizons like no other.

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Your Investments with Martin Lustgarten

UPDATE: December 28th, 2016Martin Lustgarten is happy to announce plans of looking toward the future and moving forward with investing endeavors. Check out updates on his slideshare account, linked below.


There have been many reasons for people make use of Martin Lustgarten and his company in the past. One of the main reasons is that this is a professional you can truly trust and get behind in terms of allowing yourself to invest in a more proper manner. Lots of people are investing nowadays but they are doing so on their own accord and this is preventing them from making the type of money that they would like in order to make it in life.

When you hear from experts that you should start investing your own money in a type of fund or account, you may not know where to start. This is why a lot of people are discovering Martin Lustgarten as well as his company and began working with their expertise. This is a professional who has years and years of experience in the investment industry and this is why people begin to work with him because they knew he was going to be able to get them the help that they needed to make the money that they so desperately wanted over time. This is something that people feel can benefit just about anyone who wants to make more money and knows that they need a professional team of experts like Martin Lustgarten to help them with this.

Now that you know how important it is to work with a professional banker like Martin Lustgarten, you will want to contact his offices to see if he can take you on as a client. You will be surprised at how easy and quick it is to work with a professional like this simply because they are there to help a variety of individuals and businesses to get off the ground when it comes to their investments and the amount of money they can make. This is why I can truly benefit you to work with a professional team of experts and Martin Lustgarten in general so that you can get the investment banking you have always wanted to make on your very own without doing all of the work on your own.

Ridding The World of Tyranny

Ridding the world of tyranny, a task 39 year-old Thor Halvorssen envisions. Thor, president of Human Rights Foundation (HRF) exerts himself with efforts to support dissidents while exposing the dark reality of dictatorships in our world. “…Human rights and individual liberty are not something that should be on the table in any discussion, they are the table upon which all other discussions rest.”(Labash, Matt. “Trouble for Tyrants” The Weekly Standard, 6 Apr. 2015, weeklystandard.com/troublemaker-for-tyrants/article/899824.) Accessed 11 Nov. 2016

His vast efforts to expose the truth are in his blood. He is energized from his Nazi fighting grandfather, Øystein, who served as the Norwegian king’s consul during World War 2. Unexpectedly his mother was shot during a peace protest. Also, there is his first cousin Leopoldo Lopez, who was a political prisoner for challenging the Chavista regime, and lastly his father Thor Halvorssen Hellum, served as a Venezuelan Ambassador for anti-Narcotic Affairs from 1989 to 1993. Thor’s mission of standing up against authoritarians and tyrants runs deep.

Thor’s passion for exposing the corrupt tyrants of the world is spark-plugged by his quest to end the 70-year reign by the Kim’s of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). HRF is distressed by the reality of North Korea, “…Conducting hackathons for defector groups, coming up with innovative ways to smuggle goods into North Korea—such as stealth USBs and giant slingshots that fling contraband across the river from China…unmanned balloons loaded with anti-regime leaflets, cash, and entertainments…wafting north from South Korean border towns.”(Labash, Matt. “Trouble for Tyrants” The Weekly Standard, 6 Apr. 2015, weeklystandard.com/troublemaker-for-tyrants/article/899824.) Accessed 11 Nov. 2016

From his intake of dietary supplements, to plans to be cryogenically preserved, and his fervent desire to rid the world of tyranny, you could say Thor is exceptionally one of a kind. How many people have willingly smuggled information and goods into North Korea for the greater good? From co-founding upstanding organizations, to hosting the annual “Oslo Freedom Forum”, Thor is a maverick who is fearless in the fight for freedom.


Brian Bonar: Keys To Success

Success comes in a variety of forms no matter the industry you’re in or activities you partake. Any logical person want to be successful, but most people don’t want to put in the hard work. Yes, you can get lucky along the way which would make things easier, but depending on luck is the route you should least likely take. San Diego, California Investor Brian Bonar is the epitome of success. His life is full of ambitious projects, but if you’re planning on playing hard then you have to work hard.

Brian Boner has an extensive resume that spans for decades. The eclectic businessman seems to have a hand in a number of projects such as aviation, education, investments, and dining. The Scottish Entrepreneur has always has a taste for good food and his very own Bellamy’s dining establishment is no exception.

Formerly known as Bistro, Bonar had a vision to turn this establishment around 360 degrees. Bonar took elements from one of his favorite restaurants named El Bizcocho and implemented those ideas into his new project. He would invest capital, hire a master chef, and cooking staff to make this into a reality. Today Bellamy’s is one of the most popular restaurants in San Diego County.

Did you know that Brian Bonar has a strong technical background? He has a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the prestigious Stafford University as well as a Bachelor’s Degree from James Watt Technical College in Technical Engineering. Mr. Bonar is a very successful finance executive and leader of Trucept Incorporated.

Before taking this powerful position he was the (CEO) and Chairman of Dalrada Financial. Trucept has a long list of successful clients that’s to the use of the companies advanced services such as employee benefits, resources administration, and payroll. Being such a “jack of all trades,” Bonar could tackle any issues as he specialized in many areas like strategic partnership, corporate development, sales, outsourcing, entrepreneurship, process improvement, and contract negotiations. Being such business mined may make you think that he doesn’t enjoy his life outside of work, but that notion is false.

Brian Bonar is a devoted family man who loves the sport of golf and participates in the sport in his free time. He also loves boating which gives him a great balance of work and pleasure. With so many continuous projects taken place and in the process of taking place, Brian Bonar has his hands full, but he wouldn’t have it any other way because that’s who he is and how he operates.

A Breakdown of Brazilian Laws Regulating Gun Use and Ownership

Gun use has become a sensitive topic in Brazil. Finding armed gangs conducting various types of vices is common. As such, the government has deemed it necessary to enact laws aimed at regulating the procurement and use of firearms.


According to a recent investigation, over half of the firearms in Brazil are unregistered. Hence, they have significantly contributed to the high crime rate experienced in the country. Brazil held a referendum in 2005 to ban gun ownership and use among citizens. However, the referendum failed to meet the aspirations of both the government and citizens. Nevertheless, the country has enacted fundamental laws to restrict illegal gun ownership. As such, citizens are obliged to adhere to these regulations at all times:

  • It is unlawful to expose minors (persons under 18 years) to firearms or any ammunition.
  • Applicants for gun licensing should be 25 years or above to register for ownership of a gun successfully. The Registration can be conducted online or at the Federal Police.
  • The Federal Police reserves the right to do a background check before licenses can be issued. In addition, applicants ought to pass such tests before the selection is made. The background check consists of a mental history, health, employment and criminal records.
  • It is mandatory to pay a registration and renewal fee every three years to maintain the validity of the weapon. Persons in possession of an unlicensed firearm are liable to prosecution.
  • Gun holders are banned from carrying weapons in public institutions such as schools, hospitals, banks and public gatherings.
  • All firearms manufacturers and dealers must be licensed. This ensures that the arms can be traced to the particular dealer in the event of a crime.

Profile of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Tosto Tosto is a prominent attorney in Brazil’s legal practice. He is credited with pioneering most of the legal instruments in the country. As such, they have become the most adopted principles in various court cases. During his tenure, he has offered legal services to influential personalities and corporations involved in lawsuits.

Tosto initially worked in a small office before forming his litigation firm in Brazil. His day-to-day activities entail offering leadership skills to his peers and providing innovative strategies to clients. Moreover, he also supervises significant cases handled by the firm.

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White Shark Media: Choosing A Reputable PPC Management Firm

Are you a small business owner or do you run a medium-sized company? Want to hire the best team for managing your PPC campaigns? If so, you will be pleased to know that White Shark Media has been meet the needs of businesses around the globe and numerous positive reviews due to their outstanding performance in the industry.


Pay per click advertising is a proven advertising method that generates targeted traffic quickly.


White Shark Media has been fulfilling the needs of marketing professionals and advertisers for years as well as is considered among the leading firms in the sector. With a team of highly qualified PPC advertising and marketing specialists, consisting of Adwords PPC specialists, White Shark Media is acknowledged as a leader in the field.


White Shark Media is among the most reputable and reliable Digital Marketing firms that offer online marketing services to companies. White Shark Media values their clients and assures everything is well executed to assist the client arrive at their goal and to develop a long-term business success. The company comes highly recommended in the industry due to their excellent services and reasonable price.


At White Shark Media, their client’ total satisfaction is their main concern. A primary reason for their tremendous success and continued client loyalty and satisfaction is due to their reliable tools and solutions, including reporting and communication.


They have created excellent results for many clients and a huge amount of money of advertising spend. The professionals at White Shark Media has the skills to advise and guide you properly.


White Shark Media handles complaints quickly and appropriately and ensures that the client is really delighted with the resolution. They reply to the phone call, letter, email, blog post immediately, no matter how outrageous it is. Once they receive a complaint, they won’t leave it or delay.


White Shark Media has a track record of taking whatever step is necessary to make sure the client is successful with their advertising campaigns. The team at this renowned firm is well trained, knowledgeable and highly dedicated to ensuring the best quality service. To learn more about White Shark Media and the various ways that the company can help you achieve a high ROI on your campaigns, and succeed with your business, have a look at their website and get in touch with their customer support right away.

Cleansing Conditioner: The Product That Makes it Possible to Throw Away Your Shampoo

WEN by Chaz DeanMany people have blamed their hair damage on their styling products, styling appliances or their diet. The often realize after making a number of changes that these issues are not the problem. Dry, flat and unmanageable locks are often suffering from the long term effects of using shampoo. This product is the most commonly used hair care product and one of the biggest causes of damage.

Most shampoos contain numerous chemicals that not only sink into the hair, but are breathed in and absorbed by the skin. The cleansing ingredients dissolve natural oils and dry out the hair. It also has the same affect on the scalp and can lead to dandruff, redness and hair loss. Anyone with an itchy, flaky scalp and lifeless hair needs to reconsider using shampoo.

Review: Wen Cleansing Conditioner on Fine Hair

The majority of people will only add a conditioner to the morning regimen and wonder why it does not help. This is not a problem with the quality of the conditioner. It is just not able to undo the repeated damage caused by the shampoo. A better option is Wen conditioning cleanser. These products clean the hair without stripping away the natural oils. It is safe for all hair types and colored hair. They eliminate product build-up on the hair and on the scalp. This helps to create more volume, increased shine and better manageability.

A brand to try is the Wen Cleansing Conditioner. This luxurious product contains all natural ingredients and no sulfates. It improves hair strength and shine and always cleans it perfectly. The Wen hair care line was developed by Chaz Dean.

A talented stylist, Dean is best known for working on the hair of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. His decades of experience made him realize that traditional shampoo routines were not helpful. Even the highest quality shampoos used in his salon were not enough. His breakthrough cleansing conditioner system lets women clean, condition and deep-condition in a single step. It saves time and makes hair look its best. Switching to a cleansing conditioner is simple and affordable and the results are often apparent within one or two uses. The hair will continue to improve over time.

You can purchase Wen Cleansing Conditioner online.

Executive Stephen Murray Was A Shining Star in The Business World

The financial industry has many people who are well known for either leading a company or providing outstanding performance. The professionals in the financial industry understand that success is often measured by financial numbers.

The numbers are easy to see, and the people producing the numbers are easy to find. It is hard for people to hide in the financial industry. Most companies depend on numbers to survive, so numbers are viewed constantly. This means that the professionals in the financial industry are judged on a regular basis.

This is true of all financial professionals, but it is especially true regarding executives. The role of executives in financial companies is stressful and very competitive. The competition comes from other financial companies and also from within the same company. All professionals want to be recognized as top performers and in the financial industry top performers are recognized, praised, and rewarded.

Read more: Former CCMP CEO Stephen Murray Dies at 52

One of the most respected executives in the financial industry recently passed away at the age of 52. His name was Stephen Murray. As the CEO of CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray guided the company to great success. In addition to being the CEO, Stephen Murray was also the founding partner. A savvy businessman who understood the financial industry from all angles, Stephen Murray made a name for himself through successfully doing his job. Whether as a young man starting in the financial industry or as the CEO of CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray produced successful results.

Many executives have a management team around them, and this management team does a lot to help the company on a daily basis. While Stephen Murray had a management team, the team was there to assist him. Stephen Murray was the defined leader. He made the decisions, and he ran the company as the CEO of CCMP Capital. His team followed his lead.

There are few executives in the financial industry like Stephen Murray. He was a person who understood business, but he also understood people. Stephen Murray created an atmosphere at CCMP Capital that made the company feel like a family. He was an executive who was demanding concerning work performance. However, he knew how to manage people.

Stephen Murray will leave a lasting memory on the company that he founded CCMP Capital, and the people who worked at the company. Mr. Murray accomplished a great deal in his professional career. While professional accomplishments are great, Stephen Murray will be remembered for more than establishing a financial firm or the other achievements recognized during his professional career. Stephen Murray will also be remembered as a family man and a caring man.

Read more from Stephen Murray on Institutional Investor

Relmada Therapeutics v. Laidlaw & Company

For a number of years, Laidlaw had been Relmada Therapeutics investment banker — primarily assisting the company with business-related interactions. This changed, however, in December of 2015 — when Relmada Therapeutics began their restraining order, and eventual lawsuit, against their former investment banker, Laidlaw.

This, of course, is not a decision made without reason. Relmada Therapeutics began their lawsuit against Laidlaw after the latter published a press release — following a meeting between Matthew Eitner, James Ahern, and Relmada’s chief executive officer — indicating that a proxy contest would be held in order to appoint five new directors to Relmada Therapeutics; something that was neither in the best interests of Relmada Therapeutics nor requested.

Something I noticed myself is that many people seem to have had negative interactions with Laidlaw & Company; and that many of these complaints are more recent. In recent years, a variety of companies have taken similar measures to Relmada Therapeutics against both Matthew Eitner and James Ahern — and Laidlaw & Company. These complaints, however, went unreported by Laidlaw & Company.

All in all, I personally believe Laidlaw & Company is a bit of a shady company. While many may consider what they did to Relmada Therapeutics to be an honest mistake, I find it hard to give them the same benefit of the doubt — simply because they had complaints from other companies in the past, a majority of which going unreported by Laidlaw & Company, as aforementioned. Additionally of note is that many past workers have filed lawsuits against the company in the past — a majority of these actually being settled, likely due to being an in-company matter.