Google Won’t Go For Ad Blockers On Chrome

Google is the giant of all search engines and the company continues to branch out into many different spheres of business. Google does understand one primary, critical component of all business endeavors. A business must make money in order to thrive and succeed. This is why Google is issuing a staunch “no” to calls for ad blockers on the Chrome browser. Blocking ads means less people see them and that means less revenue. Google is hardly going to make a direct step in the direction of hurting advertising revenue.


Yes, an ad blocker might appeal to a large number of people using Chrome. Such persons won’t likely be thrilled if Chrome ceased adding new updates and improvements due to budget cutting measures. All companies cut budgets and services when they lose revenue. Cutting out ads cuts out revenue – end of story.


The amount of money that Google draws in from advertising is pretty amazing if not outright stunning. In the very first quarter of 2015, the company drew $15 billion in advertising revenue. No one should be surprised that Google is not following suit and blocking ads in the same way other browsers are choosing to do.


Ironically, the other browsers may be instituting ad blockers as a marketing strategy. Since Google’s Chrome lacks ad blockers, other browsers could try and target those who do not want to deal with the visuals of unwanted advertisements. Google probably is not too worried about losing those customers. Their numbers are likely small and Chrome has its loyal fans and users. People who enjoy the “Google experience” are not likely to make a jump.


Google also knows there are certain browser users who are just not fans of Chrome to being with. They like their Mozilla and Microsoft Edge — formerly Internet Explorer — experiences. Jumping to Chrome is a non-option for these persons even if it ads were removed from the Chrome experience.


And then there are those people who really do like the ads. Not everyone considers a pop-up ad to be a bad thing. The ad reveals very important items about deals, discounts, and sales that a consumer might be interested in acquiring.


Don’t look for ad blockers or declines in Google revenue figures in 2016 or beyond.


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