IAP Worldwide Contribution to the World

IAP Worldwide services is an American based service provider. It lenders logistical services, services that facilitate management on institutions, it has also provided advanced technical services for its clients. It clients are mainly the government and the commercial market in the United States of America. The company has also expanded its services to international customers. The government being its primary client, it has sought several services from the enterprise. Among the services rendered to the government by IAP Worldwide Services include; support services on Facebook in their aviation systems, emergency response in all fields may it be medical or evacuation, logistics and supply chain services, communication networks, power field, engineering services among many others. The company operates under its Chief Executive Officer Mr Douglas L Kitani. The company was formed in the year 1990. It has its headquarters at Cape Canaveral, Florida. Additionally, it has several branches in the States and many others across the globe.

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Providing services require a large workforce. Consequently, The Company is a top hirer. IAP Worldwide Services hires all kind of people ranging from those with minimal skill to those with years of expertise in their fields. It also has a wide variety of support staff in all the departments. The support staff is responsible for the provision of amenities and services that are necessary for the day to day activities. The company also hires graduates from universities, trains them and absorbs them into their workforce. IAP Worldwide Services employs people with unique skills and knowledge and brings them together with a common purpose which consequently, forms a cohesive whole that is far much better than individual experiences. Depending on the services to be provided, the company is constantly looking for candidates to fill in positions in several departments. Among these units includes; Logistics, Engineering, Construction, Operations, Program Management, Accounting among many others. People seeking to get employed by this company can always look up at the company’s career site. In the career site, there are job listings and upon identification of the desired job one can apply. Moreover, IAP Worldwide Services has created a platform where people can upload their Curriculum Vitae’ and get updates when a job matching their requirements is posted.

Its services in response to disaster have been seen to be of importance. One such disaster is the Hurricane Matthews. IAP Worldwide Services responded by providing assistance on iapws.com in the affected areas. It also supplied FEMA regions IV and V with emergency power. The service provider also deployed teams to support Bases along the East Coast.

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