IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. announces the acquisition of two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc.

IAP Worldwide Services has announced the acquisition of two business units from the famous DRS Technologies, Inc. the company has acquired the Logistics and Aviation Business Units situated in Oklahoma City and the Tactical Networking and Communication Solutions business unit located in Aberdeen. For the company, this acquisition means the empowerment towards the capabilities to solve their client’s problems.

They also use these business units to expand and grow inorganically. The Tactical Networking and Communication Solutions business unit provide information technology, engineering services, and communication support solutions to the United States Defense Department. The Aviation and Logistics business unit offer mission support, logistics, and aircraft repair management services. IAP Worldwide will uniquely integrate with these business units to provide a better talent towards solution formulation for their clients. For the acquisition, this is part of their long-term strategy for inorganic growth.

This acquisition is meant to increase IAP Worldwide Services’ capabilities to deliver solutions to the most impending challenges to their clients. For this reason, they will expand their addressable market. The acquired business units will be integrated to form a single fore for good. The Engineering and Aviation Solutions under IAP Worldwide will unite with the National Security Program department. According to the Chief Executive Officer of IAP Worldwide Services, the addition of these programs to the company will form a natural fit. The communications, aviation, and networking technologies acquired from DRS will expand the service portfolio of IAP Worldwide Services and increase their capabilities to offer fast, reliable solutions to their clients.

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The Chief Executive Officer, and President of IAP Worldwide Services, Doug Katani, said that the company had established a strategy to foster inorganic growth this year. For this reason, the acquisition has seen them fulfill their dreams. For the company, engaging in activities that make their clients satisfied is their daily business. The company will also have the capability to complete their most challenging tasks under service. According to Doug Kitani, this acquisition demonstrates the support the company receives from their board and investors. The long-term commitment they have to serve the United States government is strengthened further.

IAP Worldwide is a leading international full-service company with more than six decades of professional experience. The company has remained a world-class leader in the provision of complicated tasks and solutions. IAP Worldwide Services integrates and leverages its capabilities to provide the complex and diverse challenges. Its headquarters is Cape Canaveral.

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