Sam Boraie Continues to Focus on Real Estate and Charity in New Brunswick


Boraie Development, LLC is one of the premier development companies in the northeast United States. The company, which is based in New Jersey, has focused a significant amount of its efforts in the New Brunswick area. The company started developing in the area within the past five years and has already developed a plan to completely revitalize the city of New Brunswick. Thus far, they have developed multi-use facilities that have attracted new residents and small businesses to the city in apartments, retail, and office space. The company has also been a big part in the revitalization of the Atlantic City area, which is continuing to recover from the economic downturn.


The projects that have been completed to date are just the start of the company’s plans for redeveloping the city. The company has a long-term plan that will ensure that that city continues to row. Beyond developing their own facilities, the company is also involved in partnerships that develop elsewhere. Boraie Development has a track record in working with experienced real estate developers and property managers that develop, manage, and sell high-end projects in a variety of communities located across the country.


Sam Boraie is one of the key leaders of Boraie Development. He is the son of Omar Boraie, who is an Egyptian-born real estate developer, and the founder and CEO of the company. Sam has been in the family business for several years and has been focused on finding new development targets. He currently is one of several Vice Presidents in the company, which include several others his older brother and younger sister.


While Sam Boraie dedicates a considerable amount of time to the family business, he is also involved in a number of different charitable causes. One of his biggest outside interests is the State Theatre of New Jersey, in which he sits on the Board of Trustees along with several other local businessmen. The State Theatre is a local cultural phenomenon that puts on several different productions each year in New Brunswick, and elsewhere in New Jersey. The State Theatre relies heavily on charitable donations, much of which come from either Sam, the Boraie family, or the development company.


Sam Boraie is also involved with Elijah’s Promise, a charitable organization that aims to break the cycle of poverty in communities located all over the State of New Jersey. The company’s top goals include ending hunger, providing safe and healthy foods, creating businesses that encourage social benefits, and empowering individuals to get and sustain satisfactory employment. Sam Boraie sits on the Board of Directors of the organization and is highly involved in the planning for future objectives.




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