Don Ressler And The Importance Of Creativity

When it comes down to the basics, clothing is something that is necessary to keep the human body warm and protect it from the elements. However, this does not mean that people can’t have fun with coming up with ways to make it elegant. This is where fashion comes in. Fashion not only brings some variety to what is being offered, but it also brings some opportunities for people to use these clothes to express themselves in the way they want. Unfortunately, fashion has come with a few issues that needed to be addressed. Surprisingly enough, fashion has left a few gaps in the market. Don Ressler has come to address these gaps.

One gap is the active wear category of clothing for Don Ressler. Many companies have put together a lot of great looking items for people. These items have been made for going out and visiting others. There are even items for special occasions. However, when it came to working out and athletic activities, everything was left with the same old boring clothes. This is where Don Ressler has decided to address the issue with fashion. He has worked with people to come up with designs and a brand that is known as Fabletics.

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Another gap that Don Ressler has addressed with Fabletics is the different sizes. One thing that a lot of people in the fashion industry knows is that clothes are typically designed for a certain size limit. People that are outside the size limits are left with having to go without some of those clothes that they hoped for. Fabletics has eventually decided to become the all inclusive brand for women. This allows women of all sizes to be able to enjoy what they fashion retailer has to offer them. People who are above the size limits do not have to settle for basic clothing. They can enjoy some of the amazing clothes that are found in the fashion retailers.

Don Ressler has also dealt with other gaps in the fashion market. For instance, he has opened up, FL2, a men’s line for Fabletics. He and Adam Goldenberg have decided to capitalize on their success and maximize their profits by opening up physical locations. This has opened up a whole new world of advantages for customers. As of right now, the people behind Fabletics are working on new plans for expansion.

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