High Standards of Excellence at Hospital Copa Star

Avoiding conformity allows great minds to create visions, ideas and structures that provide inspiration and hope. The rational thoughts of Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American essayist, advise individualists to “build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.” Even Alpine Online took note of the expensive equipment that the Copa Star purchased, indicating the worldwide interest in the excellent facility in Brazil.

News of the premier facility attracts worldwide attention for its luxurious presentation of premier medical treatment. Much publicity attends the announcement of suites for patients, technologically superior operation rooms, robotic equipment, intensive care units and visual images that guide surgical paths, but the construction of the building deserves attention as well.

Building for the Future

The combination of innovative designs and leading edge technologies at Copa Star shows that the world is taking notice of a concept that is revolutionizing hospitalization. Proving that needing hospital care no longer relegates patients to a dreary and anonymous existence, the hospital brings new vitality to a market sector that recognizes and values originality.

Aspiring to Greatness

With the hope of becoming a superior center for cardiology and neurology, the new unit at the Rede D’Or São Luiz offers the latest in medical technology, according to the hospital’s website. The hospital facility includes intensive care units where patients receive round-the-clock monitoring by highly trained professional staff and state-of-the-art equipment.

The latest technological advances in operating rooms incorporate magnetic resonance imaging and technology that lets physicians view patients’ medical scans during surgery. For procedures that require less extensive surgery, hybrid rooms offer access to the same equipment to ensure patients of the most advanced medical care that is available anywhere. The sophisticated technology allows surgeons to send images to experts around the world for opinions that can affect the outcome of surgeries.



Introducing Advanced Design and Construction

The architect of the project, Roderigo Sambaguy at RAF architecture, focuses the design on improving the comfort of patients who visit the hospital. The firm’s experience in hospital projects contributes to the development of a facility that takes patient care to a new level. While having the appearance of an upscale 5-star hotel, the hospital instead features a service that delivers state-of-the-art medical treatment in a comfortable environment.

The design incorporates energy efficiency measures that lower the consumption of energy by up to 50 percent. Even though concrete has a proven record of performance since the Romans used it to build the Parthenon, advances in technology have improved it. The Penetron System, according to its website, relies on crystalline technology to enhance the overall performance of concrete and to extend its life span.

Choosing to Conserve Energy

Achieving energy efficiencies through the careful selection of building materials, the hospital accumulates savings in power consumption that includes usage throughout the facility. The Sustainability Report cites the connection of energy consumption throughout the hospital system of which the Copa Star is an example of excellence.

The report states that the consumption of energy “in hospital plants links the operation of all systems.” Energy usage in a hospital occurs through air conditioning, lighting, water pumping, heating, medical equipment and elevators, according to the report. Adding to these amounts is the “direct energy, used as fuel in the supply of electric power generators” as well as the indirect energy that public utilities provide in the form of electricity. The efficient design of the Copa Star Hospital contributes to the reduction of energy usage through “processes that aim at reducing energy consumption” that appears in the 2015 report.


Combining Aesthetics with Practicality

The architectural beauty of the ventilated façade of the Copa Star contributes to the aesthetic value of the building as well as the surrounding community. However, it has a highly practical function from the standpoint of energy conservation. By creating an air cavity in the façade, the ventilation system helps limit thermal heat gain while simultaneously expelling hot air. Reducing the demand on HVAC systems to treat outdoor air contributes significantly to energy savings.

Strengthening Concrete in Hospital Copa Star

Concrete tends to crack in some circumstances, resulting in the intrusion of water into the porous material. Making it stronger through the use of Penetron chemicals offers an alternative. According to PRWeb, the product creates a reaction with the minerals in concrete to form chemical structures that contain insoluble crystals. Seeping into the concrete to strengthen it from deep inside the building material, it allows the building to breathe and avoid a buildup of vapor pressure. AEC Info reported that the underground structures of Hospital Copa Star reflect extensive use of Penetron’s crystalline technology.

The Penetron Total Concrete Protection website confirms that the material met challenges in the construction of the $115 million project. The five-floor project provided a tight space for construction and the height of the building faced limitations. Using the company’s admix-treated material allowed the designers to make the most beneficial use of the building’s small project footprint.

Visit Copa Star’s Facebook page to get more info about the hospital and their services: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hospital-Copa-Dor/497972016956025

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