Cleansing Conditioner: The Product That Makes it Possible to Throw Away Your Shampoo

WEN by Chaz DeanMany people have blamed their hair damage on their styling products, styling appliances or their diet. The often realize after making a number of changes that these issues are not the problem. Dry, flat and unmanageable locks are often suffering from the long term effects of using shampoo. This product is the most commonly used hair care product and one of the biggest causes of damage.

Most shampoos contain numerous chemicals that not only sink into the hair, but are breathed in and absorbed by the skin. The cleansing ingredients dissolve natural oils and dry out the hair. It also has the same affect on the scalp and can lead to dandruff, redness and hair loss. Anyone with an itchy, flaky scalp and lifeless hair needs to reconsider using shampoo.

Review: Wen Cleansing Conditioner on Fine Hair

The majority of people will only add a conditioner to the morning regimen and wonder why it does not help. This is not a problem with the quality of the conditioner. It is just not able to undo the repeated damage caused by the shampoo. A better option is Wen conditioning cleanser. These products clean the hair without stripping away the natural oils. It is safe for all hair types and colored hair. They eliminate product build-up on the hair and on the scalp. This helps to create more volume, increased shine and better manageability.

A brand to try is the Wen Cleansing Conditioner. This luxurious product contains all natural ingredients and no sulfates. It improves hair strength and shine and always cleans it perfectly. The Wen hair care line was developed by Chaz Dean.

A talented stylist, Dean is best known for working on the hair of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. His decades of experience made him realize that traditional shampoo routines were not helpful. Even the highest quality shampoos used in his salon were not enough. His breakthrough cleansing conditioner system lets women clean, condition and deep-condition in a single step. It saves time and makes hair look its best. Switching to a cleansing conditioner is simple and affordable and the results are often apparent within one or two uses. The hair will continue to improve over time.

You can purchase Wen Cleansing Conditioner online.

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