A Breakdown of Brazilian Laws Regulating Gun Use and Ownership

Gun use has become a sensitive topic in Brazil. Finding armed gangs conducting various types of vices is common. As such, the government has deemed it necessary to enact laws aimed at regulating the procurement and use of firearms.


According to a recent investigation, over half of the firearms in Brazil are unregistered. Hence, they have significantly contributed to the high crime rate experienced in the country. Brazil held a referendum in 2005 to ban gun ownership and use among citizens. However, the referendum failed to meet the aspirations of both the government and citizens. Nevertheless, the country has enacted fundamental laws to restrict illegal gun ownership. As such, citizens are obliged to adhere to these regulations at all times:

  • It is unlawful to expose minors (persons under 18 years) to firearms or any ammunition.
  • Applicants for gun licensing should be 25 years or above to register for ownership of a gun successfully. The Registration can be conducted online or at the Federal Police.
  • The Federal Police reserves the right to do a background check before licenses can be issued. In addition, applicants ought to pass such tests before the selection is made. The background check consists of a mental history, health, employment and criminal records.
  • It is mandatory to pay a registration and renewal fee every three years to maintain the validity of the weapon. Persons in possession of an unlicensed firearm are liable to prosecution.
  • Gun holders are banned from carrying weapons in public institutions such as schools, hospitals, banks and public gatherings.
  • All firearms manufacturers and dealers must be licensed. This ensures that the arms can be traced to the particular dealer in the event of a crime.

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