AirPods Finder Is A Thing of The Past

AirPods have been a bit of a mixed bag in terms of success for Apple. They have been lauded for their wireless functionality and ability to detect audio input. However, many of complained of poor sound quality and their ability to stay in place.

AirPods are another great invention by Apple that offer a way for us to untether ourselves. It removes the cumbersome mic and headphone cable that many of us are used to. The microphone input for the AirPods is definitely an improvement compared to the cable method.

They also hold an impressive charge for such a small size. The labeling states they will last up to five hours when fully charged. This makes them a great choice for taking out on a job or a quick bike ride.

However, the small size of AirPods makes them subject to one massive design flaw. That flaw is how easily you can misplace one or both of the earbuds. Thankfully, an app was developed to solve this problem.

The app, Finder for AirPods, was released as an option to track down your wayward buds. Unfortunately, it looks like the app’s success was very short lived. Apple has already removed it from the app store in less than two weeks.

Apple has not commented on their reasoning for removing the app yet. It may be due to the app’s unreliable method of locating AirPods. It used their Bluetooth signal to help gauge if you were getting further or closer to them.

While this method was not perfect, it did at least offer an option besides buying another set. Hopefully, Apple will comment on their decision to remove the app soon. Until then, it’s probably best to keep your AirPods in a secure location. If they are lost, your recovery options are just as limited now as they were at product launch thanks to Apple’s decision.

The Litigation Process with Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck

Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck
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Litigation is a court legal proceeding between two parties who are either defending or enforcing a legal right. A litigator represents the plaintiff in a civil case and handles the litigation process. A litigator is required to have an undergraduate degree. Later, to become a litigator one has to pass a Law School Admission Test. The preceding stage is acquiring a Juris Doctor Degree from a school of law, which the American Bar Association has accredited. In order for one to obtain a law license, passing the bar exam is key as well as continued learning for license renewal purposes.

The plaintiff is represented by an attorney and is the litigation’s initiator through writing a demand letter. This is usually after a thorough investigation of the issues, facts as well as the outcomes of the case. Later, the plaintiff and his attorney files a complaint with the appropriate court and consequently serves the defendants who in turn file an answer. In a formal lawsuit, the discovery stage is the first stage of the trial ad it involves the exchange of investigation and evidence. A debate is conducted over a disputed aspect of the lawsuit, and if the parties mutually agree to settle out of court, a settlement conference follows. If there is no mutual understanding, the trial starts with the presentation of a case to the presiding jury. Noticeably, trials take even years before arriving at a final verdict.

A post-trial stage occurs when there are orders or papers for a paper closure of the court case, if a monetary award collection is there, or when it requires an appeal to a higher tribunal. Karl Heideck possesses an extensive experience as a litigation attorney. His career debut was at Conrad O’Brien where he was an associate. At Conrad O’Brien, Karl Heideck’s role was representing clients in commercial litigations and also analyzed and reviewed government investigation documents. Karl Heideck features skills and expertise in pharmaceutical litigation, bankruptcy, and white collar defense. At Pepper Hamilton LLP, Karl Heideck has served as a project attorney where he reviewed materials for fact investigation, trial preparation as well as the discovery of several matters.


Karl Heideck is an alumnus of the Temple University. He has served at Grant & Eisenhofer from where he acquired relevant experience. Karl Heideck focuses on matters and reviews discovery materials relating to acquisitions, risk management, as well as liquidity positions of the banking crisis of 2008. Karl Heideck is primarily based in Philadelphia and is well reputed for legal research and writing.

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Why the Kabbalah Center is Important to the Jewish Community

A lot of mystery and even ignorance surrounds the teachings of the Kabbalah. The confusion is deepened by the fact that everyone from religious leaders to fame seeking mediums and psychics in Hollywood really like misusing the teachings to their own ends. However, in the pure and unaltered state, the teachings of Kabbalah are one of the most important assets to the Jewish Community and especially those that closely follow the teachings of Judaism. To try and bring back some sanity into the teachings and what they mean for the community, there have been attempts to establish Kabbalah centers in the US, Europe and even Israel.

Origins of the Kabbalah

These are some of the oldest teachings that have been recorded in the history of man especially on spirituality. They are said to be so old that they are the blueprint from which most of the modern day religious teachings were derived. There was a time that the teachings were believed to be so tough that only males who were more than 40 years in age would be allowed access to the teaching centers.

The main theme of the teachings is trying to explain the metaphysical world, and the connection that it has with the other realm. There are many people who take this to mean that Kabbalah is for the people that believe in things like magic. While it is true that a little bit of inexplicable events are part of the kabbalah narratives, the main theme is not to help people perform voodoo like some mediums want people to think. The main reason the centers are being set up is to demystify the teachings and make sure the Jewish community understands their importance.

The founders of the Kabbalah center, Philip, Karen, Michael and Yehuda Berg are just continuing the work that was started in 1922. Yehuda Ashlang was the first person to reveal the contents of the teachings and make them accessible to all people. The current founders and managers of the center come directly from his family line and believe that they are continuing with his inspirational work of enlightening the Jewish people and the world.

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Lupe Fiasco Isn’t Rapping Anymore

Lupe went on his twitter on December 13th and told everyone that he’s cancelling all his future projects and is quitting rap.

Twitter user OnSmash used screen grabber and caught the tweet and it said “I get the hint God, Yo Lupe fans it’s been fun and I hope you’ve had fun. I’m officially not releasing anymore music. Albums cancelled.”

This isn’t a surprise to people. He’s been pushing back his album date all year, and drops it all together. Fans ranted on his social media and pretty much left his side.

Not only did Lupe Fiasco rip off J.Cole’s beat off of his new track “Everyone Dies”, he was accused of anti-Semitism. DJ Booth published an article called “Lupe Fiasco’s Anti-Semitic Lyrics In ’N.E.R.D.’ Freestyle Are Dangerous,” telling everyone about Lupe’s lyrics. Lupe replied on twitter “Oh please. Fuck outta here.” and wasn’t heard from again.

Lupe Fiasco is known for his hit song “Super Star” but things have changed. It seems that Lupe put out how he really feels on that last song and doesn’t care about what anybody thinks. He has tension with just about everyone in the music industry. Lupe constantly says that he doesn’t want to hear about Drake. He was caught arguing with Azealia Banks about racial issues. The final comment from Azealia “How about you stop sh–ting on the people who really cared about your well being when this biz was ripping you apart. Fake ass @KidCudi.” stopped Lupe in his tracks. After it was revealed that Lupe is two faced, his only reply was “Shut up”.

Lupe was also seen telling Kid Cudi that he hopes his ass gets beat. Kid Cudi has been going through very hard times and is checked into a depression clinic. Attacking a guy in depression really was the last straw. After everything Lupe’s done, everyone in the rap game is glad that he’s not in the scene anymore.

Silicon Valley Tech Titans meet Trump and the Transition Team

The relationship between President Elect Donald Trump and Tech companies has been tested following a meeting between the President and select Silicon Valley CEOs. According an article published by Forbes on December 14, Trump assured the CEOs that he was on their side and will do everything possible to ensure the companies to ensure the companies grow. Trump also reiterated the importance of technology in America’s advancement. The heads present at the meeting included Facebook COOO Sheryl Sandberg, Amazon Chief Jeff Bezos, Alphabet CEO Larry Page, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and the CEO of Apple Tim Cook. The meeting came after a hard fought election that saw most tech industry leader’s support Hillary Clinton.


Vice President Mike Pence and Peter Thiel, a member of the transition team was also present at the highly publicized meeting that took place at Trump Towers. Thiel is one of the few Silicon Valley leaders who backed Trump’s election. It is incredible to note that Thiel has transformed from a Trump donor and key speaker at the Republican National Convention to a big political player in the transition team in a space of a just a few weeks. Analysts believe Thiel will play an important role of bridging the divide between Trump and the technology industry. Others present included Trump’s 3 oldest children; Ivanka, Eric and Donald Trump Jr. One of the Tech leaders who criticized Trump during the campaign period, Jeff Bezos congratulated the President Elect in a tweet he sent earlier,


Bezos said he was glad to meet the president and said the meeting was very productive. Another tech titan said to be warming up to Trump is Elon Musk. According to a report appearing on Techcruch, Musk who set to fly to India was added to the list of attendees at Trump’s strategic and policy forum in the last minute. One notable personality not in attendance was Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. There are reports indicating lingering frosty relationship between Trump and Twitter. The difference is said to have arisen as a result of the latter’s decision to deny Trump campaign team the permission to use special images. The Emojis, which Twitter prefers to call Hashflags, were earlier used in presidential debate related hashtags.

What is the Deal with WiFi 802.11ad?

Wi-Fi finally has a new standard to live up to, 4.6Gbps Wi-Fi, but what most people want to know is whether or not it is really worth it. The new Wi-Fi is almost four times faster than what most people are receiving at top speeds, and that is already faster than an Ethernet connection and home broadband. Of course, there is a large difference between the speeds you can get and the speeds you actually do end up receiving.


Of course, there are many benefits to streaming 4.6GBps Wi-Fi, and they are mostly available to those that already have top technology in their home. For instance, if you want to stream 4K or HDR you will have no problems with this Wi-Fi. In the future, the high quality is likely going to improve the way that wireless virtual reality headsets work. In short, right now only a few will reap the benefits, but as these technologies become more mainstream everyone will start too.


So how does it all work? Well it’s a bit complicated but not out of reach to understand. It is ratified the same way all other versions of Wi-Fi have bee, but this time around the tech is not from the IEEE. Instead, the technology behind the newest version of Wi-Fi known by techs simply as 802.11ad is from WiGig (Wireless Gigabit) Alliance. Knowing who is behind the tech is not vital, but it does shed some insight into why this version of Wi-Fi is so different than other versions.


The biggest difference is that it utilizes a different frequency compared to other earlier versions of Wi-Fi. It doesn’t use 2.4GHz or 5GHz; instead it works over the 60Ghz spectrum based on where you live. There is a lot more spectrum available for use at this measure which means a lot more data can be transmitted at a much faster rate than what you may be accustomed to. The end result is faster streaming and data use.



The life of TDL Global Ventures head Todd Lubar (Updated)

UPDATE — Todd Lubar charging into 2017 as the President at TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC, and also serves as the Sr. VP of Legendary Investments

Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. Mr. Lubar went to The Peddie School in Hightstown (NJ) after which he attended Syracuse University graduating with a Degree in speech communication I 1995. After graduation, he took up a job with Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he served as a loan originator. Todd loved the Real Estate business sector, and it was while at Crestar that he decided he would have a career in Finance and Real Estate.

At Crestar, Todd Lubar gained invaluable experience which would later prove very helpful in his lifelong career. He got to know about traditional mortgage banking and established connections with people in the real estate industry such as agents and financial planners. In 1999, Todd took a job with Legacy Financial Group which is based in Arlington Texas. His appointment was vital for the company’s business considering that he facilitated the growth of Maryland office such that the production unit reached $100 million (loan volume) annually.

He served at Legacy Financial Group till 2005 when he took up a job as the Senior Vice President at Charter Funding. He served in this capacity till 2007. In 2002 he founded a residential development company known as Legendary Properties, LLC. Lubar’s active involvement in the Real Estate industry enabled him to establish connections with some of the big banking institutions. With an experience of over a decade, Todd realized that there was a group that was often overlooked. He started Legendary Financial, LLC an affiliate of Legendary Properties, LLC which served as a commercial lending source for people and institutions.

The mortgage industry underwent several changes in 2007 and 2008, so Lubar got involved in other businesses. In commercial demolition, he was able to obtain contracts from some of the country’s largest general contractors. He was also involved in scrap metal businesses. The fact that he has succeeded in many different industries shows his invaluable experience over the years. Todd is driven by the desire to help people around him and making the world a better place. Currently, lives in Bethesda Maryland. He loves traveling and spending time with his two kids.

The Fight Against Donald Trump Has Already Begun For George Soros

For the majority of Democrat’s the 2016 U.S. Presidential election saw the end of an era as many liberals are now looking to regroup for the future after the victory of Republican Donald Trump. George Soros may have been as shocked as the majority around the world by the Trump victory on, but the man who was among the first to identify the role played in the Syrian refugee crisis by Russia is now leading the fight against Trump and the growing power of the Republican party as he looks to help plan for the future of the Democratic party.

George Soros has been a major figure for Democrat’s who have looked to him for financial donations and political leadership for more than a decade since he spent a large amount of money attempting to aid the 2004 election of John Kerry over President George W. Bush. In his work as a political leader George Soros has often drawn on his own refugee and wartime experiences in the 1940s and 50s when he escaped the Holocaust and Communist tyranny as he embarked upon a record breaking career as a hedge fund manager. George Soros is one of the world’s best respected and successful hedge fund managers who is perhaps best known for identifying the devaluation of the British Pound in the early 1990s and making more than $1 billion in a single day.

Over the course of the 2016 election cycle George Soros developed links to a number of Super PAC’s and Democrat supporting groups in his bid to aid in the election of Hillary Clinton; Soros was courted by a number of Super PAC’s during 2015 and 2016 as he was reported to have once again become politically engaged after viewing the events that led to the 2016 European refugee crisis on Investopedia. Along with the $15 million George Soros provided in funding for the campaign of Hillary Clinton, the graduate of the London School of Economics also provided $10 million for Super PAC’s such as the Priorities USA group who received around $7 million during the election campaign from the founder of the Open Societies Foundation.

Democrat’s have looked to George Soros throughout the 21st century to provide more than just financial backing as his political knowledge and leadership have become increasingly important; in the 2016 election campaign on Forbes Soros was seen as being a major fund raiser as many wealthy donors joined him in providing funding for Clinton based on the hedge fund manager’s reputation. During a three day event for the Democracy Alliance George Soros helped to found, the battle to halt the agenda of the Trump Administration was discussed and plans were made with the aid of a discussion with George Soros on the final morning of the three day event. Soros has been a major part of the Democratic party for a number of years and is examining every aspect of the 2016 election in his own bid to make sure the party returns to a position as power beginning with the 2017 and 2018 state level elections.

An Overview of White Shark Media Reviews

Creating AdWords campaigns is a time consuming exercise. This is the reason why White Shark Media went a step further in simplifying the process by creating an excel template that allows users to work on all the vital elements of their campaigns at a go. The complete campaign is then uploaded to AdWords with the help of the AdWords Editor. The excel template was created in 2015 but has been overhauled to include some of the latest features in AdWords like the expanded text ads. This template is different in that the sitelinks option has been removed and there are step by step instructions in every sheet and video tutorials.



Success Formula



White Shark Media is a top Digital Marketing agency that offers online marketing solutions specifically tailored for medium and small-sized businesses. The agency is among the fast growing in North America and this growth is as a result of conducting affordable search marketing campaigns that guarantees customers with a world-class experience. The agency tracks all the marketing efforts of its clients carefully and in detail. It relies on Google analytics, keyword-level tracking, proprietary reporting software and competitive intelligence. These methods help the agency to be accountable to all its clients on a monthly basis.






A high number of satisfied clients offer great testimonials regarding the great services and results they get from White Shark Media. A number of the testimonials are published on the website of WSM for clients and prospective clients to see for themselves. Aaron V. from an e-commerce store in Iowa states that the customer success team at WSM has helped their business grow tremendously. Todd L., Painters from Canada testifies that WSM will be the only company that they will be using for their marketing efforts and asks people to follow suit.



About White Shark Media



WSM is an agency dealing in search marketing based in Central America, Denmark and United States. It has specialized in Bing Ads and AdWords management services to businesses classified as small and medium-sized. The agency focuses majorly on the areas where its clients make their money. E-commerce clients are offered product listing ads in various management plans, full Google analytics and conversion tracking implemented on all Shopify platforms.



White Shark Media has an extensive experience in the Shopify platform and refers all its existing clients to it. The first client to the agency from 2010 is still with the agency and utilizes the Shopify platform. The agency fully manages its clients AdWords campaigns from the time of initial setup and continuous optimizations for the realization of goals.

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Music Industry, Tech, and the Internet

Like many of today’s industries that are applying organizational learning as a strategy to remain compatible and sustain continuous organizational growth for the future, the music industry is no different. With innovative technologies and the use of the internet service in many industries, including entertainment and music, more organizations are focusing their strategies as a learning organization. Although both organizational learning and a learning organization involve learning, the question still remains how businesses, like music business, will change significantly to succeed in the future.


The success of the music industry today, and in the future, is based on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, together with distribution and sales of music through the internet. Let’s take artiste like Chris Martin, Frank Ocean, Lady Gaga, Lupe Fiasco, and Taylor Swift, among other big name musicians like Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Rhianna, and Vic Mensa. Sales of digital music is booming on a global basis because music lovers now have the convenience of purchasing their favorite songs online through mobile devices and the internet. In fact, Adele, Beyoncé, and Justin Bieber are just a few nominee headliners for the 2017 Music Grammy Awards, which will be aired February, 12, 2017, at the 59th Music Grammy Award show.


As learning organizations by learning on the job through experience and a shared vision for change, the music industry not only consists of musicians, record labels, distribution and publishing companies working together as a team, but also radio, video, and booking agencies as well as others who promote musicians. Even innovative technologies in sound production such as speakers’ to improve quality, digital sound keeps the audience coming back for more as live performances continue to grow more and more in the future.


In 2017, music fans will be able to enjoy the technology phenomena of virtual and augmented reality and view their favorite past-time musicians like the most recent hologram performances of Michael Jackson and Prince.


As technology continues to advance, so does organizational strategies such as in the music industry. Even though many people still listen to radio, especially while driving in the automobiles, more and more music listeners are taking advantage of digital distribution, such as TuneCore and iTunes, and digital streaming on the internet instead of CDs.