What Eric Pulier Has Contributed To Society (UPDATED for 2017)

UPDATE January 17, 2017

Engadget recently had a write up on Eric Pulier. The in-depth article discusses the varied career of the silicon valley star. While also diving into his philanthropic activity. Head over to the website now to read the full article.

UPDATE December 6, 2016

Eric just released a great article on Engadget. It discusses whether or not Nintendo and their release of the Switch console and whether or not in can compete in the current tech market. Pulier is an insider of silicon valley, follow him on Engadget today to stay up to date on all things tech from a trusted source!

UPDATE September 19, 2016

Eric did another podcast! This time sharing some of his secrets to success. The podcast is the Daniel Budzinski Podcast and can be found at this link: http://danielbudzinski.com/podcast/eric-pulier/.
In the podcast Eric discusses how to make it as an entrepreneur in the tech industry and how to constantly innovate in your business. Check it out!

UPDATE August 30, 2016

Eric Pulier recently contributed to the epodcast network. He speaks to the importance of giving back to ones community. Along with how to positively impact those around you.  For more information click the following link: http://epodcastnetwork.com/the-importance-of-philanthropy-and-giving-back-to-the-community

Society expects a lot from graduates of Harvard University. The reason that they are so expensive is that they issue high credentials, and people expect them to make a lot of themselves. They are supposed to be the people who will hoist society and culture into a new platform of success and accomplishment. They are the leaders of tomorrow. That is what the world expected out of Eric Pulier, and that is what they have gotten. As an innovator and a thought leader, Mr. Pulier has met and exceeded all expectations that one would have for a graduate of Harvard University.

If an individual were struggling with chronic illnesses, he or she would probably feel alone. Nobody really understands the struggles or has any idea what the person is going through. Everybody may offered cliched advice, but they do not really know what they are talking about. This would lead to isolation. If many of us were in that situation, we would consign ourselves to loneliness and despair. Keenly in touch with the emotional struggles of these individuals, Mr. Pulier established Starbright World. This organization connects people who are struggling with chronic illnesses with one another. For the first time, they can make friends who understand them.

An entrepreneur of the modern world has a lot of resources at his disposal. Technology is flourishing, and there is a lot of room for innovation and making new things. The market is receptive to new ideas that improve quality of living or contribute something to some discipline. Focusing on healthcare technology, Mr. Pulier has founded the company known as People Doing Things. This company used technology to improve education and healthcare. He also started a company known as Digital Evolution. Pulier has been a successful entrepreneur.

A philanthropist is somebody who cares about the well-being of other people and actively seeks to make their lives better. Pulier is a philanthropist and has dedicated his life and his career to several worthy causes. He is also a donor to several non-profit organizations.

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