Music Industry, Tech, and the Internet

Like many of today’s industries that are applying organizational learning as a strategy to remain compatible and sustain continuous organizational growth for the future, the music industry is no different. With innovative technologies and the use of the internet service in many industries, including entertainment and music, more organizations are focusing their strategies as a learning organization. Although both organizational learning and a learning organization involve learning, the question still remains how businesses, like music business, will change significantly to succeed in the future.


The success of the music industry today, and in the future, is based on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, together with distribution and sales of music through the internet. Let’s take artiste like Chris Martin, Frank Ocean, Lady Gaga, Lupe Fiasco, and Taylor Swift, among other big name musicians like Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Rhianna, and Vic Mensa. Sales of digital music is booming on a global basis because music lovers now have the convenience of purchasing their favorite songs online through mobile devices and the internet. In fact, Adele, BeyoncĂ©, and Justin Bieber are just a few nominee headliners for the 2017 Music Grammy Awards, which will be aired February, 12, 2017, at the 59th Music Grammy Award show.


As learning organizations by learning on the job through experience and a shared vision for change, the music industry not only consists of musicians, record labels, distribution and publishing companies working together as a team, but also radio, video, and booking agencies as well as others who promote musicians. Even innovative technologies in sound production such as speakers’ to improve quality, digital sound keeps the audience coming back for more as live performances continue to grow more and more in the future.


In 2017, music fans will be able to enjoy the technology phenomena of virtual and augmented reality and view their favorite past-time musicians like the most recent hologram performances of Michael Jackson and Prince.


As technology continues to advance, so does organizational strategies such as in the music industry. Even though many people still listen to radio, especially while driving in the automobiles, more and more music listeners are taking advantage of digital distribution, such as TuneCore and iTunes, and digital streaming on the internet instead of CDs.


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