The Litigation Process with Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck

Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck

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Litigation is a court legal proceeding between two parties who are either defending or enforcing a legal right. A litigator represents the plaintiff in a civil case and handles the litigation process. A litigator is required to have an undergraduate degree. Later, to become a litigator one has to pass a Law School Admission Test. The preceding stage is acquiring a Juris Doctor Degree from a school of law, which the American Bar Association has accredited. In order for one to obtain a law license, passing the bar exam is key as well as continued learning for license renewal purposes.

The plaintiff is represented by an attorney and is the litigation’s initiator through writing a demand letter. This is usually after a thorough investigation of the issues, facts as well as the outcomes of the case. Later, the plaintiff and his attorney files a complaint with the appropriate court and consequently serves the defendants who in turn file an answer. In a formal lawsuit, the discovery stage is the first stage of the trial ad it involves the exchange of investigation and evidence. A debate is conducted over a disputed aspect of the lawsuit, and if the parties mutually agree to settle out of court, a settlement conference follows. If there is no mutual understanding, the trial starts with the presentation of a case to the presiding jury. Noticeably, trials take even years before arriving at a final verdict.

A post-trial stage occurs when there are orders or papers for a paper closure of the court case, if a monetary award collection is there, or when it requires an appeal to a higher tribunal. Karl Heideck possesses an extensive experience as a litigation attorney. His career debut was at Conrad O’Brien where he was an associate. At Conrad O’Brien, Karl Heideck’s role was representing clients in commercial litigations and also analyzed and reviewed government investigation documents. Karl Heideck features skills and expertise in pharmaceutical litigation, bankruptcy, and white collar defense. At Pepper Hamilton LLP, Karl Heideck has served as a project attorney where he reviewed materials for fact investigation, trial preparation as well as the discovery of several matters.


Karl Heideck is an alumnus of the Temple University. He has served at Grant & Eisenhofer from where he acquired relevant experience. Karl Heideck focuses on matters and reviews discovery materials relating to acquisitions, risk management, as well as liquidity positions of the banking crisis of 2008. Karl Heideck is primarily based in Philadelphia and is well reputed for legal research and writing.

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