Jet Blue and Free Wi-Fi Come Together

Jet Blue is flying high with a new amenity being offered flights. The company is debuting Fly-Fi, a free high speed Wi-Fi connection for travelers. The availability of free Wi-Fi on Jet Blue is a really big thing. Airlines commonly charge very high fees for Wi-Fi connections. A large number of travelers opt to not connect to Wi-Fi due to the costs. Access to free Wi-Fi is definitely going to be appealing to those interested in traveling and getting important work done while traveling.


Of course, singing onto the internet may also be done for leisure and entertainment. Flying can be a little boring. Access to the internet makes a dull flight a lot less plodding. The internet opens a number of doors for distractions. Jet Blue definitely wants its customers to be entertained while flying. The company has signed a deal with Amazon Video and Music so customers are able to access streaming and other services. Perhaps a long flight could be made more palatable by binge watching Man in the High Castle.


Connecting online also makes it easier to handle a host of business-related tasks as well. For many, using the internet to further professional or other important pursuits cuts down on unwanted downtime. Flying for five hours without an internet connection once meant downtime was forced upon the traveler. Jet Blue’s decision to deliver free Wi-Fi restores productivity to travelers.


Wi-Fi access also makes consistent communication possible even when flying. Simply logging onto a text chat app allows the traveler to communicate with anyone he or she wishes. Voice chat is also possible. As long as the connection is reliable, consistent communication is going to be possible.


Jet Blue is likely to gain a great many new travelers once news of the free Wi-Fi service spreads.


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