Tesla Improving Driving Safety through Autopilot

Tesla the leading manufacturer of the electric vehicles has one of the most advanced Autopilot systems. One important factor to note about Tesla is its capability to determine the exact position of the Autopilot crash if incase is does happen, Tesla does all this better than any other vehicle manufacturer. This is made possible by the way Tesla has designed its technology. While all Tesla vehicles do comes with all the required hardware that make it possible for the Autopilot to work, drivers do need the necessary software upgrades that do cost a lot of money to perfect that’s making it possible for the Tesla driver to make a comparison.



According to Tesla, their autopilot feature assists the driver to avoid the collision by a margin of up to 40%. This information has been proven by the transport and safety officials. It is not an exaggeration that Tesla has changed the way people think about self-driving cars. Tesla has outdone its competitors because it had been driven 130 million miles without ever having a collision accident this is the U.S rate of 94 million miles per fatality.



Tesla continues with its commitment to evolve it autopiloting features so as to make it even better. Tesla just released the new update of its software that is known as Tesla 8.0. The update requires that the drivers touch the steering wheel more often so as to increase the reliance of the Autopilot on the radar, as well as the ultrasonic sensors and the cameras. The Tesla CEO says that the new update will be able to detect accident that might occur and prevent before they happen.



Last year October the electric car company started shipping the Autopilot hardware that has an enhanced sensors that will finally be in a position to allow full autonomous driving. Every of the Tesla cars comes with eight cameras and several sensors that provide 360 degrees view. The company is releasing this feature that utilizes the use of the sensors suite on the regular remote updates. Musk says as they work toward improving the hardware, the car manufacturer is targeting at about 90% reduction of the car crash. Tesla is doing a great job of improving safety and making the Autopilot more useful.


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