Fighting For Education

One of the women who is a leader in the country and who brings a bit of knowledge in the educational field is Besty DeVos. She wants to remove the barriers that are seen in the country when it comes to education. Betsy is also making a name in the political world as she has been elected as a representative for Michigan four times in various fields that include campaign management and party organizations.

Donald Trump has his eye on Betsy as the next Education Secretary. Betsy is a woman who has donated a significant amount of money to public and private schools, showing her support in a manner that has paved a way for schools to be able to get the supplies that are needed for students and to provide further education after high school. She wants to see more money sent to privately owned school but does not object the financial support of public schools as these are where many of the country’s children learn on a daily basis. Republicans have offered their praise for her dedication to education, but she hasn’t worked closely with school systems. This could pose as a downfall to her hopes in becoming the Education Secretary. However, she is bright and understands politics, which is something that the educational system could use in the future.


Betsy doesn’t have experience working with college financial aid, but she has a history of coming up with funding ideas. If Betsy DeVos can work with other members of the educational system, then they can put together plans to fund schools of all kinds in the country and to help ensure that students of all backgrounds have a fair chance of getting an education. Betsy is a woman who will work for school choice. She wants students and parents to be able to have their say in the kind of school that they attend without worrying about funding. A voucher program could be in the works if Betsy is elected as the Education Secretary. This program would give the assistance needed to parents who want their children to attend private schools but don’t have the funds, an idea that is backed by Betsy. Visit her website:

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