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UPDATED 2/14/2017: iCrowdNewswire had a fantastic piece on Igor Cornelsen from October of last year. In it, Igor broke down Brazilian banks, and what made them ideal investments for first time investors. With the economy starting to boom in Brazil, there’s never been a better time to invest. Read the full article to see what Igor thinks should be done to get involved.

Igor Cornelsen is a South American native. He was born and raised in Brazil. He is the proprietor for Bainbridge Investments Inc. The firm is based in Bahamas. Through the organization, Igor assists potential investors by offering them with long-term investment strategies. In the beginning of his career, Igor spent a number of his earlier years in Brazil. Over the years, Igor has received education and has been able to transform lives through his visions in the form of Bainbridge Investments.

Igor has held leadership positions in different Brazilian banking firms. After a short stint in banking, he quit his career in banking in order to focus on investments. He has been known to persuade potential investors not to put their investments in firms that have financial problems. Instead, he helps them invest in declining or damaged stocks, which they sell and realize profits. Damaged stocks are cheaper and affordable as they pick up when the market stabilizes. According to Igor, investments having long-term rewards require dedication from the part of the investors.

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Igor has vast knowledge on different areas of investments. He acts as a role model to people who are looking for unbiased opinion in whatever area of business that they are interested in. Burger King is among the prominent companies in the United States that have greatly benefited from Igor’s counsel. Cornelsen has been featured in investment websites and publications. He offers investment consultations to both individuals and corporations.

Igor Cornelsen enjoys playing golf when he is not working or offering investment advice. He is frequently seen in the golf courses around South Florida where he lives three quarter of the year. Igor lives in Brazil for the rest of the year. His expertise in the stock market has been gained from the many years that he has spent studying the patterns of the market. As someone who has been in the industry for long, he knows merits and demerits of different investments thus; his advice has been found to be highly beneficial to individual investors and corporations.
Igor advocates for diversity when it comes to making investments. He believes that in every area, there is a gold mine waiting to be discovered. Igor posits that the Brazilian market is open to new ideas and investments. The main players in the Brazilian market include Citibank Brazil, Santander, Caixa Economica Federal, Banco J Safra, HSBC,Banco do Brazil, BTG Pactual, Banrisul, Banco Bradesco. Investing in any of these companies is bound to be of great benefit as their shares fetch good returns in the market.

Igor advises potential investors to invest in countries like China. China is Brazil’s largest trading partner. Besides, their economies are similar. He states that before investing in a foreign country, it is wise to look at the trading partners and competitors so that an investor can enjoy maximum benefits and profits.

Igor Cornelsen is an expert investor and experienced banker that hails from Brazil. Cornelsen is currently retired, but still is open to interviews, and enjoys giving banking tips to eager, beginning investors (and also likes to play golf in his spare time).

There are many articles online which detail some of Igor Cornelsen’s important investing and stock market tips. Cornelsen sometimes gives some tips on investing outside of the stock market, although he mainly gives tips on the stock market.

Despite Brazil’s recent stock market collapse, Igor Cornelsen was still able to stay afloat. This is because he is such a keen investor with extensive investing expertise. In his home country of Brazil, he served at many of the largest banks’ board of directors. Cornelsen truly understands how banking, investing, and markets work in Brazil – his accomplishments nearly prove that Cornelsen understands every in and out of the

Despite the recent suffering of Brazil’s economy, Igor Cornelsen has maintained his successful career in the financial industry. Those who understand markets better than other will undoubtedly do better in the financial industry than others, when it comes to banking, investing, or virtually anything else in the financial sector.


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Any followers of Igor Cornelsen know at least a few of his investing tips, but here are a few that he recently shared. When it comes to investing in Brazil, an investor needs to know other inhabitants of Brazil. More specifically, Brazilians that understand finances and investing. Second, understand that Brazil may have more regulations than other countries and markets, so preparing for the regulations by fulling understanding the way around the market (or at least that best one can understand without having already invested in Brazil before). Lastly, investors can save a significant chunk of money if one knows where to find the best deals on trading and converting currencies. Some banks will perform the services at cheaper rates than many banks, but the only way an investor can find the best deals is by simply searching for the best deals.

Cornelsen is an excellent Brazilian banker, and is known as being one of the most successful bankers in his country during the period he operated. To make sure to listen to the tips he can provide can help kickstart investors’ careers. If one is not from Brazil and intends or plans to bank in Brazil, checking up on Igor Cornelsen’s tips is almost conducive to succeed while investing in Brazil. An investor can save money by finding the cheapest currency exchanging services provided by financial institutions. Studying up on the Brazil markets and actually going to Brazil to live for a while before investing are also some of the things that could prove to be most beneficial for investors.

The Brazilian banking market is difficult for investors from other nations to understand at first, but becomes easier to investors over time, especially after becoming familiar with the country of Brazil, and how business is done in Brazil: what types of regulations exist, and how they differ from the investor’s home country; making connections with other investors in Brazil; understanding how to exchange currencies for the lowest rates; essentially anything that an investor understands about his home country’s market works, needs to be studied to make sure that it operates the same way in Brazil.

Igor Cornelsen is a retired Brazilian banking executive and expert investor. Cornelsen has worked for many of the top banks in Brazil, and has worked absolute wonders in the investing realm. Cornelsen likes to spread the word of how to succeed at banking and investing in Brazil works, and how not to fail in the market (following Cornelsen’s tips does not necessarily guarantee that an investor will not fail, but does but new investors at a much higher place to succeed from).

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There are a few main tips Igor Cornelsen gives to his investors, and gave some of these in a recent interview. First off, make sure to fully understand the amount of investors in the market. Brazil maintains the eighth largest economy worldwide, also the largest in the South American continent. Not succeeding over the vast amount of other investors in Brazil is not difficult, but the uninformed and unfamiliar investors stand a good chance of not making it in the Brazil investing markets.

Second, fully understanding the relationships between Brazilian traders and traders from other countries is crucial to success. If Brazil places a trade embargo against another country, be able to predict how it will affect Brazil. Brazil has strong trading ties with certain countries, specifically China. Brazil’s largest trading partner in the world is China, so if something went wrong between the two countries, ceasing to invest in businesses or countries that trade with Brazil is a good starting point.

Last, understand how the currency in Brazil differs from other countries’. Every country uses different currencies, and some of the currencies are worth more than others – some, exponentially times more than others. For example, the currency in Zimbabwe is terribly superinflated, and not understanding the differences between the two currencies would be silly for an investor. Fully knowing how much Brazil’s currency is worth in comparison is other is necessary to know the value of certain investments and the price of currency exchanges provided by financial institutions: which prices are too much for the services performed, and which prices are the best value.

Igor Cornelsen is a retired Brazilian investment banker. He worked for several big banks in Brazil before retiring. Even in retirement, a number of companies seeking after his expertise in capital investment field has continued to grow. These companies are from both Brazil and the United States.
Cornelsen currently lives in Boca Raton, South Florida, and is associated with Bainbridge Group Inc. At the corporation, he is involved in the development of plans and strategies used by the firm to invest. Bainbridge Group mainly invests in stocks, commodities, and foreign exchange.


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Apart from working for Bainbridge group Inc, Igor Cornelsen provides investment advice to investment banks, ordinary banks, and individuals. His expertise has proven vital to many companies making him one of the most sought after capital investment consultants.

Cornelsen believes in long term investing strategies. He views short term strategies as gambling and provides lots of risks to investors’ hard earned cash. Long term investing protects investors from unnecessary risks and offers them higher returns.

Cornelsen concentrate on making profits for investors that last a lifetime. He has developed strategies that can earn investors up to 500% returns over decades. These are legit strategies that have been proven to work. His long term investing strategies are popular among many investment companies.

He also believes on spreading one’s stock investments in a number of companies. It is easier to get positive returns from spreading one’s investing than accumulating all the capital on the stocks of one company. Investment market experiences various turbulences and how good an individual will go through them greatly depends on his portfolio balance. Small investments limit how much an individual can lose in case any of the companies fails.


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Igor Cornelsen encourages careful investing when it comes to new hot companies. There is a tendency of new investors to rush into investing in such companies. As history has proven, not all hot companies succeeds. Some quickly rise and then collapse when market turbulences set in. Cornelsen has also published several documents and articles aimed at advising public on proven investing strategies. Most of these articles are available online.

As a retired investment banker, Igor Cornelsen spends most of his time playing golf. His South Florida home is situated near a number of world class golf courses. This enables him to enjoy golfing without having to travel far. He has been known to travel across the world to play golf in some of the best golf courses across the globe. He also spends his time sharing quality time with family members and friends.

Igor Cornelsen, for those who have not heard about him, is a renowned Brazilian stock market businessman and investor. He is currently a proprietor of Bainbridge Investments, Inc, a company that focuses on long-term investments. Immediately he joined this company in 2001, his primary goal was to discover the creative and innovative ways of utilizing the stock market to meet the future success.

As a successful investor and businessman, Igor Cornelsen is also dedicated to helping current, and future investors succeed in their investment. Many people from across the world come to consult him, and he is always willing to help them succeed. His investment ideas and advice has helped many people in one way or the other. He has been discouraging investors from investing their hard-earned cash in companies that are in the brink of collapse. Last year, Cornelsen amazed a group of investors when he said that damaged stock investments are like oil that has not been discovered.


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Igor’s investment ideas are considered sensitive, the reason he was employed by Bainbridge Investments. He has a proven experienced in the economic and financial field having worked for several corporate organizations and banks in Brazil before joining Bainbridge. Many economist and financial analysts will tell you that he played a significant role in the growth of Brazilian economy.

Most of Igor Cornelsen’s investment techniques have been featured in world’s known publications and print media outlets. Recently, he was invited by CNBC.com to advice a group of American investors who were planning to invest in Brazil. He told them that he has spent 50% of his life doing business and investing in Brazil, and whatever they wanted he was ready to help them get started.

He was not afraid of sharing one of his investment secrets to them. He revealed to these investors that one of his investment secrets is the whooping Brazilian market, a rapidly growing economy considered fifth in the world. He told them that many investors from developed countries overlook the Brazilian market, leaving him (Igor) and few Brazilian investors to dominate.

According to Igor Cornelsen, people should try to invest in foreign stock markets if they want to get quick success. He discourages people from getting afraid when it comes to finding opportunities in foreign markets. He believes that foreign stock market is the only place where millions of money will be made through investments.


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Investing in the stock market can be pretty intimidating, especially if you are a newbie at it. It can be extremely intimidating if you are investing in another country other than your own. Brazil has amazing investing opportunities that are just waiting to be explored. These opportunities are promising investors to give them a high return on their money. In order for the high return to happen, investors must know the right stocks and funds to explore. Brazil has many benefits for investors. With the increase in new businesses starting and the importance of the resources within the country, Brazil can very well be an investors dream. In addition to the many resources, Brazil is the largest South American country and the country has the potential to be a key player in world economics. With Brazil being a choice for infrastructure development, many people can come to the country and invest.

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian businessman with a wide array of experience in banking and investing. Igor Cornelsen is the leading expert in investing in Brazil and he is extremely excited about the country’s potential. Along with being the expert in investing in Brazil, Igor Cornelsen is a Proprietor for Bainbridge Inv. Inc. Igor believes that a new face in the country can turn things around for the better, in terms of economics and attracting outsiders to invest in the country. He believes that the newly appointed finance minister brings a sense of hope to Brazil’s banks.

Igor Cornelsen suggests that individuals should pay close to attention to China. He thinks that since China is one of the Brazil’s trading partners that their economies are linked. He believes that if China’s economy is strong, the prices for Brazil’s raw materials will be good. Igor Cornelsen suggests that individuals that want to invest within Brazil should link up with the locals. He thinks that people wanting to invest should network and build relationships with the natives because 1 in 3 Brazilians ages 18 to 64 are entrepreneurs.



Investing In Brazil: Igor Cornelsen’s Top 3 Tips

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