OSI Group: Meeting Demand Through Innovation

OSI Group is a privately owned holding company of meat processors headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. The company’s success can be traced back to the 1950s when they became a major meat supplier to McDonalds, then a startup.

Since then OSI Group have grown into a global supplier of food products to leading food service and retail food brands. They now have over 65 facilities in 17 countries which can support global sustainability of the food supply. They have accomplished this through developing partnerships, exploring innovative solutions and acting with integrity.

The OSI group has been able to improve the global food supply by creating partnerships. They have recently acquired Flagship Europe which supplies frozen poultry along with a whole range of food products to Europe. The acquisition gives Flagship Europe a broader and more diversified product to offer their traditional customers. OSI has also worked with Tyson Foods by purchasing their Chicago South Side Plant. The facility no longer could meet Tyson’s needs and they had decided to close it. However, OSI purchased the plant which saved hundreds of jobs and provided OSI with more capability.

The OSI Group is committed to maintaining a positive relationship with its customers by operating in a social and environmental sustainable framework. In August of 2016 OSI received the California Green Business Award due to their innovative green initiatives. They have also received the Environmental Five Star Award from the British Safety Council for getting high scores in Environmental Compliance. OSI has a strong history of promoting sustainability by being socially and environmentally responsible.

In 2016, OSI was #58 on Forbes list of most profitable companies. They have accomplished this by developing an efficient distribution system and collaborating with their customers. OSI still maintains their entrepreneurial spirit which gives their employees the agility to develop new ideas for success. These elements give OSI the tools to deal with the increasing global demand for food. OSI is committed to coming up with innovative ways to meet that demand.

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