Tim Berners is Unhappy about the World Wide Web

Tim Berners invented the internet 27 years ago as a platform that allowed scientists to share and find information easily. Several years down the line, his creation has grown into one of the world’s most powerful medium for knowledge, networking and business. Despite all these milestone achievements, Tim Berners is not a happy man.

He describes the World Wide Web as creation that has shifted from its core purpose to become a more detrimental platform unsuitable for human survival and co-existence. He highlights how spying, site blocking, hacking and other forms of cyber crimes are rampant in the modern day web. According to him, the web is no longer a platform that provides users with mechanisms to interact, but a place where people completely destroy the value of helping others and peace.

It has become a system that can be controlled by corporations and governments. Countries like China no longer allow their citizens to interact and share information freely through the web. Therefore, Tim Berners want to make some changes in order to make things right and great again.

The computer scientists alongside other top scientists gathered at San Francisco to discuss the possible future of the web.

According to the computer savvies, the internet could be a better place if scientists could harness new and high-powered technologies to create a more consolidated and private platform that cannot be controlled by the government and corporations.

It is evident that the way the internet is used today is creating a lot of anxieties among technologists. Edward Swoden highlights how the web has been used by governments for spying. The fact that other companies like Amazon and Google have changed to gatekeepers to people’s digital life is also alarming.

To tame the current developments, Tim Berners and others discussed the possibility of distributing web pages without them passing through the web servers. They also brainstormed on ways through which users can store data on the internet without having to pay fees to cloud service providers. Both individuals insist that the web needs decentralizing and that perhaps technology will play an integral part in restoring the web to its good old days.

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