Karl Heideck is a Litigator with a Strong Commercial Background

Karl Heideck is a Litigator with a Strong Commercial BackgroundA litigation attorney, Karl Heideck practices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After a decade in practice, Heideck has extensive experience as a litigation lawyer. He also represents clients in need of a lawyer with a background in commercial law.

In addition to his litigation and commercial practice, Heideck represents clients with risk management and regulatory compliance issues as well.

Other areas of the law in which Heideck represents clients include corporate law, product liability law, as well as employment law. Through his 10 years in practice, Karl Heideck has established a solid reputation in the community.

Heideck represents clients in corporate law, product liability law, & employment lawKarl Heideck is a graduate of Temple University Law School. Heideck obtained a bachelor’s degree in English literature, with an emphasis in letters from Swarthmore College.

The focus of a litigation attorney’s practice is representing clients in the courtroom. A litigator is involved in those cases likely to end up in court trials. A litigator is trained to represent clients not only in trials, but also in associated pre-trial proceedings as well.

Larger law firms typically maintain a department that is dedicated to litigation. Litigators are detailed to work with attorneys in other areas of these firms when it becomes likely that a trial is going to occur.

As a law student, a litigation attorney is likely to take certain types of courses that focus on court and trials. These include classes like evidence, civil procedure and court practice. In addition, a student in law school with the goal of becoming a litigator is apt to participate in the moot court program and the law school clinic, if one exists.

Following law school, an lawyer who desires to be a litigation attorney is likely to find an initial position of employment with an employer that will permit him a good deal of time in court. In many cases, this will be in a prosecutor’s office.

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