Jason Hope of Scottsdale Continues to Support SENS

Jason Hope SENS FoundationUPDATED March 30th, 2017 – Jason Hope continues to support biomedical research on disease prevention. Read more here.

Over the past decade, one of the growing predictions related to the future of humanity and technology is the Internet of Things. The Internet Things theory essentially believes that in the coming years more and more everyday products will be built with wireless connectivity. This will result in the sharing of more data than ever before, which could benefit society in a number of different ways.

Evidence of the Internet of Things being a realistic prediction is growing rapidly. In the past few years many personal objects have continued to be developed in a fashion that allows internet connectivity and data sharing. Some of the products that are not commonly connected include Smart televisions, home appliances, and watches. Many expect that in the coming years more clothing, personal objects, and other devices will be connected.

One entrepreneur and philanthropist that has been very vocal amount the Internet of Things Movement is Jason Hope of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Jason Hope is an investor and entrepreneur that have dedicated his career and personal capital towards investing in new and growing companies that are focused on tech advancements. Hope has continued to write on his blog that he believes that investing in startups will be the best way for an investor to allocate their capital, as it will yield the highest return on investment.

While Hope is planning to use the Internet of Things movement to invest in companies and hopefully earn a strong return on investment, he has also donated a considerable amount of money to a variety of charitable organizations that will work to advance mankind, as well as students looking for grants to help pay for college. In recent years, Jason Hope has been a frequent and significant contributor to the SENS Foundation.

The SENS Foundation is a charitable cause that is raising money to research nanotechnology and other advancements that could be beneficial to the medical industry. Ultimately, the SENS Foundation hopes that this technology could be use to eradicate a number of different ailments that have affected millions of people.

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How Search Engine Optimization Has Changed Over the Years

Search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is one of the best ways to advertise your company. Because most clients search for potential companies using engines like Google or Bing, it is important for your site to rank well on these sites so people can find you quicker and easier. If your site doesn’t rank well, your page may not show up until the second or third result page, which prevents people from being able to effectively find you online.


Back in the day, say a decade or so ago, search engine optimization referred to needing a lot of content with lots of keyword stuffing. This meant that you could put low quality web content on your site and still rank high on Google and Bing. This was easy and cheap for company owners because they didn’t have to spend a lot of money on website content and they could essentially write everything themselves as long as they continually put keywords throughout the content that complemented the type of business they were running. Several years ago, Google changed its search engine optimization rule sets to eliminate the need for excessive keyword usage.


The way SEO has changed over the years has had a major impact on website owners as they have now had to put the time and money into establishing more informative content. Google has recognized that keyword stuffing was a major issue and is now requiring that in order for a site to rank well, they need to have meaningful and useful content that visitors will benefit from. This is great news for web browsers who want to find useful information when visiting top ranked sites, but it is often an issue for budgeting business owners who now need to pay attention to the quality of their content as opposed to just running their busy companies. For a lot of business owners, hiring professional writers is far easier and more worthwhile for their companies than trying to write the content themselves. This has helped the internet to become a more useful resource to people looking for quality sites.


Equities First Holdings Scales the Heights of Providing Financial Solutions

Equities First Holdings is one of the high-ranking lending companies around the globe. This firm was instituted in 2002 and is headed by Al Christy Jr. Equities First Holdings leads in the provision of alternative lending solutions to high-net-worth individuals, individual investors, and business owners.

Services provided by Equities First Holdings
This company offers services such as allocation of working capital, alternative funds, and financial services. Equities First Holdings is committed to developing and providing products that supply liquidity at proper terms to clients through transparent and secure processes. One unique aspect about Equities First Holdings is its approach to non-purpose financing. This method has resulted in the company closing more than 625 transactions worth $1.4 billion. This firm also employs an efficient funding method, which, in turn, offers customers better financing terms at low cost. Equities First Holdings has operations in Sydney, Bangkok, Perth, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Beneficiaries of Equities First Holdings
Equities First Holdings has been lending money to customers for over a decade. This firm has the capability of providing alternative financing during the economic crisis. It has succeeded in the provision of these services due to the adoption of high-end capabilities in all their transaction. Equities First Holdings also pioneers offering fast working capital to customers who are assured of getting stock-based loans at all times. Equities First Holdings’ customers have access to quick cash at favorable interest rates even during harsh economic seasons. This firm has policies put in place that mitigate issues associated with market fluctuations. Individuals who work with Equities First Holdings can benefit from the company’s stability and partnerships with its stakeholders. Al Christy has endeavored to make this business a world-class economy. This enterprise prides itself in providing sufficient capital using a client’s stocks as collateral. Equities First Holdings is one of the leading and trusted companies in finance and read full article.

A Look At OSI Group’s Worldwide Business

OSI Group is a privately held company, based in Aurora Illinois, that has grown into one of the leading worldwide providers of processed food.

OSI Group has over 65 facilities in different parts of the world and employs more than 20,000 people. The food they process is served in restaurants and they also supply food that is sold as private label in grocery stores worldwide. OSI Group processes meat, fruits, vegetables, and other foods. It also sells foods like pizza, baked goods, cookies, panini, and frozen entrées.

Over the last year, OSI Group has made some large acquisitions in Europe. In August 2016 it was announced that they were buying the Dutch food processing company Baho Foods. In a statement the President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group, David G. McDonald said that the purchase gave his company a wider European presence. He went on to say that Baho Foods portfolio meshed very well with OSI Group’s processing strengths.

In December 2016 OSI Group also acquired Flagship Europe which was headquartered in the United Kingdom. The Chief Executive of Flagship Europe said that he was excited about his company being bought and the opening up of new opportunities.

OSI Group regularly posts job openings on online job websites, including Monster. They currently have a wide variety of positions open in both their white collar positions as well as at their facilities. Among the jobs that are posted are Cost Accounting Manager, Plant Human Resources Manager, and Maintenance Supervisor – 2nd Shift.

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Chairman Pai Prepares to Dismantle Net Neutrality in America

Remember, back in 2014, when the internet went crazy over net neutrality? The FCC website received so many comments that it crashed. In the end, net neutrality regulations passed, and the internet breathed a sigh of relief. Well, it’s almost exactly two years later and, thanks to new FCC chairman Ajit Pai, the internet is starting to worry again.


Back when he was an FCC commissioner, Pai voted against net neutrality, and on Tuesday, during his speech at the Mobile World Congress, Pai confirmed that he sees rolling back the regulations as a priority. Calling them a ‘mistake’, he claimed they had led to a decline in broadband investment.


Net neutrality is the principle that all data on the internet should be treated equally. Supporters argue that, without its protections, internet service providers would restrict access to certain websites. From a consumer perspective, you could end up with a situation where you buy a basic package that allows you to access, say, YouTube but have to pay more if you want to access other sites. Smaller websites would be unable to compete, stifling innovation and free speech, and consumers would end up paying more for less.


But Pai sees the regulations as bad for telecommunication companies and, therefore, bad for consumers. He has argued that, without the fees companies could charge if net neutrality was reversed, they have less to invest in much-needed infrastructure. In his speech, he cited data from industry lobbyists USTelecom that showed a decline in infrastructure investment since net neutrality was passed.


However, public data from the major telecommunication companies themselves contradicts that, showing similar or increased capital investment since the regulations. It’s also worth noting that telecommunications companies are notorious for failing to deliver on infrastructure. Verizon, for instance, was given massive tax breaks by the governments of Pennsylvania and New York City in exchange for infrastructure that it failed to provide.


The internet will be holding its breath to see what Pai’s chairmanship brings. But one thing is for sure: it won’t let net neutrality go without a fight.


Prevention through Life Line Screening

Health Care is an essential sector of every society and economy at large. Its existence is a shimmer of hope for every human being in the world. As a result of the technological developments, basic steps in this sector have been forged ahead due to the creation of biotechnological machines that can diagnose ailments even before they are evident to the human eye. Life Line Screening is one such healthcare facility dedicated to offering testing services to members of the society.

A leading provider of societal, preventive health screening services, Life Line Screening offers its services right to its patients. It assists in the identification of medical risks hanging over its patients’ heads inclusive of artery diseases, stroke, aneurysms, diabetes, heart decease, cholesterol and a lot of others that lack signs and symptoms in their early stages.

Unlike the fundamental belief by many, these preventive screenings are quick, safe, and painless. More so, the screenings are executed by technicians with high-level proficiency and make use of world-class ultrasound screening equipment in hospitals. Upon the release of the results, a certified physician shares them with the patient. Henceforth they provide a marker for one’s overall health, and it’s open to determine if the patient can commence on treatment and possible changes in the way of living before the occurrence of a serious health tragedy.

Life Line Screening, therefore, provides ultrasound screening that makes use of sound waves to capture structures in the body and recording of feedback echoes. The technique is highly used to in the detection of medical conditions in such areas as cardiology and obstetrics. More so, it is non-invasive and painless. Secondly, it offers finger-stick blood screenings that help identify probable risks to the heart and diabetes as well. The exercise involves drawing of blood droplets by a prick of a finger, then screened. Third, the healthcare facility provides limited electrocardiograph. It is conducted to detect an irregular heartbeat that raises the risk of stroke. Also, this screening is fast and not invasive.

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Life Line Screening is committed to saving and prolonging life by identifying serious medical problems before they get out of hand to uncontrollable levels. They are geared towards preventing and eliminating the risk of extreme medical conditions by early diagnosis through screenings.





Tammy Mazzocco is the Ideal Real Estate Agent

Tammy Mazzocco began her real estate career as a secretary to a nine-person commercial real estate group. Soon she got the job as manager of a condominium project, and she held that position for the next seven years. in 1995 her boss suggested that she get her real estate license during that time so she could assist him with some of his transactions.

Mazzocco held some more supportive roles in real estate, largely in the licensed assistant position, until in 1999 she decided to get into the sales end of the business, as she saw the income potential all around her. She reasoned, “if they can do this, so can I.” She joined the Judy Gang agency with RE/MAX, and she has never regretted that career move.

Today, Mazzocco works in Central Ohio, in four counties, Licking, Deleware, Franklin, and Fairfield. She says that real estate is her passion and she spends all of her time devoted to its pursuit and in the perfection of its growth.

It may seem difficult to believe, but when she began in sales, she was shy when it came to talking to people, especially when clients personal finances came up. She decided to always open the conversation directly, and then the other person would have to respond. From there the fear left, and it was never a problem again.

Mazzocco’s work day has evolved into a pattern that seldom varies, as she knows that it works for her. She begins her day with some stretching exercises and meditation. Then she likes to get the mundane things out of the way such as paperwork and prospecting. She says that these are not activities that she particularly enjoys, yet they are necessary and part of the process. Prospecting involves getting on the phone and following up on leads to set appointments to show houses.

Tammy does like the leads that are generated by some of the services like Zillow and Realtor.com because these people are interested and are very good leads. From there she will spend the rest of her day showing Homes.

When asked what things does she do that causes her to be more productive, her answer is that she will set goals, and then break them down into smaller action steps on a monthly, weekly, and a daily basis. It is easier to take these smaller steps than to think about the entire goal.

For more info, visit tammymazzocco.tumblr.com.


Complex Algorithms Being Tested to Curtail Online Harassment and Trolls

Internet giants Twitter and Google recently announced that they are working on developing algorithms to ensure the safety of users and to discourage antisocial behaviors by abusive users commonly known as trolls.


Twitter executives are testing new features that will allow users to limit the current functions of their social media activity. Similar to social networks such as the popular Snapchat, users could be allowed to set the amount of time that their tweets can be seen by others. They may also be able to limit visibility to only those followers who have been approved.


In addition to letting only followers see their updates, Twitter users will also be able to filter the users who can see their activity. For example, users may be able to filter out accounts that do not have profile photos or that have not been verified by means of email addresses or mobile phone numbers.


Analysts are divided on whether the enhanced privacy and safety features will be a good move by Twitter, a social network that has been embattled in terms of its financial future and on Wall Street. One analyst went as far as to label the new Twitter measures as borderline censorship. Although Twitter has been enjoying newfound popularity thanks to the controversial activity of United States President Donald Trump, investors are not convinced that the social network is on a path to profit.


Google is reaching out to its substantial developer community with a new API called Perspective. The API is the work of the Jigsaw section at Google, a special group that has been labeled as a premier think tank for the internet search giant. Perspective is expected to work as a tool for publishers whose websites include commenting features.


Once Perspective is developed as an application or as a browser enhancement, users who read and posts comments will be able to apply certain filters that lets them know when they may face a potential troll situation. The API will analyze commenting threads to let users know if they are dealing with internet trolls or if their own comments may incite abusive behavior.



Dr. Edward Honig, M.D. Advises Everyone To Get A Heart Check-Up


Cardiovascular health is vitally important to the overall health condition of an individual. A Cardiologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the study, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions, diseases and/or abnormalities of or related to the cardiovascular system. The cardiovascular or circulatory system is comprised of the heart (the cardiac muscle), blood vessels (arteries, veins, and capillaries), and blood (plasma, red/white blood cells. and platelets).


A cardiologist uses a variety of tools and methods in conjunction with his/her expertise and knowledge to discern whether an individual has risk factors, heart structure abnormalities, or conditions that may adversely affect normal heart function and/or lead to more serious cardiovascular or related issues. a cardiologist may also perform minor surgical procedures if necessary.


“Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of heart attack, stroke, arteriosclerosis, and kidney failure”, says Dr. Edward Honig, M.D., a cardiologist in Glen Cove, New York. He cautiously warns, “Often a person is unaware that they have cardiovascular disease until something catastrophic occurs such as a heart attack or stroke, so it is important to be evaluated even if you don’t think it is necessary.”


Dr. Edward Honig advises that individuals should select a reputable heart specialist with extensive experience, skill, and knowledge, that communicates well and doesn’t mind answering questions. Lastly, you want to be sure that both the cardiologist and the hospital that he or she is affiliated with accepts your insurance.


Dr. Edward Honig, M.D. has been a practitioner if internal medicine and cardiology for over 75 years. He received his medical doctorate from Duke University located in Durham, North Carolina. He is a well-respected cardiologist at Glen Cove Hospital-Department of Medicine in Glen Cove, New York. Don’t wait for an unfortunate circumstance to see a qualified cardiologist.

Wearable Fitness Tech: Is It All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

You’ve probably been to stores that are selling wearable fitness technology such as the FitBit, Leaf or Garmin Vivosport. These gadgets must be worn throughout the day and night and they promise to track your sleep patterns and movement when you’re awake. This is said to be an effective way of tracking your activity and the amount of steps taken throughout the day, allowing you to have a better understanding of where you need to make changes and the type of lifestyle you’re living. Besides the high price tag attached to these gadgets, there is a lot of debate over whether or not they’re worth the price of admission.

For many people, wearable fitness tech is uncomfortable and bulky. You can tell someone is wearing a FitBit or Garmin Tracker from practically a mile away. Sleeping with one of these bracelets on is just as frustrating and a lot of users report that they have stopped wearing the bands to track their sleep because it was too annoying to have on all night. When it comes to the effectiveness of the gadget, the reports are inconclusive. Some people swear by their tracker’s recordings while others say the gadgets are off by thousands of steps and don’t accurately measure sleep patterns during the night.

Before investing in an expensive fitness tracker, do your research and understand that these products won’t do anything for you other than give you insight into your activity level. They won’t motivate you and they’re unlikely to deliver specific steps and times for the exercises you are doing. With technology continually changing and advancing over the years, fitness trackers are definitely improving, but it could be years before they provide faultless and comfortable tracking of your everyday movements. For now, you’d probably be better off tracking your own diet and exercise in a plain spiral notebook and you’d get the same information that a $200 tracker would provide to you. If you just have to buy one of these gadgets, read reviews and opt for a better quality machine that has little chance of being faulty in its readings.