Real Estate Business in Miami is Expected to Hit an All-Time High In 2017

Miami Beach is a small city in the county of Miami-Dade, State of Florida. Historically, the city is well known for its strategic position with respect to the ocean. The population in the sunny city has been increasing rapidly in the recent past, with tourists flocking the city’s sandy beaches and others relocating to live there. An increase in population translates to a housing and accommodation headache. Now that is where the real estate developers come in. Real estate investors are increasingly investing in Miami, building commercial & residential apartments, gated homes, and hotels.

Upcoming Projects In Miami

In December last year, Miami’s Urban Development Review Board approved the construction of a condominium along 708 NE 26th Street. The 13-story condo is a project by Developer One World Miami Realty LLC and is expected to have more than 30 residential units from the second floor. The ground floor, with a floor space of 800 Sq. ft. will be reserved for commercial purposes. The first four floors are designed to provide close to 50 parking slots.

A mega project in Little Haiti is in the offing this year. The project by East Ridge LLC will occupy a 22 acres piece of land along 5045 NE Second Avenue. Once approved by the Urban Development Review Board, the project will incorporate a train station, stores, offices, and close to three thousand residential houses.

Along the South Miami Avenue, a 950-foot tower is expected to be developed later this year by the City Center Properties LLC. The tower will have several stores covering 60,000 square feet and close to 400 luxury condos on the upper floors. The tower will be called 18.

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Samuel Strauch has been a real estate agent in Florida for the last 14 years. He became famous in 2002 after establishing the Metrik Real Estate consultancy firm. Samuel is a business graduate from Harvard University.

Samuel Strauch is also the president of the Affinity International Realty firm in Miami Beach. Samuel specializes in representing buyers in real estate transactions. He also represents sellers in one out of four transactions.

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