Wearable Fitness Tech: Is It All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

You’ve probably been to stores that are selling wearable fitness technology such as the FitBit, Leaf or Garmin Vivosport. These gadgets must be worn throughout the day and night and they promise to track your sleep patterns and movement when you’re awake. This is said to be an effective way of tracking your activity and the amount of steps taken throughout the day, allowing you to have a better understanding of where you need to make changes and the type of lifestyle you’re living. Besides the high price tag attached to these gadgets, there is a lot of debate over whether or not they’re worth the price of admission.

For many people, wearable fitness tech is uncomfortable and bulky. You can tell someone is wearing a FitBit or Garmin Tracker from practically a mile away. Sleeping with one of these bracelets on is just as frustrating and a lot of users report that they have stopped wearing the bands to track their sleep because it was too annoying to have on all night. When it comes to the effectiveness of the gadget, the reports are inconclusive. Some people swear by their tracker’s recordings while others say the gadgets are off by thousands of steps and don’t accurately measure sleep patterns during the night.

Before investing in an expensive fitness tracker, do your research and understand that these products won’t do anything for you other than give you insight into your activity level. They won’t motivate you and they’re unlikely to deliver specific steps and times for the exercises you are doing. With technology continually changing and advancing over the years, fitness trackers are definitely improving, but it could be years before they provide faultless and comfortable tracking of your everyday movements. For now, you’d probably be better off tracking your own diet and exercise in a plain spiral notebook and you’d get the same information that a $200 tracker would provide to you. If you just have to buy one of these gadgets, read reviews and opt for a better quality machine that has little chance of being faulty in its readings.

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