Prevention through Life Line Screening

Health Care is an essential sector of every society and economy at large. Its existence is a shimmer of hope for every human being in the world. As a result of the technological developments, basic steps in this sector have been forged ahead due to the creation of biotechnological machines that can diagnose ailments even before they are evident to the human eye. Life Line Screening is one such healthcare facility dedicated to offering testing services to members of the society.

A leading provider of societal, preventive health screening services, Life Line Screening offers its services right to its patients. It assists in the identification of medical risks hanging over its patients’ heads inclusive of artery diseases, stroke, aneurysms, diabetes, heart decease, cholesterol and a lot of others that lack signs and symptoms in their early stages.

Unlike the fundamental belief by many, these preventive screenings are quick, safe, and painless. More so, the screenings are executed by technicians with high-level proficiency and make use of world-class ultrasound screening equipment in hospitals. Upon the release of the results, a certified physician shares them with the patient. Henceforth they provide a marker for one’s overall health, and it’s open to determine if the patient can commence on treatment and possible changes in the way of living before the occurrence of a serious health tragedy.

Life Line Screening, therefore, provides ultrasound screening that makes use of sound waves to capture structures in the body and recording of feedback echoes. The technique is highly used to in the detection of medical conditions in such areas as cardiology and obstetrics. More so, it is non-invasive and painless. Secondly, it offers finger-stick blood screenings that help identify probable risks to the heart and diabetes as well. The exercise involves drawing of blood droplets by a prick of a finger, then screened. Third, the healthcare facility provides limited electrocardiograph. It is conducted to detect an irregular heartbeat that raises the risk of stroke. Also, this screening is fast and not invasive.

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Life Line Screening is committed to saving and prolonging life by identifying serious medical problems before they get out of hand to uncontrollable levels. They are geared towards preventing and eliminating the risk of extreme medical conditions by early diagnosis through screenings.



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