How Search Engine Optimization Has Changed Over the Years

Search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is one of the best ways to advertise your company. Because most clients search for potential companies using engines like Google or Bing, it is important for your site to rank well on these sites so people can find you quicker and easier. If your site doesn’t rank well, your page may not show up until the second or third result page, which prevents people from being able to effectively find you online.


Back in the day, say a decade or so ago, search engine optimization referred to needing a lot of content with lots of keyword stuffing. This meant that you could put low quality web content on your site and still rank high on Google and Bing. This was easy and cheap for company owners because they didn’t have to spend a lot of money on website content and they could essentially write everything themselves as long as they continually put keywords throughout the content that complemented the type of business they were running. Several years ago, Google changed its search engine optimization rule sets to eliminate the need for excessive keyword usage.


The way SEO has changed over the years has had a major impact on website owners as they have now had to put the time and money into establishing more informative content. Google has recognized that keyword stuffing was a major issue and is now requiring that in order for a site to rank well, they need to have meaningful and useful content that visitors will benefit from. This is great news for web browsers who want to find useful information when visiting top ranked sites, but it is often an issue for budgeting business owners who now need to pay attention to the quality of their content as opposed to just running their busy companies. For a lot of business owners, hiring professional writers is far easier and more worthwhile for their companies than trying to write the content themselves. This has helped the internet to become a more useful resource to people looking for quality sites.


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