Spotify Tests New High Quality Audio Scheme

The most popular music streaming service in the world is testing a new feature that hopes to attract audiophiles, a potentially lucrative segment that typically eschews Spotify due to its perceived low audio quality.

According to tech news website Android Headlines, Twitter updates suggest that Spotify may be ready to roll out a new subscription program that would include the option of streaming tracks with lossless audio quality. Another neat feature suggests that the streaming service is aiming towards serious audiophiles as it also offers a free vinyl record and discounts on retail purchases at hip music stores that carry music in the venerable vinyl format. What is not clear is not clear at this time is how much this upgrade will cost since some sources have reported it at $5 per month while others have hinted at $7.50 to $10 on a monthly basis.

News about the potential upgrade to high fidelity audio are being discussed at the same time Spotify has announced that it has reached a major milestone of 50 million subscribers. Should the high quality audio feature be included, the monthly price could jump to $15 or even $20.

Even if Spotify introduces lossless audio, the average subscriber may not be able to notice the difference unless he or she invests in quality headphones. Audiophiles will certainly welcome the feature since they happen to be very serious about the quality of the music they listen to. Since late 2016, audiophiles have been at odds with the Pono music service that was introduced by legendary rock musician Neil Young as a Kickstarter project.

While Pono is designed to be a very exclusive service for music lovers who really care about audio quality, users have complained about the MP3 player and the scant availability of music to download. At this point, Pono subscribers may be ready to jump ship to a music streaming service that truly understands them, and it looks like Spotify may be a reasonable option. Neil Young has previously stated that streaming audio is not conducive to a high fidelity experience, but he later changed his opinion.

The Solar Industry Experiences Huge Employment Growth

The solar industry has been growing in the United States at a steady pace. Many will point to the presence of solar panels on various homes as a sign of growth. To a degree, this is true. The more solar panels installed in homes, the more customers the solar industry is reaching. True growth, however, is measured by profits. A boost in solar panels on neighborhood homes might not necessarily indicate profits are booming. The news that the US solar industry has experienced a 25% growth level in employment definitely hints strong profits are flowing in.

The total number of the jobs added is in the range of 260,000. No industry adds that many jobs unless demand for products and services are huge. An industry has to remain solvent, which means hiring must be done prudently. Such job hiring stats show solar — for now — seems to be doing well.

Is solar in a bubble though?

Such a question is not asked out of a sense of cynicism. Any examination of a successful industry should come with concerns over whether or not growth has long-term potential or not. Many may be interested in solar energy because it is new. Will the interest remain in five years?

The answer depends on how successful the solar industry is in delivering on all promises. If those who invest in solar panels report they have saved money on energy expenses, more are likely to follow their lead. That means more customers end up with a positive attitude towards purchasing new solar panels.

Employment opportunities may continue to be strong as long as the industry is healthy. The auto industry is a perfect example of this. During the glory days of the 1950’s and 1960’s, the auto industry of Detroit became the source of fantastic jobs and income streams for those interested in working in car production. Things did change over time as no industry is expected to remain perfectly healthy and stable year after year.

For now, the health of the solar energy industry seems to be on good footing. Barring any major changes in the industry, this solid growth level should remain consistent for the near future.

The 5 Basic Principles Taught at the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles

Kabbalah is something that no student can go into half-heartedly. You get out what you put into it. There are two types of students at the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles. There are those who only study on a short-term basis. These are the people who come in and learn a few things and then leave. The other kind is part of the 99%. These are the students who get it and want to work to improve their lives.

There are 5 basic principles being taught at the center. In order to fully embrace these principles, you do need to be part of the 99%.

The first principle involves The upper force and our ego. We are right now living through our egotistical personality. The upper force of the universe involves who we truly are. It is our job to transform our egos until we are one with the upper world.

The second principle involves identifying our destructive natures. It is up to use to identify and get rid of our ego. This way we can truly be the person we are meant to be. The third principle involves correcting what needs to be corrected inside our souls. We were at one time all one. Our souls were shattered into a million pieces. It is up to us to identify the parts that need correcting, this way our souls can become one and unify once more.

The fourth and fifth principles involve choosing the path of creation. Choosing something that is beyond what this physical world has to offer and not being bound by our egos.

The Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles teaches that some souls take a long time to reach this more unified and evolved state. Others can come to it rather quickly. It all depends on how soon you identify what needs to be corrected. It also depends on how long you intend to let your ego control you. The ego is not really who we are. It is who we have chosen to be in our society, due to societal demands and pressure. There is a difference.

At some points, you have to ask yourself, “Am I walking the dog, or is the dog walking me?”


Snap CEO Makes $272 Million On Opening Day

Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, made a big bang as it hit the market on Thursday. During the initial public offering on Wednesday, the company’s shares were valued at $17. On Thursday morning, the stock opened at $24. That marks over a 40% increase.

That remarkable rise can be significant for any level of stockholder. When you consider that the company’s CEO, Evan Spiegel, sold 16 million shares on opening day, the profits begin to grow exponentially.

The money that Spiegel made in one day came to a grand total of $272 million. Snap’s Chief Technology Officer, Bobby Murphy, also made the same staggering amount of profit.

Spiegel is just 26 years old. He attended Stanford University before dropping out to focus all of his time on building Snapchat. In 2013, he was offered $3 billion by Facebook for his budding company, but he turned down the offer. In remarks that he’s shared publicly, he knew that he was building something important and wanted to continue leading the company towards the future

He is certainly well on his way to becoming one of the most successful tech CEOs. He still has over 200 million shares in Snap, which amounts to over $5 billion.

Snap has branched into many areas since being founded in 2011. Snapchat is one of the most popular messaging apps on the market, and the other components of Snap include Spectales and Bitmoji. The Spectacles product is a wearable pair of smart glasses that have a camera incorporated in them. Users can link the images that they record to their smart devices, giving them a new way to connect with social media. Bitmoji is a product of Bitstrips, a company that Snap acquired in 2016. The app allows people to create their own cartoon versions of themselves which can be used as emojis.

Twitter May Be Bought Out Soon

As if Google wasn’t already buying out startup after startup to add to its empire, they may now be acquiring the hashtag giant of them all, Twitter. According to The Verge, rumors are now circulating that the second-largest social media platform may now be putting itself up for sale to the highest bidder, a move that investors are now watching closely, and such that Twitter’s stock rose 23% after the rumors started. Google isn’t the only company interested in Twitter, as Salesforce and now even Verizon are also interested parties. All of this is coming on the heels of former head of TV, Andrew Adashek leaving the company.

Twitter appears to be in the midst of a transition period as the growth of new users and new streams of revenue have bottomed out. Twitter has attempted to garner new interest with its new feature for streaming Thursday Night NFL games, and presidential candidate Donald Trump always brings Twitter publicity when he makes a public statement on there. But even though Twitter founder Jack Dorsey also returned as CEO to try to resurrect his social media creation, it has not happened yet and now the clock may be ticking on the company. While Google, Salesforce, and Verizon are all in the mix of sales talk, nothing concrete has been established as far as mergers and acquisitions as of yet.

What could Google, Salesforce, or Verizon stand to gain from buying twitter? The network offers a wealth of user data that all of them would love to add to their vaults. More so, Google has had an existing relationship with Twitter that’s allowed both sides to profit from using Tweets in search engine rankings. And considering that Google Plus has failed to match Facebook on every level, Google may see Twitter as its opportunity to change that. Will such a move grow or thwart interest in using Twitter? It’s hard to say, but it appears to be inevitable if users wish to continue seeing their celebrities tweet.

Real Estate Business in Miami is Expected to Hit an All-Time High In 2017

Miami Beach is a small city in the county of Miami-Dade, State of Florida. Historically, the city is well known for its strategic position with respect to the ocean. The population in the sunny city has been increasing rapidly in the recent past, with tourists flocking the city’s sandy beaches and others relocating to live there. An increase in population translates to a housing and accommodation headache. Now that is where the real estate developers come in. Real estate investors are increasingly investing in Miami, building commercial & residential apartments, gated homes, and hotels.

Upcoming Projects In Miami

In December last year, Miami’s Urban Development Review Board approved the construction of a condominium along 708 NE 26th Street. The 13-story condo is a project by Developer One World Miami Realty LLC and is expected to have more than 30 residential units from the second floor. The ground floor, with a floor space of 800 Sq. ft. will be reserved for commercial purposes. The first four floors are designed to provide close to 50 parking slots.

A mega project in Little Haiti is in the offing this year. The project by East Ridge LLC will occupy a 22 acres piece of land along 5045 NE Second Avenue. Once approved by the Urban Development Review Board, the project will incorporate a train station, stores, offices, and close to three thousand residential houses.

Along the South Miami Avenue, a 950-foot tower is expected to be developed later this year by the City Center Properties LLC. The tower will have several stores covering 60,000 square feet and close to 400 luxury condos on the upper floors. The tower will be called 18.

About Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch has been a real estate agent in Florida for the last 14 years. He became famous in 2002 after establishing the Metrik Real Estate consultancy firm. Samuel is a business graduate from Harvard University.

Samuel Strauch is also the president of the Affinity International Realty firm in Miami Beach. Samuel specializes in representing buyers in real estate transactions. He also represents sellers in one out of four transactions.

Click here to learn more about Samuel Strauch.


Celebrities Like Sheryl Underwood Try The Detox Program


The Dherbs Full Body Cleanse found on is a 20 day program that can powerfully detox the body of unwanted toxins and chemicals that accumulate through the consumption of processed food, environmental factors, use of cosmetic products and more. This cleanse has been featured on the Steve Harvey show and was used by Sheryl Underwood, one of the hosts on CBS’ daytime talk show The Talk.

Underwood appeared on Steve Harvey’s radio morning show to share her experience. With an energetic, enthusiastic tone Sheryl explains that she started the Dherbs program on a Sunday and had already managed to drop 5 whole pounds. She stated that she had been consistently drinking water and even hired a personal trainer to assist her further with her weight loss efforts. Sheryl had also been performing spiritual activities such as prayer and meditation with her cleanse. Being a comedian, she jokingly referred to the program as “Da Herbs”.

Sheryl Underwood talks about FBC

Sheryl Underwood is not the only individual to have such great success with the Dherbs program. Back in 2016 a pastor by the name of Hosea Collins managed to drop a whopping 130 pounds on the cleanse in order to lose enough weight to undergo a kidney transplant to save his beloved wife’s life. The pastor had undergone the program 6 times to achieve his success!

Rickey Smiley Morning Show said that the cleanse can be purchased directly from The program can be used by anyone wanting to rejuvenate their health and press the restart button on their bodies. Weight loss is not the only benefit. After the completing the cleanse you will experience an increase in energy, reduced sugar cravings, clearer skin, increased libido and blood circulation. It also improves mental clarity and can give you a more positive outlook on life in general. The cleanse can simply be done with a modified diet that the Dherbs instruction booklet provides with the kit.

Why More People are Hiring VTA Publications

Updated on March 19th, 2017:
Check out what Jim Hunt is saying to new investors through his VTA Publications blog. New information, and helpful tips and tricks that only a true insider could provide. This is where you want to go to know more about VTA Publications as a whole, or just more about the investment strategies you’re going to find inside.

Updated on December 13th, 2016:
Read up on what Jim is doing how, what motivates him, and where he sees his company going in the future in this Ideamensch interview with the VTA Publications CEO.

Updated on September 2nd, 2016:
Be sure to follow Jim Hunt’s official YouTube for more information on VTA Publications. He’s been posting consistent videos about live trades, and moves that he’s making throughout the market. Be sure to check out his real proof that the Make Mum a Millionaire system, and Wealth Wave both legitimately work.

Because of the fact that investing can be more than just a little difficult and cause you to lose a lot of money in the process, it is often a good idea for you to work with an investment professional like Jim Hunt. Jim Hunt works for the company known as VTA Publications and he has worked with them for a long time and been one of the top investors in the area. Working with a professional in the investment banking industry is a great way to get the most money out of your investments that is at all possible.

VTA Publications is one of the best companies out there in terms of investment banking. You will find that working with professional investment bankers allows you to get the best outcome possible in terms of investing your money in different types of funds and accounts. Many people attempt to invest their own money by themselves and this can be a problem if you are not choosing the right outlets to put your money. This is why it pays to hire a company like VTA Publications and work with them throughout the entire investing process.

One of the great things about working with the VTA Publications company is that they are one of the top investment firms in the nation and their owner known as Jim Hunt is a great option for anyone who needs help with this type of thing. Investment-banking can be made a lot easier when working with a great company and knowing that the professionals you are hiring know the ins and outs of this business. Make sure to contact Jim Hunt or his company known as VTA Publications so that you can learn more about the different options available to you and what you should expect when investing your money in different types of funds and accounts. He will be able to take you on as a client and begin to work with you on different investments that you are looking to make in order to earn money long-term or quickly for your very own benefit.  Be sure to follow Jim on Twitter, and read more about VTA on their website.

Tammy Mazzocco Rise To Real Estate Mavin: UPDATED 4/6/17

UPDATED: April 6th, 2017: Gain insiders knowledge by reading Tammy Mazzocco’s exclusive interview with Ideamensch:

Tammy Mazzocco is a very well-respected and successful Realtor in Central Ohio. She sells residential real estate in four counties which keeps her busy. She did not become successful overnight, but she has had little successes all the time.

Tammy started out as a real estate secretary, then as a manager of properties where she got her real estate license in 1995. She went full-time as an agent in 1999 when she saw the economic opportunity of jumping into sales.

The early days were difficult until she learned more about the business and marketing side of the equation, but she caught on quickly and began to learn her craft. For example, in the beginning, she found it difficult to speak to people about their finances, for the purpose of qualifying them. An associate loaned her some scripts which she suggested to Tammy that the be read out loud until she was comfortable with speaking them.

When asked how she motivated herself, Tammy replied that she is self-motivated by her habit of setting tangible goals. The goals are main tasks that must be performed to get in front of home buyers and show them houses. Once a goal is established, Tammy likes to break them down into actionable steps which can be accomplished more easily than trying to tackle the entire goal at once.

Another piece of advice that has helped her a lot is: “Don’t take yourself too seriously do live without fear of failure, and don’t settle.” People who take themselves too seriously are brittle, and they might break when times get tough. Fear of failure will keep people dead in their tracks, and they won’t start anything. Don’t settle for mediocracy.

Finally, Tammy Mazzocco always tries to focus on the needs and wants of the client, and she has to forget about herself, her commissions, and sometimes her comfy feelings. Solve the issues that the client has, and the real estate will take care of itself.

Ricardo Tosto on Brazilian Tax Law

In most legal systems throughout the world, the government has the right to raise revenue through taxes and other fees that allow it to provide services and security to its people. Brazil is no exception, and because of the high rate of taxation in the country, it behooves the person living in or doing business in Brazil to understand the legal system surrounding it.

Brazilian law recognizes two types of taxation: bound and unbound. Bound taxation refers to a certain state function. For example, the government might institute a road tax the proceeds of which specifically go to maintaining and building new roads. These types of taxes are common in the United States as well. However, in Brazil, these types of taxes are specifically referred to as fees or contributions for improvement.

Unbound taxes, on the other hand, are not reserved for a specific function. Income taxes are the best example of this class of taxation. However, social insurance contributions fall somewhere in between, and could be considered an example of either bound or unbound taxation, depending on how you look at it.

Ricardo Tosto is the founder of one of Sao Paulo’s best known blue-chip law firms, Ricardo Tosto& Associates. With over two decades of experience practicing law in Brazil, Ricardo Tosto has offices in Brazil’s two largest cities and in the capital, Brasilia.

As a leader in civil litigation and dispute resolution, Ricardo Tosto has served as a trendsetter in the Brazilian legal profession. In fact, Ricardo Tosto is a huge proponent of innovation and fosters new ways of thinking about the law among his associates in order to gain the advantage. Click here