Google Bringing It Resources to the Pi Community

The British most successful computer company Raspberry Pi is selling more than 10 million card size computers. It is about to enter into a contract with one of the world’s technology giants Google thus gaining more prestigious status compared in the past.


Google is making great efforts to make its artificial intelligence machine learning accessible to the masses. The tech giant aims at enabling its artificial intelligence, developer tools as well as machine learning to available in the small computer. This is according to Pi’s the small computer creator.



In 2017 Google is going to arrive in style and according to the Raspberry Pi, the tech giant has one of the most exciting news for the Raspberry Pi community with the various AI and machine learning services ready to be supported by the device.



The post on the Pi’s website goes on state that the Pi’s community will be provided with new tools that improve the capability of the device. The firm also says that it is interested in the opinion of the PI’s industry’s players so that it can know what could help them most.



The Pi’s team has not released sufficient details about the specific cases or applications that have been created by Google. During the release of this statement, Raspberry Pi told WIRED that had no specific that at the time and that further information would be released in the future.



The news that Google is interested in developing and making available its resources on the Raspberry Pi has not come as a surprise since in April 2016 the tech giant made a mysterious developer tree that was open at the Android Open Source Project repository that showed its interest to venture into the small computer industry.




Though the Android Pi is yet to be developed fully, the Raspberry pi founder has stated that the move by Google is encouraging and that any form of development would bring a huge amount of the required content to the platform. Previous Google had developed the Coder a platform that enables the HTML, CSS as well as the JavaScript project to be developed online and then installed on the Pi. The project being developed by Google to bring its products to the Pi community is a great initiative for the Pi communities and the innovators at large.

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