Tesla’s Massive Powerpack 2 80 MWh Power Storage

Tesla the electric car company is committed to making affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy that to the masses. This important to them because they believe that the future of the world depends on the use of sustainable energy. It does this through the manufacturing and installing electric appliances that support the use of the sustainable energy one such appliance is the electric storages.



Tesla partners with the like-minded companies to bring forth its technologies to full use for the public benefits. Tesla and the Southern California Edison (SCE) did complete the huge 80 MWH Tesla’s new Powerpack 2 energy storage station at the Mira Loma substation.



Though both companies are yet to launch the project officially, the project was completed a few weeks ago. It was also brought online so that the grid can utilize the new powerpack through managing its peak demand. The project is composed of 400 of the New Tesla’s Powerpack 2 that can be compared to the first generation of the Tesla’s Powerpack 210 kWh vs 100 kWh. The Mira Loma substation is the first to utilize the new battery pack for the utility-scale project.



Since the beginning of the Tesla energy in 2015 the company has announced that they have delivered 300 MWh battery packs both Powerpacks and the Powerwalls which means that the Mira Loma’s might make it to Tesla’s best product for energy storage product in the coming quarter. It is the initial product that has been developed in-house that is meant to reduce the cost, improves the efficiency and power density.



The project has a capacity of 20 MW/80 MW h, the project can handle sufficient energy that can provide power to more than 2500 households for a day. However, this is not the mission for the project the Southern California is utilizing it for on its grid covering 15 million people. In its place it’s the system will be charged during the off-peak hours while the demand is low and then supply electricity during the peak hours to assist in maintaining a reliable lower the company dependence on the use of the natural gas during the peak hours. The project was launched after the SCE started considering the use of the storage systems solutions as a result of the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage.


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