Vijay Eswaran Has Become One of India’s Biggest Entrepreneurial Stars


The question of who Vijay Eswaran is does not compare, in value, when placed next to the question of what is he up to now. And even then, there has to be a look into the past and the trails personally and professionally blazed behind him. As the point of origin for this retrospect, let us just say that the man is somewhat of a big deal in the Asian market, both on the front lines and behind the scenes. But, to do what he does both professionally and personally, a balance and duality of modus operandi is needed, as a trick of the trade. And, the trade just happens to be service and sales with just a little bit of helping others on the side.


The flagship jewel that lays within the treasure of Vijay Eswaran’s accomplishments is the QI Group. He is a co-founder of the organization. Its origin is 1998. The empire reaches across Hong Kong to Thailand, with offices in Singapore and Malaysia as well. It has a track record of success that spans over the course of about 30 years or so. However it is around 13 years after its beginning before competitors and the media start to take note and pay respect to the little conglomerate that could. Perhaps, this attention has a bigger indirect effect of bringing people together in ways that seemed not, too long ago, to be light-years away? Both the success of the individual businessman and his dream are by design, not default.


The proof is in the pudding, and there are several strong players in the Asian and international market that recognize the staying and production power of Vijay Eswaran and the QI group. Just to name a few of these colleagues, there are venues like the World Economic Forum and other gatherings such as the Commonwealth Business Forums at CHOGM. Then, there are his own personal projects like the RHYTHM Foundation, Corporate Social Responsibility and the Vijayaratnam Foundation. The last foundation on that list focuses especially on the welfare, rights and well being of children in particular. All of the just mentioned establishments are just a few of the associations that make knowing this man so good. In the network, of mostly his design, that surrounds him there is also the Asian Strategic Leadership Institute, in which he leads. But, one should not forget the International Leader in Global Business Strategies award that he holds from the GOPIO (Global Organization for People of Indian Origin).

Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Speaks At World Economic Forum 2016

Lately, Eswaran is in a highly stable, plateau and elevated state. But, sometimes there has to be a walk through fire to temper the spirit and steady the soul. False accusations and slanderous complaints can take their toll, if you let them. However, if you are right, then they have no choice except to bow out eventually. Just ask Vijay, as a person, if can tell you all about it, as the human condition. He knows. However, be sure to also ask him how to make tremendous comebacks to triumph over adversity through steady deeds and good work. He can tell you all about that as well. Or, you can ask any of the gainfully employed independent marketers that work for him. They number into the millions.

It is all about having a better life and lifestyle through striving for professional interaction on a purposeful and profitable platform. It really is the “American Dream” cultivating on the shores and lands of Asia. This is a truly good thing for everyone involved within these corporations. Because, whether the rest of the world want to recognized it or not, the Asian market is a growing force to be respected. And, with this market and its momentum on the rise, there is still more to come from this part of the world and from Vijay Eswaran in particular.  Learn more about him on LinkedIn.

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