After a Three-Year Gap, the Mac Pro Will Be Back in Action

In a rare move this week, technological behemoth Apple summoned a small corps of tech journalists to its headquarters where they revealed details about a new model of the Mac Pro, slated for release sometime next year. The Mac Pro, thought to be long dead, is an all-in-one workstation that first made its debut in 2006. Later models were capable of incredible computing feats, with the ability to house as many as eight processor cores out of the box. Unfortunately, this was almost meaningless as the hardware was not up to contemporary standards.

Apple hopes to rectify the mistakes it made with previous version of the Mac Pro by reinventing it from the ground up. One of the company’s mistakes, according to Apple executive Craig Federighi, is that the Mac Pro was inflexible in its design. The iMac, on the other hand, catered to customers’ needs more adeptly and for less, ultimately rendering the Mac Pro pointless to many. Worse still, the Mac Pro didn’t even come with any kind of display, an oversight Apple plans to fix. Interestingly, there are no plans for a touch display.

Apple has not abandoned current Mac Pro customers, however. To tide them over until the newer model releases, Apple is offering new six core and eight core models of the current Mac Pro for $2999 and $3999 respectively. These updated 2013 models feature technology that probably should have been present initially, including Intel Xeon processors and AMD FirePro GPUs. There is no information on how often these will receive software and hardware updates, however – a major complaint among many Mac Pro users. Still, they provide at least some way to upgrade their workstation, albeit a pricey one.

It is unusual for Apple to hold such a lowkey event to announce a new product. As most can tell you, they’re quite well-known for a bit of theater whenever they announce something they feel will be a big hit. Just look at this reveal video for the iPad Pro. This secrecy makes people curious as to what they have in store for the Mac Pro.

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