E-Governe Expands Knowledge Throughout Brazilian Government Agencies

An e-governe system is changing the way that Brazilian municipalities do business. It has many benefits, from speeding up government services to analyzing problems and offering solutions tailored for each population. Ever since it started rolling out across the country, many government organizations have seen for themselves how helpful it can be.


The e-governe system was created by the Instituto Curitiba de Informática (ICI). Their goal is to make all cities in Brazil stronger through an intelligent computerized system that tracks multiple streams of data such as the caseload and needs of city workers, school systems, and public works. They have been focused on innovating Brazil’s IT sector, and making a country with one of the largest economies in the world more effective and technically driven when it comes to meeting its challenges.


City by city, it has expanded its network of services. One of the earliest success stories was in the Municipality of Teresina. At first, it was used internally to help manage human resources across the city government but now the same services have been rolled out to the public. Health, Finance, and Education department heads all held meetings with ICI employees to learn how to use the technology and roll it out for their departments.


For the departments of health, there is e-Governe Saúde. It controls patient flows from one municipality to another, tracks vaccine shipments, manages financial transfers, and enables the structuring of new and existing programs to better meet upcoming healthcare needs. All of that is a crucial step forward in the health care sector, where information on patient needs and flow from one area to another has to happen very quickly, or else become soon irrelevant and outdated should a crisis arise.


The information put into e-governe servers is used in similar ways by other departments in Brazilian cities. In Osasco, a municipality just outside of Sao Paolo, they implemented the e-governe Educação school management system. It covers all 138 schools in Osasco, as well as the buildings of the ministry of education with a logistical and electrical network, a call center, and basic computer equipment.


The e-governe Educação system has several key functions for Osasco and other cities using e-Governe network. It ensures the integrity, uniqueness and security of privileged information, issues management reports in real time, and makes shared reports available to everyone with access who needs to know what is going on. By ensuring that all relevant education officials have access to knowledge and keeping that information secure, they can execute more informed and relevant decisions for their students.


Education, healthcare, and public works will all be a crucial part of Brazil’s future. Cities such as Osasco are already on the cutting edge of development for Brazil, with the government infrastructure to make major changes for people living there, provided the information gets to the right people at the right time. And that is the core of ICI’s mission with their e-governe system.

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