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Richard Mishaan is a renowned interior designer and architect. Based in New York City, he owns and runs the Richard Mishaan Design, a firm specializing in architecture and personalized interior designs. His most acclaimed works are the redesigning of the St. Regis Hotel presidential suites. Richard Mishaan Design company is famous for its unique and distinct touch by blending an array of eclectic furnishings and decors from different styles and periods that harmonizes objects and sculptures making a different homes and houses beautiful and exquisite. While most exceptional designers are reaching the pinnacles of reputations in designing and developing the expensive structures, Richard Mishaan showcases all the glamorous and stylish design from the biggest to the smallest urban apartments whilst maintaining modest budgets. Richard Mishaan Design is a top class architectural firm in Interior Designing. The firm has created artistic and timeless interiors for over 25 years for Hospitality, Residential and Commercial clients. Consistently, the Richard Mishaan Design company has been nominated on the Elle Décor A-List as well as the AD 100.

Born and bred in Cartagena, Colombia, and raised in Italy, Richard Mishaan was always surrounded by hues and colors right from his young age. He began his career by apprenticing in the Philip Johnson Offices while attending the Columbia University of Architecture. He received a BA from the New York University. In fact, he says that the heritage of Colombia positively impacted on his career.’ The cities are more colorful’, says Mishaan. He was exposed to vivid colors applied to the structures, both interior and exteriors, and fell in love with designing right from his young age. Most monochromatic rooms are changed and transformed by the Mishaan’s color choices into the world that uplifts a person’s spirits and moods. His 16th century gem updated house is updated to an inclusive courtyard roof deck and pools, highly reflecting on the mustard-hued accents and colors on the exterior.Caribbean-Destinations-Luxury-Designer-Hotels-Tcherassi-Hotel-Spa

A serious art collector and a gifted mix master, Richard Mishaan has a peculiar knack for a crafted eclectic and layered interiors that have a neat and balanced design. Mostly, he lets his art dictate the order. For instance, in the dining area and barn’s living space, a painting by the Alexander field of poppies can be introduced into the palette space.According to the Richard Mishaan Design firm, the best interiors are richly layered and covered. Richard Mishaan adores creation of synergy between the collected pieces with particular thread in tonality, textures so that he can evoke excitement from his clients. Richard Mishaan’s touch is stylistically and expensive in nature. According to Pamela Fiori, the Editor Chief, Town, and Country, Richard combines his knowledge of architecture, fashions and interior designing that gives him a deeper understanding of quality and luxury.Richard Mishaan, the Colombia-born designer, and architect, known for his exuberant and enthusiastic interiors mixes objects and eras with impunity and elegance. Beige is not for Richard neither does monochrome, and minimalism appears in his vocabulary bracing colors with a varied and vast array of arts and objects in unapologetic intellect and senses of pleasure and fun.

In Richard Mishaan Design’s projects, each and every room is picked and treated with at least one luxury such as the nail head trims on the chair, a bespoke embroidery on the covering of the wall, screen covered in surprisingly modern materials like malachite or even, and a shimmery Murano-glass chandelier midcentury. A much more contemporary style of fusion is Richard’s signature. Skillfully, Richard Mishaan lays his interiors with objects and furnishings from a myriad of eras-African Tribal, Italian Neoclassic and Art Deco in a counterintuitive, yet a beautifully coherent and contemporary style and ways of fusion.A dozen of Richard Mishaan Design’s projects displays their ability in interior designing in transforming spaces of any scale, from finite and gemlike apartments to the Hamptons estates and even the presidential suites such as the St. Regis Hotel. The firm creates the spaces are bold, exuberant and glamorous that are nonetheless comfortable equipped with artistic elements of style and elegance.Richard Mishaan believes that decorative accessories and all the furniture with intrinsically good forms can be successfully combined regardless of price, style and period. To craft a peaceful and comfortable home, Richard Mishaan uses restraint and ingenuity.

Richard Mishaan’s house is a powerhouse full of art and is super suited with interiors that blend punchy patterns, iconic furniture. His spectacular living room is a couple and ode to craftsmanship, travel, and heritage. With a touch to the interiors of Renzo Mongiardino, Richard emulates and matches layered sophistication of artistic spaces such as those in the Venetian citadels and palaces created over time, showcasing his acquisitions from all over the globe. Above, a unique Edouard Lievre mirror shows the interest of the painter in the Japanese style melded with the gilding styles of French Rococo. A Peter Schlesinger gourd adds to the contemporary style and flair for texture and color. Modern additions and beautiful details like the Walton Fords paints and prints in conjunction with the parchment tables adds to an electric touch of a Traveler’s room. Layered in artisan textures and textiles such as the Bevilacqua Venice speaks of the curated art of decorative selections.

For the 2017, 45th Kips Bay Decorator Show House, Richard Mishaan Design ,the designer planned and designed a room that made Lee Radziwill feel comfortable. The ode and style to Renzo Mongiardo home were inspired by a collection of pieces from old family homes in Florence and Venice. They are filled with velvet and silks and some treasure collected over the times of travel. The best highlight of the room is the Iksle Decorative Arts custom wallpaper taken from the hand painted wood panel that dates back in the early 1600’s. As evident by the SoHo lofts, the concepts of housing mainly act on the fountains and repositories of collections and arts that accommodated everything from taxidermy, grand antiques to contemporary painting. In Mishaan’s Cartagena house, there are eleven pictures of ships tightly hanging together on the bedroom walls. Mainly, this represents his personality and a strong sense of beautiful and exquisite artworks.

“The things I think that are more consistent in my life finds a way for disparate objects to coexist beautifully and make it come alive,” says Mishaan. In such cases, the inside of the room becomes his canvas, and everyone becomes enriched by views of his work in person or via the photographs of his numerous designs.


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