With E-Governe, Healthcare Administration Is No Longer A Challenge

E-governe is Brazil’s go-to e-governance platform. The system is the culmination of over three decades of experience and the work of tens of thousands of hours of expert input. E-governe enables government administrators to effortlessly implement world-class governance protocols, giving them access to the best governance models and the best, most efficient practices.



E-governe Health foments development in rural and underdeveloped municipalities


One of the largest challenges that underdeveloped regions face is the implementation of a first-world healthcare administration system. Nothing has a greater effect on the longevity and well-being of a region’s citizens than their ability to access world-class healthcare in as efficient and rapid a way as is possible.


E-governe had this simple truth in mind when developing its health platform. Drawing from the most successful healthcare systems in the world, including those of Switzerland, Japan and the United States, e-governe emulates the best aspects of each of these countries‘ healthcare administration systems, taking the best aspects and ignoring the inefficiencies. This puts real power in the hands of e-governe users. They are using proven models that have been implemented in some of the most highly regarded healthcare systems across the globe.


The main area in which e-governe can dramatically reduce the workload of municipal employees is through its system of billing, patient management and its insurance interface. E-governe is 100 percent compliant with all of Brazil’s healthcare laws, so administrators need not worry about running afoul by way of technical oversights.


E-governe has built-in systems that allow for turn-key operation of even the most complex sub-platforms. A good example of this is their insurance billing module. E-governe features a database in the cloud, to which all of the system’s users have automatic access, which allows for estimated payments for virtually every kind of treatment regimen. This system automatically determines what insurance will pay for and how much co-pays will be, as well as a whole host of other parameters. This is all done in microseconds, completely eliminating the need for precious governmental man-hours to be spent on the menial tasks associated with insurance billing.


The system also has an out-of-the-box platform for automatically assigning patients to doctors. All that is needed is for the relevant local information to be entered into the system. Much of this can be accomplished automatically, using data from licensing boards, hospitals and other publicly available sources. One the system is set up, patients can be automatically assigned to physicians and specialists. The system optimized for such things as patient location, preexisting conditions and a whole host of other factors that not only eliminate waste from the government side but also add value for the patient themselves. This is in keeping with the e-governe philosophy of maximizing taxpayer value of government services through technology.


Through the use of e-governe Health, municipal governments throughout Brazil stand to save millions of dollars each year in reductions of staff. Alternately, these human resources can be redirected to other tasks more crucial to the maintenance of good governance. https://www.lovemondays.com.br/trabalhar-na-e-governe/avaliacoes

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