Jason Hope Continues to See Future for Internet of Things

One of the biggest technology predictions in the marketplace today is called the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is essentially a prediction that many of the products, devices, and service that we used today will soon be connected onto one massive network. While the concept is still considered to be new, there are a lot of examples that show that the Internet of Things could be coming true in the near future.

Today, those that are focused on purchasing smart appliances and products for their home are among the first users of smart and connected technology. Today, many consumers have security systems, home automation systems, and appliances that are all connected to the Internet. Today, these products and systems are able to provide data to and from someone’s smart phone, but they could soon also be connected to a larger network for the purpose of sharing data.

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While the Internet of Things appears to have started with smart phones and consumer products, there will soon be a lot more useful services. One way that many believe that the new advancement could have a lot of added value is in traffic and transportation. In the next decade, many cities will incorporate a new traffic signal system that will use data provided by smart phones and GPS systems all over the city. The traffic light system will then be able to automatically incorporate this data into a calculation to change light frequency and timing in the most efficient way possible to minimize congestion. This can also be linked to the city’s emergency services to ensure that firefighters and EMTs are able to reach their targets as quickly as possible.

One of the biggest proponents of the Internet of Things is Jason Hope, who is an entrepreneur and investor. Hope has placed seed investments into a variety of different companies that are developing products and services that will help to connect with other areas of life. While he is aware that many of the products today are considered luxury items, Hope believes that there is an incredible amount of potential for the Internet of Things to have a very positive impact on the lives of everyday people.

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Hope sees significant potential in improvements in public transportation, emergency services, and global telecommunications. Today, Jason Hope is continuing to look for small businesses that need the capital to take the next steps towards being able to develop this technology. Hope is able to provide small seed investments and also assist in capital raising from other investors that are interested in the advancement of technology.

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