David Giertz Discusses Social Security

4-07-2018 Update: David was featured in a new Patch article in South Florida, about retirement. The tips are definitely helpful if you don’t know what to do do prepare for retirement. Or they’re also great for people who are trying to compare what options are out there. You can never start planning for retirement too early, and it’s so important to make sure you’re prepared for what comes after.

12-14-2017 Update: David posted a new article to OnMogul about retirement planning. There are some good tips that are perfect for anybody looking to save money toward that goal of one day retiring and chasing their dreams. As long as you prepare with the right ideas in mind, there’s no telling what you can accomplish in your life.

11-13-2017 Update: David Giertz gets into the nitty gritty of saving for retirement with Affiliate Dork.  This is something that’s extremely important, because with the right planning you can accomplish anything.  But you have to be willing to make a change.  The early you start the better, and those who start planning for retirement early can set themselves up for life.

6-25-2017 Update: David Giertz is passionate about helping people save for retirement, because it’s a really serious issue that most Americans don’t take that seriously.  That’s why he took some time out to talk to an audience that isn’t normally his own.  Read that story on TheBroTalk, with some really good information on what you need to do, if you want to retire before you’re 70.

5-5-2017 Update: For a look into David Giertz the person, not just the business mind, Ideamensch.com had him sit down for an in depth interview recently.  Definitely revealing, and something worth reading for a different side to a major business leader, that we’re not often afforded.  Recommended reading for anybody interested in business or David Giertz’s background.

David Giertz has been the senior president of sales and distribution at Nationwide Financial since April 2013. Before he worked for Nationwide Financial, he was the vice president of sales at FI/WH since 2009 and the vice president of NF sales since 2009. His primary role at Nationwide Financial is overseeing life insurance and mutual funds through banks.

David Giertz has been working in the insurance and finance industry for over 30 years now. Giertz is listed as a registered broker at FINRA. David graduated with a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Miami. He is also on Millikin University’s board of trustees.

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Interview on social security
A little while back, David Giertz spoke with Veronica Dagher about the issue of social security and retirement planning. David said that most financial advisers opt against speaking with clients about social security since it is a complex issue. This, according to Giertz at https://soundcloud.com/davidgiertz, is a tremendous mistake.

A survey conducted by Nationwide Financial showed that financial advisers do not speak to their clients about social security. The same study on Instagram indicated that about four-fifths of people would consider letting go of their advisers if they did not talk about social security.

A book that illustrates the complexity of the social security issue is the Social Security Handbook which has 2700 rules. From a retention perspective, financial advisers need to talk to their customers about social security.

Social security is a big issue in retirement planning since it could account for two-fifths of your income. Another crucial thing on the social security matter is timing. People who start too early risk losing many thousands of dollars over the course of their retirement period. For an optimal retirement plan, speaking to your adviser about your social security is paramount.

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