Susan McGalla Pushes for Change in the Workforce

You my not know who Susan McGalla is yet but in an increasingly diverse and progressive world, her work is going to be lauded by many. Susan McGalla is most well known for the way that she worked all the way up to the position of President at the prestigious clothing company, American Eagle Outfitters. While this may not sound impressive enough to note at first glance, it definitely is. When McGalla was hired into her position every executive in the company was a man. Studies have increasingly shown that diverse companies who are open to different ethnicity and genders have been wildly successful in comparison to non diverse companies.

Susan McGalla is focused on bringing forth great change in terms of how women are viewed in the world of business. Right now she understands that her high ranking position an executive is looked at as a rarity. McGalla wants to turn this around and make it so commonplace that it isn’t even worth remarking upon. Susan McGalla founded the P3 Executive Counseling Company in order to help fight for change within the industry by targeting some of the real issues. McGalla cites her upbringing in a household full of men and a football coach of a father. She grew up knowing that she had to work harder than anyone else in order to get noticed for the same thing.

The problem, Susan McGalla notes, is that the initiatives that have been passed thus far aren’t really making a difference in the workforce. Despitee a surplus of ‘women first’ initiatives being passed, the shift in ration of men:women in the high ranking executive offices hasn’t changed at all. Women still make up less than 1/3rd of the executive workforce in the United States. McGalla thinks a more fundamental approach is important for women who want to be recognized for their work, not their gender.

McGalla is focused on promoting an executive sponsorship program which would give women the chance to show their worth, earn their place, and start promoting real change in the world of male-dominated businesses places everywhere.

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