Amazon now selling pre-packaged meal kits

Amazon continues to grow and expand its inventory. The company sells everything from computer accessories to animal food to books and everything in between. The giant online retailer just recently announced that they are offering pre-packaged ingredients for home-cooked meals.

The Seattle-based retail giant is changing the way customers get their groceries. Getting in your car and driving a few miles to pick up ingredients from a nearby grocery store may not be needed shortly. In recent years tech companies have placed emphasis on food delivery and convenient transportation services wherever you are.

Amazon bid $13.7 billion to buy the grocery chain Whole Foods. This move already has shares of Blue Apron down 11 percent.

Josh Chadd is a systems engineer living in Seattle who has tested out a variety of food delivery services such as Sun Basket, Blue Apron, and Home Chef. He just recently tried out the Amazon Meal Kits and raved about how good it was. The steak dinner he ordered was packaged by Corfini, and the side dishes were fresh and very sweet. The onion was cut before it was shipped. Green peppercorns were included as a complementary side item. There aren’t any other recipes that use these quality ingredients. The recipe directions were very easy to follow. To be honest, anybody could recreate the Steak Au Poivre meal.

Amazon bills all Meal Kit customers $14.99 per month on top of the yearly Prime membership fee. Customers have the option to pick up their meal kit groceries at their nearest pickup location to avoid the $14.99 fee. Amazon claims that all the ingredients sent to customers can be put together start to finish in around half an hour.

There are currently seventeen meals that can be ordered. The cheapest option is $15.99. The boxes the ingredients come in are a little smaller than they are pictured and can almost entirely be recycled.

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