Kim Dao, Sharla, Bronwyn, And Taylor Go To The Beach!

Get out your swimsuits and sun tan lotion; Kim Dao is going to the beach! What’s that? You didn’t get an invitation? No problem. Kim Dao recorded her entire beach trip and posted it on her vlog channel. This video is called, “Girls Beach Day in JAPAN ~ KimDao in JAPAN.”


At the start of the vlog, Kim Dao tells us that the weather in Japan has actually been really bad lately. Kim and her friends have had to constantly defer their beach day over the past few months. Luckily, there isn’t any rain outside now, so Kim and her friends are going to take the risk and go to the beach. Kim also says she’s going to do livestreams on LiveStar every now and again.


For lunch, Kim Dao orders a McDonald’s burger and fries. She also shows us the car holder she bought to put her phone in. She says she’s going to put her phone in this holder and use Google Maps to get to the beach.


Next, Kim Dao is in the Toyota rental car waiting for Taylor (aka Taylor R テイラー) to arrive. Kim is with Sharla (aka Sharla in Japan) and Bronwyn (aka BiiBiiBap). While waiting, Kim Dao tells viewers how to go about renting a car in Japan. Finally, Taylor arrives with a ton of luggage.


Virtually nobody is at the beach once Kim and her friends arrive. As Taylor takes all of her snacks out of her bags, Sharla starts pumping up a few inflatable donuts.


In the rest of the video, Kim Dao films herself and her friends running around the beach and swimming in bikinis. The video closes at a nearby restaurant where Kim, Taylor, Bronwyn, and Sharla eat Japanese food and play the Voting Game.

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