Betsy DeVos is providing students hope for the future

About Betsy


Betsy DeVos is a Michigan native and was born in Holland, Michigan on January 8, 1958. She is a mother of four and the wife of Dick DeVos (whose father is the fellow who gave us Amway). Betsy DeVos is worth a reported $1 billion dollars as of 2017. Before entering the world of D.C politics, Betsy worked and ran various charities and was once a volunteer for President Gerald Ford’s office during his campaign.


Betsy’s selfless life in D.C


Betsy DeVos is the current education secretary under President Trump. She is a champion of education and has spent the better part of 40 years focused on making sure that every child gets a chance at an education by whatever means possible. Moreover, with her championing of the school voucher system, she is providing more ways for children to access their given right to education as well as breaking down old world barriers that once stood in the way. Education is profoundly important and in the United States of America, there should be no reason at all for a child to not finish school. As a mother of daughters, Betsy has a strong focus when it comes to encouraging girls to see their education through past high school and wants to see the girls excited about STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and math). This past July she and first daughter Ivanka Trump led a summer reading event at the museum of natural history. The event was aimed at encouraging students to concentrate on their education even when they were on school break. Further to Betsy’s fight for all inclusive education, red tape was removed by the president. In an executive order, President Donald J Trump signed a document removing or scaling back the federal overhaul of education, thus returning it to the local school districts. This is a small victory for Betsy as it will allow the school boards to practice some alternative learning and allow them to have more power over decision making.


The Future for Betsy


America is fortunate to have Betsy DeVos as our Secretary for Education. As a mother and former educator herself, Betsy, with her progressive ideals are just what this country and its children need. The future for our education secretary looks bright and with the fabulous team, she has working for her, we are sure to see many wonderful and progressive changes to the education system in the United States of America.


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