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UPDATE – 8/29

Marc Sparks, the entrepreneur with a philanthropic heart and helpful attitude
Marc Sparks is a renowned entrepreneur and venture capitalist who lives in Dallas, Texas. He is currently the head of Timber Creek Capital, a private equity company that is responsible for enabling start up entrepreneurs’ ideas into products and services that are revenue generating. Marc Sparks has gathered extensive experience in the insurance, premium finance, surety bonding, and investment banking sector. He has owned and headed several insurance companies, and surety bonding agencies that are nationally recognized.

Marc Sparks believes that the backbone of any business a solid business plan and enough finances to ensure the idea is a success. Timber Creek Capital offers extensive business incubation classes at their facilities in Dallas, Texas. He provides a conducive environment for entrepreneurs to focus on producing quality business ideas that are likely to lead to successful businesses. Marc urges start up entrepreneurs to ensure they follow the right procedures regardless of time taken to achieve them.

After starting several businesses that turned out successful, Marc Sparks realized that an office setting can churn out the required maximum collaboration and output to achieve success. He even went ahead a published a book, They Can’t Eat You, that details what he went through in his journey to become a successful businessman. Marc’s intentions of writing the book were to inspire and motivate others with his story. Given that he was an average student in school, obtaining C grades, he still managed to become a successful business man. He strongly believes that anyone can become successful in doing business, with the right attitude, motivation, and encouragement. His over 35 years of experience in running various businesses has given him the expertise on starting Timber Creek Capital.

Marc takes several companies at a time and through step by step business mentorship classes, and access to capital training. This assists them when it comes to running their own businesses, dealing with access to resources which include, conducive office space, banking, marketing, and capital sourcing. Offering his insight on challenges and catastrophic outcomes that he has faced in the past, helps in guiding new businessmen.

Marc gives out pointers on the importance of having unique selling points for a business, he mentions that offering inimitable services attracts venture capitalists. He also gives the importance in focusing on the available current sales database, to generate revenues and expand on sales by reaching more customers. Having a clear strategy on how to spend injected capital in your business to increase more sales, is crucial for an entrepreneur when seeking funding.

Marc Sparks is also a renowned philanthropist in his home area of Dallas, Texas. He has been heavily involved in a homeless shelter, Samaritan Inn, from the late 1980s. He finds giving back to the community as a rewarding experience for himself. He has managed to build several homes with the Habitat for Humanity. He also prides himself in taking part in local school programs like the American Can! Academy.

It is true that Marc Sparks is known as a Venture Capitalist. He is also a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He currently lives in Dallas, Texas. This leading entrepreneur has plenty of experience raising money for several business projects. He is also the CEO of Timber Creek Capital. He is experienced working with real estate, telecommunications, and venture investing. The leading venture capitalist has plenty of experience and information that he would like to share with those that are searching for investors to back their business.

Marc Sparks Background
Marc Sparks background, says a lot about his philosophy on life. This is a successful businessman that believes in giving back to his community. He lives in the Dallas area and is a supporter of several local charities. They include a homeless shelter, Habitat for Humanity, and local high schools. He is focusing on sharing his knowledge on success in a book with others.

Marc Sparks Philosophy
New entrepreneurs should take advantage of the opportunity to share Marc Sparks philosophy. This successful venture capitalist certainly knows what he is talking about. He finds that the number one mistake that entrepreneurs make is that they don’t have a plan in place. They simply approach sources and ask for money to back their business without giving the investor any details on the venture. Investors want to know that they are investing in a sound business plan. They want to be assured that they will make a great return on their investment. Here are a few other things that the entrepreneur looking for investors should know:

  • The business idea should be unique.
  • Include details on the product or services to show potential investors.
  • Share your business plan and marketing plan with investors.

The fact is, investors would like the entrepreneur to convince them that they have a sound plan in place and their investment would be profitable.

Contact Marc Sparks for more information on his success and new book “They Can’t Eat You”.


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