Bob Reina: Talk Fusion Ceo Lending a Helping Hand

Bob Reina: This Man Cares

Too often in life, there are people that simply do not care. It is sad, but is true. If it does not run with their life and it is not part of their life, they simply shrug their shoulders and they keep on moving without giving it a second thought. For Bob Reina, he truly cares and he shows this every single day the company is in business. As a matter of fact, the same type of mentality is all around Talk Fusion, the video communications company. Everyone cares that works there. When they care and they go the extra mile for the customers, wonderful things are around the corner.


These are not simply employees or people that are part of the machine. These are human beings that care and they want to see you succeed using Talk Fusion. It is a big part of the reason why the company is offering 30-day free trials. With a product as popular as Talk Fusion, they really don’t need to do this. Here is the thing: they want to do this. It matters to them and it shows in every ounce of the work, especially from the IT team. It should be known that this is a company that has won awards for their work. They have won awards because they excel in voice, data, and chat.


When people have all of this for them to use, they can really run their own company and see it flourish beyond their wildest dreams. There is nothing that can prevent them from being the happiest person they want to be all of the time and not just on certain days. With power, there is freedom. The people that use Talk Fusion, they use this power for good. It is the same with Bob Reina and everyone that works for him.


They know what kind of abilities they have and what they can do. They don’t want to just do anything with it. They want to do something special, especially Bob Reina. He wants to impact lives in the best possible way. He cares and shows it with the most powerful tool: action.


Talk Fusion is a global firm, aiding businesses in becoming more profitable. Even so, its founder and ceo, Bob Reina, has his eyes set beyond financial affairs. Reina says, “With greater success comes greater Responsibility.” These are the words that He puts into action.

Reina has donated over $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, saved the lives of countless animals, and even generously supported an Indonesian orphanage. His philosophy can be reflected not only in his actions, but also in his company. Reina started a program that allows Talk Fusion associates to donate one free account to a charity of their choice.

His love of aiding others is what really drives his company. Reaching out to 140 countries, Talk Fusion gives some businesses a second chance. For Reina, it’s even better to hear how Talk Fusion changed an individual’s life. People now being able to pay medical expenses, or financially support a family member thanks to Talk Fusion improving their business.

Talk Fusion has done many things to implement Reina’s vision. From personal donations and fundraisers to supporting those affected by the tsunami in Japan to volunteering for the less fortunate, Talk Fusion continues ro carry out Reina’s mission throughout the globe. If you would like to learn more, go to


About Bob Reina:

Bob Reina was not always the man we see today. Studying at the University of South Florida and then eventually graduating as number one in the police academy classes you would never guess that Reina would become a founder and CEO of a major company. Despite the negativity, Reina pursued his entrepreneur dreams.

Reina eventually came up with the idea for Talk Fusion in 2004. He still continues to innovate and change the world a small step at a time. You can learn more about the company and Reina at

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