Kim Dao, Sharla, Bronwyn, And Taylor Go To The Beach!

Get out your swimsuits and sun tan lotion; Kim Dao is going to the beach! What’s that? You didn’t get an invitation? No problem. Kim Dao recorded her entire beach trip and posted it on her vlog channel. This video is called, “Girls Beach Day in JAPAN ~ KimDao in JAPAN.”


At the start of the vlog, Kim Dao tells us that the weather in Japan has actually been really bad lately. Kim and her friends have had to constantly defer their beach day over the past few months. Luckily, there isn’t any rain outside now, so Kim and her friends are going to take the risk and go to the beach. Kim also says she’s going to do livestreams on LiveStar every now and again.


For lunch, Kim Dao orders a McDonald’s burger and fries. She also shows us the car holder she bought to put her phone in. She says she’s going to put her phone in this holder and use Google Maps to get to the beach.


Next, Kim Dao is in the Toyota rental car waiting for Taylor (aka Taylor R テイラー) to arrive. Kim is with Sharla (aka Sharla in Japan) and Bronwyn (aka BiiBiiBap). While waiting, Kim Dao tells viewers how to go about renting a car in Japan. Finally, Taylor arrives with a ton of luggage.


Virtually nobody is at the beach once Kim and her friends arrive. As Taylor takes all of her snacks out of her bags, Sharla starts pumping up a few inflatable donuts.


In the rest of the video, Kim Dao films herself and her friends running around the beach and swimming in bikinis. The video closes at a nearby restaurant where Kim, Taylor, Bronwyn, and Sharla eat Japanese food and play the Voting Game.

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Gregory Aziz; The King Of Steel Car

Born on the 30th of April, 1949 in London, Ontario, Gregory James Aziz attended Ridley College, later majoring in economics at the University of Western Ontario. Currently residing as the President and Chairman as well as Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car, located locally in Hamilton, Ontario, Greg James Aziz leads one of the most prominent companies specializing in the engineering and manufacturing of railroad freight cars. In addition, Aziz, with his wife Irene, currently act as sponsors of Canada’s most prominent agricultural fair, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.



The Road To The Rails

Greg Aziz didn’t start out in the railroad business, in fact, he had originally joined Affiliated Foods in 1971, his family’s wholesale food company. Over the course of sixteen years, the company grew significantly, becoming an international importer of fresh produce from the Americas as well as Europe, and a distributor to the Eastern Canadian and United States markets.


After Affiliated Foods, Aziz worked on a number of investment banking opportunities, eventually arranging for the purchase of National Steel Car in 1994, which was, at the time, owned by Dofasco.



Bringing National Steel Car Into The Spotlight

Once National Steel Car had been acquired, Gregory James Aziz set out with a goal to bring the now floundering Canadian railroad company back to its former glory, and, if possible, to surpass it. With a strong emphasis on firm engineering capabilities, exceptional team-building, as well as the significant investment of capital, by 1999, National Steel Car had greatly expanded its manufacturing capabilities as well as increasing the number of employees significantly.


Today, National Steel Car is one of the largest railroad companies, leading the industry in freight car innovation due to its strong emphasis on quality in manufacturing as well as engineering. Each year the company builds thousands of brand new freight cars, leading the industry in North America, and putting National Steel Car back in the limelight after its stagnancy under Dofasco. Due to the company’s penchant for high-quality freight car engineering and manufacturing, they have become the only company in the field to have been certified ISO 9001:2008, and have held the certification for the past eighteen years over several recertifications. In addition, since 1996, the company has been honored with the TTX SECO highest quality award consistently. Learn More on this Page.


On top of their excellent craftsmanship and numerous awards and certifications, above all, National Steel Car values its commitment to the Hamilton community. With thousands of employees from the Hamilton area, and an annual Christmas party as well as food drives for the local food banks, as well as significant contributions towards the sponsorship of the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, the United Way and numerous other local organizations and charities, National Steel Car shows unparalleled dedication to its local community.


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Impressionable facts about Cameron Clokie

Cameron Clokie is the executive officer of Induce Biologics Inc and has a vast experience in the medical field. Besides, he is also an entrepreneur and a surgeon committed to providing a good state of health to every individual. Cameron has an extensive and excellent educational history which has enabled him to be inventive and fruitful in his ventures.

He attained his bachelor`s degree in Dental surgery from McGill University in Canada before receiving his diploma in maxillofacial and dental surgery from the same university. The surgeon has also studied the bone structure and has a doctorate in philosophy, among others.

Dr. Cameron has brought many revolutions in the medical field and brings out his thoughts through written form. Most of his publications have been used to educate the public on the most efficient ways to maintain their health to avoid more adverse effects as a result of ignorance.

Besides, most of Cameron`s publications are based on his invention concerning bone reconstruction and regenerative medicine.

According to Bloomberg, Cameron Clokie has helped to change the lives of many individuals, especially those who fall victims of bone complications. Through his amendable invention, Cameron helped a senior man with a jaw bone problem reconstruct it within a short period by introducing a protein that helped adult stem tissues regenerate into bones. Cameron`s invention has revolutionized the field of medicine and surgery and as a result brought hope to victims facing such complications.

On the other hand, Cameron has launched many firms and has over twenty patents through which he has partnered with some enterprises to tackle people`s health issues. Through his existing international patents he has helped to address various bone problems and cater for a broad range of patients without many limitations. He has adequately developed effective strategic plans and alliances with other businesses to equip them with knowledge and skills on the problems they face.

Cameron Clokie has passion towards improving his idea on regenerative bone technologies and looks towards developing bio implants that will eventually replace the bone grafts, which are considered ineffective. He works towards bringing more innovations in the medical field that will fully transform long-term effects experienced by bone patients.


Ricardo Tosto and the Evolution of the Legal Profession in Brazil

The legal profession is a career that requires hard work, commitment and endurance to enjoy the returns. May be that is why lawyers are admirable because their presence makes a statement of their undying spirit in the face of hardships. In fact, that explains why lawyers are among the best-paid professionals in Brazil. For one to qualify as a lawyer, it’s imperative that they excel in the five-year law course and also pass the bar exams shortly after that. Most law graduates undertake internship programs in law firms for about six months before they can practice.

Brazilians did not have their own legal system until they exit of the Portuguese colonizers in 1882. The process began by establishing legal institutions for training and education of lawyers. The first law schools were in Sao Paulo, and that explains why 30 percent of the lawyers in Brazil are located in this city. Apparently, the Portuguese are not the only influencers of the legal profession but also the Napoleons, Germans and French legal inclinations. For example, the civil code in Brazil has borrowed a lot from the Napoleonic code. With time, this civil law was based on the German but currently is majorly based on the Italian code. One reputable lawyer in Brazil in Ricardo Tosto whose career journey is marked with diligence, focus, and determination and learn more about Ricardo.


An In-depth Look at Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto remains a reputable lawyer whose credibility is unquestionable. He takes the lead as an attorney and leader as his many years of experience and study and research have provided him with the required knowledge to practice law and his Facebook.

The start of his career was in a small office that has grown tremendously to become a corporate litigation firm in Brazil. As a dedicated and focused worker, he stayed there only long enough to gain legal expertise after which he would start his own law firm. Ricardo Tosto law firm is today one of the well-known, credible and biggest law firm in Brazil. The credibility and high-quality legal services with professionalism have seen the company make significant growth in increasing the clientele base and more information click here.

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Brown Modelling Agency: Creating Top Models

Before September 2015, there were two major modelling agencies in Texas that are competing against one another. They are keen on searching for the best models in the city, and have offered the talents the best deals that they can give. The two modeling agency giants, named Heyman Talent-South and Wilhelmina Austin, wanted to dominate the modeling scene in Austin, and they have been in that kind of status for the past few years. However, things have changed when September 2015 came. The two largest modeling agencies in Texas have decided to sign a deal that would merge them into one single company. Heyman Talent-South and Wilhelmina Austin have agreed that they should work as one in order to dominate the modeling industry not just in Texas, but in all of the United States of America. The merge have resulted in the creation of a newer, bolder and stronger modeling agency – The Brown Agency.

The chief executive of the Brown Modeling Agency is Justin Brown, who was also a model himself back when he was younger. According to him, he did modeling when he was still in college. He needed an extra allowance so he agreed to wear skinny jeans and to be photographed. Every session is giving him a good $100 per hour, and he stated that it was a big help for him when he was still studying. After learning about the tricks and the trade of the modeling world, Justin Brown decided to create his own modeling agency called the Wilhelmina Austin. The merge between Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South has given him the opportunity to keep his position as the chief executive officer, now under the Brown Modeling Agency. According to Justin Brown, looking for the perfect model is not that difficult to find. Once an interested person walks in to their office, they would just direct them to look right and be comfortable in front of the camera. The best photos are being forwarded to the largest agencies around the globe. The Brown Modeling Agency is proud to have produced more than 450 talents in just two years of operating.

Justin Brown transferred to the city of Austin back in 2005. He was still culturally adapting back then, but he noticed something about the local population of Austin. According to him, people from Austin have a natural ability to pose and act like a model. He described the population as having a more independent approach towards modeling, and how the people from Austin can adapt to different poses and attires that his agency provides. Justin Brown never had any problems with models from Austin, and he is hoping that the number of talents that they have in their pool will soon increase.



Gregory James Aziz Commits to Helping Railway Businesses

There is a lot of business in the rail industry and Gregory James Aziz knew this when he first became the CEO of National Steel Car. He tried his best to help people out with the issues that they have and he worked his way to the top so that he could show people what they would be able to get out of the different parts of their businesses and out of the different railway opportunities that they had. Since Gregory James Aziz knew a lot about what he was doing and what would be good for the rail industry, he was confident that the business would grow under his direction and that it would be something that people could take advantage of.

Even though GregoryJ Aziz knew what he was doing, he had a lot of work to do as the CEO. He also wanted to make sure that the company was profitable even though he did not see that as the number one goal. Instead, he saw the help that he was providing to other businesses as the biggest part of the company, but it was something that he knew he had to work at so that he could make National Steel Car better than what it was.

Even when Greg James Aziz was first starting with the company, he was trying his best to help people and to show them what they could get out of the freight industry. While he was not directly in the industry, he gave them the things that they were looking for and did what he could to show them what they could get from the different things. Since then, he has been able to show people what he can get from the industry and how businesses will be able to see the differences in the things that make them unique. Read More.

National Steel Car continues to help people and provides freight solutions all around North America. It is a Canadian company, but they are able to provide the freight cars to different industries in both the United States and Canada. The company has worked hard for these things and has been able to show others what their goals are so that they can help them out with the issues that they are having and with the freight car needs that they have in different situations for their own businesses in the industry.

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Market America CEO JR Ridinger: Changing The Way People Shop

JR Ridinger is Market America/’s founder, chairman and CEO. The New Jersey native founded the company in 1992. The company now has operations in 9 countries and annual sales of over $1 billion. The Market America CEO always believed in putting people first. His fells by building their own company, changing the economic paradigm and the way people shop, anyone can attain financial independence.


As early as the mid-1980s, when computers were still rarely used in business, Ridinger predicted everyone would eventually own a computer and be able to shop for the things they need without leaving their homes. He also foresaw a world in which consumers’ collective buying power would drive the market.


Ridinger’s the goal was to create a business model that was lucrative, realistic and rewards both entrepreneurs and consumers for turning their spending into earning using SHOP.COM’s 80 million products and the company’s exclusive brands. That model is now driven by the company’s revolutionary Shopping Annuity® system. With each entrepreneur having their own SHOP.COM website, they are now connected to consumers economically.


Market America/SHOP.COM is using their referral tracking system to change the way people shop. The company has generated more than $3.5 billion in profits and commissions and in excess of $6.4 billion in retail sales and created hundreds of millionaires. The company has indeed changed the world.


Today, the Market America CEO, Ridinger lives in Miami Beach and spends time with his wife, daughters and grandchildren in New York during the summer.

Career and personal life of the Businesswoman, Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla refers to an American business lady who serves as the executive consultant from Pennsylvania specifically Pittsburgh. She is broadly famous for having served at the official position of the American Outfitters Inc. and that of the Wet Seal Inc.’s CEO. She was born in 1964.

With the consideration of her experience, skills, and competence, McGalla is one of the board members at HFF Inc. this refers to a publicly operated firm that enhances the provision of commercial services alongside real estate. She also occupies the same position at Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. This is in addition to having served as one of the University of Pittsburgh’s trustee as well as the Allegheny Conference on Community Development’s director.

Looking at her personal life, she was born and brought up in East Liverpool, Ohio together with his brothers. Her father worked as a native football coach. She attended Mount Union College where she attained her bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. She currently serves to help as one of the Advisory board members of the College. Additionally, Stephen McGalla is a wealth manager and her husband.

Looking into her career, Susan started hers professionally at Joseph Horne Company. She served here in different managerial and marketing positions between the years 1986 and 1994. She later joined the American Eagle Outfitters.

She began her career at the American Eagle occupying the position of a divisional Merchandise buyer for the clothing of women. This was followed by her hard work in the company in line with some managerial duties. Having worked hard, she received several elevations, and she finally turned out to be the President of the company as well as the Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO). She was able to oversee the establishment of the firm’s aerie as well as the 77kids brand.

McGalla served at American Eagle Inc. until the start of the year 2009 to work as a private consultant alongside the retail as well as financial Investment firms. Later that year, she became a member of HFF Inc.’s director’s board upon appointment. Two years later, she was appointed to the position of the CEO of Wet Seal Inc. to succeed Ed Thomas.

While starting to start to serve as the CEO in the company, McGalla was expectant but worked remotely before commencing to embark on full-time in the month of August in 2011. Upon leaving Wet Seal Inc., she went further to set up P3 Executive Consulting.


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Don Ressler Funding

Updated on 11-30-2017: recently covered the work that Co-CEOs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are doing with TechStyle. Great insight into how they have managed to fuse product innovation, with cost cutting measures at the corporate level, to keep TechStyle profitable, without risking harming the quality of the product. Definitely worth a read if you have an interest in marketing, or Don.

Updated on 11-13-2017: Another important read from Don Ressler, about brand management in 2017.  With the internet and the information age came a whole slew of new ways to market oneself.  Don goes through the most important ones, especially for new brands trying to make an instant impact on a crowded marketplace.

Updated on 10-11-2017: Good piece from about Don Ressler’s rise to prominence with Fabletics and TechStyle.  An interesting story, and not one that many people have heard in full.  Just how did someone with limited fashion experience create such a powerful brand, with Kate Hudson, one of Hollywood’s brightest stars?

Updated on 8-14-2017: Great read about Don Ressler’s work with Fabletics, and their new marketing strategy. If you have an eye for marketing, or just want to read about an innovative company, worth reading this report on what Don Ressler has done for Fabletics, on Affiliate Dork.

Updated on 5-30-2017: Interesting partnership going on between Don Ressler’s Fabletics and Demi Lovato.  Through co-Founder Kate Hudson, Fabletics is launching a Demi Lovato clothing line, featuring affordable and stylish everyday activewear.

Updated on 2-2-2017: Don Ressler did an interview with Brandettes, and it provided an interesting look into what he has planned for the future. Through his partnership with Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson over Fabletics, they have some truly innovative ideas in store for fitness wear. Will be interesting to see where they take things, and Don was very open in talking about the future of the industry, from his perspective.

There are a lot of people who worry about what it takes to start and run a successful business. A lot of this comes from the funding requirements that many companies require. If you want to start a company, there are a lot of ways that you can fail. You need to make sure you have a plan in place for success. With all of the changes that are coming in the economy, a lot of small business owners cannot afford to just sit back and enjoy their success right now. Don Ressler is someone who has done a lot of good in the world. With Don Ressler’s new business ideas, he has been able to serve customers in a number of areas. You need to think about the long term perspective that you have when it comes to your business ideas.

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Don Ressler

When he first started the business, there were a lot of funding requirements that he simply did not have. Starting and running a successful business requires a lot of working capital. With all of the changes in technology that are coming to many industries, companies need to invest in research and development in order to drive innovative growth in the future. Don Ressler is the type of forward thinking person that always wants to be ready for the next big phase of growth that is company. With JustFab, Don Ressler was able to compete with much larger companies simply because he gave his customers more innovative options at a better price. There are a lot of people in the industry who look up to his forward thinking in a number of areas.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Don Ressler has been a great success in business. Many people today look up to his hard work for many reasons. Not only has he driven innovative growth, but he has always thought of his customers first. A lot of people are excited to start thinking about the future changes that are coming with his companies. If you want to drive innovative change in your business, you have to put time and resources into the equation. A lot of people today are starting to think about the long term perspective of their business ventures.

Read about Goldenberg and Ressler’s teamwork on the TechStyle blog.
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Richard Mishaan Design of Apartments Elaborated

Individualization is the subject of any Richard Mishaan Design, since, the planner clarifies, “I’m continually attempting to make a setting for my customers’ lives, instead of compelling mine on them.” When Richard Mishaan design goes to his own spaces, the very much voyaged decorator makes liberal utilization of eccentric craftsmanship by prominent companions and partners, for example, the energetic painting by Donald Baechler over the lounge room couch or the Andy Warhol Brillo-enclose design the library. The works of Fernando Botero, a family companion, are additionally a prominent nearness—however one now shows up somewhat not the same as when it was first created. For quite a long time, says a marginally chagrined Mishaan, he showed a Botero attracting the front room without a defensive layer of glass—that is until the point that a cosmetics craftsman buddy chose to light up the highly contrasting representation with a smear of become flushed.


Among the family room’s different fortunes is an exquisite bronze seat with a heart-formed back planned years prior by Eric Schmitt for Homer, Mishaan’s home furniture store (now in Greenwich Village). Another is an eighteenth century fauteuil that was as of late resolved to have had a place with Marie Antoinette. And afterward there is the large number of manifestations—some shaped, some painted—by another family personal, Manolo Valdés, a number of them enlivened by Diego Velázquez’s around 1656 perfect work of art Las Meninas. It’s an eye-getting exhibit that Mishaan pulls off by adhering to a generally nonpartisan palette for floor covers, upholstery, and window medicines. “In a workmanship filled home, the craftsmanship is the main place you ought to have shading,” he alerts.


In line with Richard Mishaan Design, there are times when the furniture can be as captivating as what encompasses them, similar to the case with the powerhouse Piero Fornasetti cover that runs the length of the corridor driving from the condo’s open rooms to its private circle. Delineating crawling serpents and rendered in shades of green, dark, and red, the floor covering puts forth a clear expression, on the double appealing and threatening, a mix Mishaan finds convincing. “When I was experiencing childhood in Colombia, it was a vicious society,” he says. “Be that as it may, it was one stuffed with unimaginable workmanship. I think my feeling of shading and intensity originates from that.”


In spite of the fact that equipped in pacific shades of beige and cream, the main room has its offer of visual dramatization too, what with a David Hockney painting (one of the planner’s initial buys) and a Valdés metal bust that is concealed by a swarm of butterflies. According to Richard Mishaan Design, like each room in the flat, this spot addresses Mishaan’s varied eye and the powerful force that accompanies unearthing the ideal protest—notwithstanding when there isn’t an undeniable place to put it. “I simply like finding things, and that is my main thing,” the decorator says, including, “Authorities purchase first and afterward ask, ‘Where is this going?'” Clearly, it’s a methodology worth imitating.