Classdojo is a mobile application that aids communication in a classroom setup, it connects parents, teachers, and students, by giving them a room for sharing photos, videos and messages in the school day. It is a way of enlightening each other by working together as a team, to achieve the best. ClassDojo also assists students to develop crucial skills such as empathy and esprit de corps, through a real-time tutor-to-student feedback via the web and mobile devices.

Classdojo is only looking forward to helping any teacher to create a dependable class, which makes the teaching career interesting, and thus teachers can pursue what inspired them to become teachers. Therefore, the teachers are in a position to help their students achieve the goals ahead of them by instilling the knowledge into them in a sober and easier credible manner. This has got a mutual benefit in that, as the student’s dreams are being achieved, the teachers are also pushed a level higher.

The main aim of Classdojo is to help the Parents Teachers and students to come up with far-fetched classes. This is a road to a perfect transformation of education in the whole world through the inter-linking of the students and teachers globally to give way for information sharing and also idea sharing on a daily basis. Though it is ideally impossible to create a one size class that fits all teachers, parents, and students, Classdojo has a belief that the best class that can meet all the above can be created. It is a perfect idea to give the teachers and students room to express their ideologies to achieve great things.

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George Soros is a Great Community Person

George Soros is a well-known philanthropist. He was born in Hungary in 1930. He graduated from London School of Economics with a Bachelor of Arts Science. He is a successful vigilant American-investor. His journey of becoming one of the world’s prestigious billionaire currently worth over 20 billion-dollars and being ranked number ten by Forbes is fascinating and read full article.

Soros contribution is undeniably a landmark that cannot go unnoticed. His philanthropic works are attributed to his various foundations that support justice, equity and openness in over 100 countries-worldwide. He is known to have lived through experiences of injustice and discrimination for being a Jew in Hungary during the Nazi occurrence. He spearheads investments that are aimed at funding individuals and organizations across the globe in fighting for good leadership, transparency and fairness and George’s lacrosse camp.


Soros philanthropic works and their impact

After acquiring financial stability through founding Soros Fund Management foundation, he began charitable work in 1979. His world’s leading investment, The Quantum Fund, steers rallies that support liberal works and equitable efforts in nations. In 1980s he played the crucial role of opening up channels for communications and avenues to trade valuable pieces of information in Europe.

George Soros has supported the education of the marginalized people through giving scholarships and grants over the years like the grants awarded to black South Africans during the apartheid period. Soros’ stern efforts bore fruits in the Central European University which is a leading centre for critical thinking development. He has allocated nearly 12 billion dollars in the implementation of these fruitful programs and learn more about George.

George supported paralegals and defendants of the lawfully unjustified. He pushes for societies to uphold human rights and enforce democratic principles and reigning state laws. The foundations ensure that citizens enjoy freedoms and leaders practice social responsibilities and acceptable governance norms. He has fostered national integration as well as opening up countries to cultural diversity. This exchange of ideas has lead to flourishing political environments and peaceful social relations among nations. He supports organizations such as Global witness and European Council on Foreign Relations that aim to grow societies both economically and politically.

Numerous projects in America have been given support by Soros including the medical marijuana movement and same sex marriage lobby. These are in line with the philanthropist’s main mission of promoting open societies. George is real community warrior and

George Soros has vested a considerable level of interest and funds in promoting courses that others may deem impossible to attain. He is personally involved in overzealous initiatives that render accountable systems of governance and promote acceptance and respect of the nationals. He is a self-made billionaire with high investment portfolios that build up philanthropic activities and change society’s dynamics.


Envoy uses OneLogin to enhance guest experience

In previous years companies had to use big paper log books to check in potential customers, manage employees, and document. OneLogin has changed that. Now companies can have a single IPad in the front entrance with beautiful IT that can eliminate that big clumsy log book. When customers enter they will be greeted with a beautiful piece of IT that makes their first impression of the company impressed and smooth. Data is stored in a safe and secure place allowing for easy decisions. One company that has taken advantage of this is Envoy.

Envoy and OneLogin have teamed up to create a simple and creative IT program to solve employee management and customer information storage. The SCIM or System and Cross Domain Identity Managment allows customers to automatically provision fields, like employee’s first names, last names, emails, office location, and more directly from their OneLogin directory into Envoy. This powerful relationship gives customers the ability to turn what was once a pain into a smooth and exciting process.

OneLogin gives developers the opportunity to create more with their software. Free toolkits are available. OneLogin added on by saying “OneLogin’s clear API documentation and timely partner support made it very straightforward to integrate with Envoy. We’re always excited to work with partners who share our vision of creating effortless workplace experiences, and OneLogin perfectly fits that mold. We look forward to continued growth together!”

The addition of Envoy to OneLogin has allowed two great softwares to combine into one. This combination gives companies and their customers a smooth, reliving, and a heartening way to manage their information they need every day to do business. With this technology and developers always adding onto it there is no telling what can be achieved next. OneLogin is very thrilled to have worked with Envoy and are very excited to continue that relationship into the future.

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Bob Reina: He Makes Time

One thing that is said a lot in the world today is “I’m so busy! I have no time!” If something is really important and something really matters, people will do something about it and they will make time. Bob Reina always has time as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. He also always has time in the most important avenue, which is charity work. This is the same Bob Reina that made a whopping donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He wants to be part of the solution as opposed to being part of the problem. Bob Reina is the type of person that is always looking for solutions to the problems that are happening in the world.


He knows one of the worst things that someone could do is ignore the problem, act like it doesn’t exist, and simply pretend that everything is fine and dandy. That is not living in reality. Bob Reina is all about living in reality and he is all about taking control of what he can control. He can control things by starting up a video company like Talk Fusion, which is the very best in video, voice, and data. They have two awards from 2016 to back it up with one of them being the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award.


When people have solutions, they worry less, they are not as anxious, and they can finally relax and enjoy everything life has to offer. Life is meant to be enjoyed and it is meant to be special. For a lot of people, it is something they once had but they lost it. Bob Reina wants people to regain that magic feeling. He knows that once they have it, they won’t lose it again. When they start up their own stay-at-home business, they will have the most valuable thing in the world, which is time.


When people have time, they are in firm control of their destiny and nothing stands in the way of their happiness. They won’t allow it and they refuse to settle.


Onelogin’s Breakthrough with Envoy

The new and exciting SCIM protocol by Onelogin is a breakthrough for single sign-on registrations and employee data processing, creating an improved office visiting and data management experience. Onelogin has joined forces with Envoy to streamline user lifecycle processes, from onboarding affairs to offboarding and in-between, SCIM’s procedures allows users the benefit of being more efficient and secure when handling users’ identities and their access. Now, visitors(and employees) have an easier and more fastened time going through the sign -in registration process, simply by using their iPad, versus traditionally using an unsecured log-board. This is just a penny to the collection of coins that this application can do for an organization. SCIM is an add-on feature available to Envoy Premium and Enterprise software customers.
What exactly is the whole rave about SCIM? Well, first off, it’s a very valuable management system that thankfully simplifies the Envoy’s user information processing through user provisioning. This makes user information updating a whole lot easier, more efficient and more secure. Due to the time-consuming nature and headaches of the sign in process – signing a log-book, creating name tags, signing NDA’s, etc. And, the constant changing of users’ information – names, addresses and job descriptions; the forgetting of passwords; and changes to employee status (the hired and the vacated), manually having to process such information updates across multiple systems and applications is burdensome, but, it is absolutely necessary for organizations to keep their user data up-to-date.
It’s pretty savvy the way SCIM works. First, the set-up process is simple for Envoy Premium and Enterprise users; add the Envoy provisioning connector to Onelogin’s application catalog and, just like that, you’re ready for business. Onelogin is synchronized with Envoy, so that when changes happen with Onelogin, it happens with Envoy, automatically. This way companies can manage and update user profiles as changes happen – application rollout – hassle free. Upon visitors’ arrival, employees can create a notification for visitor arrival, which automatically signals when a visitor arrives. In addition, visitors have the luxury of signing in, upon arrival, with just their IPAD (17 different languages). Guest can conveniently sign out through their IPADs as well.
The SCIM protocol is just the beginning to many new supplements for company user data management that are set to happen throughout the life of the Onelogin and Envoy collaboration. There is no question that Onelogin has developed a deed that has allowed organizations the opulence to become more productive while being more secure when dealing with tons of identities and access within an organization. Stay tuned for more collaborating efforts from these two powerhouses to hit the market in the upcoming years.
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Avaaz – A Powerful Global Network

Avaaz is a global online movement that brings people-powered politics into decision-making. It was founded more than five years ago and has grown into one of the most powerful and largest organizations. As an activist network, Avaaz was founded in 2007 with the democratic mission of organizing the citizens of different nations in closing the gap between the world that everybody wants and the current world that exists. It empowers millions and thousands of people from different walks of life. It encourages people to take action on pressing national, regional, and global issues. As a result, people have become courageous enough not to allow issues such as poverty, corruption, climate change, and conflicts affect their lives and resume it.

The internet organizing model that is used by Avaaz allows thousands of efforts from individuals, no matter how small they are. It is just a matter of combining them to form a powerful collective force. As a community, Avaaz campaigns in fifteen languages. Avaaz has one core team that consists of thousands of volunteers from six continents. Avaaz takes action as a team including funding of direct actions and campaigns, signing petitions, emailing, organizing offline protests, and lobbying governments. The network wants to ensure that the values and views of the people result in the decision that affects everybody.

Thanks to technology and the rising global interdependency, constraint no longer applies to the campaigns carried out by Avaaz. It has become a single and global team that works with the mandate of solving the issues affecting the public. Regarding public concern, the campaigns that are performed by the organization are scalable, focus, flexible, and extraordinary agile. At some time, the online community of Avaaz operates like megaphone when it comes to new issues. It can channel the public concern into a targeted and specific campaign and learn more about Avaaz.

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Richard Blair- The Investment Guru

Speculators need to assemble their money related establishments on mainstays of quality, something that Wealth Solutions organizer Richard Blair knows some things about. Not exclusively is Blair experienced, he gloats various affirmations. He depends on Austin, Texas.


To enable his customers to construct their own particular money related columns, he encourages them design out their monetary objectives in solid terms. He additionally has the core of an educator and needs to enable his customers to find out about the most ideal approaches to accomplish their budgetary objectives.


Here’s the manner by which he conducts his professional duty:


Richard Blair’s First Pillar:


He visits with the customer to discover what their money related qualities and shortcomings are. He additionally recognizes how tolerant they are of hazard and what sort of development openings they can imagine for their funds. From this, he and the customer would then be able to frame a budgetary guide that suits that particular customer. Learn more:


Richard Blair’s Second Pillar:


This column sets the customer up as long as possible. The objective is to guarantee that his customers’ portfolios pick up the greatest returns, regardless of what the market resembles.


Richard Blair’s Third Pillar:


No monetary arrangement would be finished without protection. This part draws on Richard’s long understanding and enables every customer to have money related genuine feelings of serenity on into their retirement years.


About Richard Blair


Blair draws motivation from his better half, mother, and grandma who were instructors. From them he figured out the fact that it is so vital to show his customers about their accounts. With this information, his customers not just wind up on more strong monetary balance, yet they increase extraordinary fearlessness also.


After a year, Blair made his vocation one stride facilitate by establishing Richard Blair Wealth Solutions.


As indicated by Brightscope, When you are searching for objective money related guidance, consider conversing with Richard Blair Wealth Solutions. He can show you how to deal with your accounts, build up an arrangement for their development, and enable you to make the most of your life on into your retirement years.



Modern Techniques For Losing Weight Long Term

If you thought you knew everything you had to about weight loss, then you are in for a shocker, according to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity. The study featured 51 men, who were divided into two categories. One of the groups was subjected to a diet that comprised only of 67% of what they would need to maintain their normal weight for 16 weeks. With the second group, the same diet was used, only that it was interchanged with their regular diet every two weeks.

After 16 weeks of evaluation, it was found that the men on breaks actually managed to lose 18 pounds more than those who were put on the continuous diet plan.

Dr. Spencer Nadolsky, an expert in weight loss, explains this biological feat. The doctor says that when we start losing weight, our rate of metabolism slows down. This goes on until our metabolic processes are so slow that we can’t keep up the rate of weight loss beyond a certain level. This is what Dr. Nadolsky refers to as adaptive thermogenesis. It is basically what happened to the subjects in the study who were put on a continuous diet plan.

In order to tamper with the action of adaptative thermogenesis, you will need to break up your meal plans such that the body careens between balance and deficit. It all starts with a hormone called leptin. This hormone is responsible for making sure you do not overeat. As you lose calories and weight, leptin levels decrease. When you take your meals in a cyclic fashion like happened with the second group in the study, then leptin levels increase without you having to worry about overindulging and hence stacking up on the calories.

The authors of the study however offer two caveats; the first one touches on the nature of the meals taken. The experiments took place in highly controlled environments. Food was given in exact portions and calorie composition. It is therefore practically impossible to mimic this in real life because people decide on what they want or don’t want to eat on their own.

Secondly, the researchers here did not consider the impact of physical exercise on the weight loss efforts of any of the two groups. It is therefore entirely possible that one of the groups participated in more physical activity than the other, which could explain the discrepancies in the amount of weight lost.

However, the general agreement is that the parameters in the study were adequate to come up with a pretty solid conclusion; that the breaks taken here help the body to get used to losing weight when the circumstances are right.

Would diet breaks really work for you?

Dr. Spencer Nadolsky seems to think so. He advises that as long as there is a careful calculation of deficits and balances, then the results should be more than impressive.

If you are looking to start out on this regime, you will first need to calculate your daily calorie intake and knock 33% of the totals. Take two weeks of the reduced calorie amounts and alternate that with your regular diet, all the way to 16 weeks. During the breaks, give yourself treats but never go over the regular limits.  Something to think about when you’re considering a meal service, or comparing something like Nutrisystem cost vs how much you normally pay.  You want to make sure you’re on a diet that will pay off in the long term.  That’s why you have to make smart choices, and why it’s worth researching before you try something new.

Karl Heideck Hopes To Amuse You With Some Of Pennsylvania’s Oddest Funniest Laws

While most laws speak the common sense sides of people, there are some strange laws out there that make for entertaining reading. Pennsylvania has its share of these odd laws, and if you are looking for a laugh, you have opened the right article to read.

Karl Heideck, a successful attorney has dug deep to find some of the oddest laws on the book in the Keystone State. One of these laws include a strange rule that states that people cannot fire guns, cannons, or similar weapons during weddings. Another says that a priest cannot marry drunk people. Here are some more interesting Pennsylvania laws that might get you to chuckling according to

Bathrooms and Booze

While people with mobile homes or a travel trailer may not need to heed this law, regular folks in Pennsylvania must be sure that bathroom facilities are available within 200 feet of kid’s bedrooms. They also must have a bathtub or shower nearby. Only government-run stores can sell liquor in Pennsylvania, and roughly 600 government-run liquor stores exist in the state. This law recently, in 2016, was amended to allow supermarkets and restaurants to sell wine as well as the right for convenience stores to sell beer.

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Paint and The Hunt

If paintball is your thing, be sure to not fire at anyone who is not engaged in it at the time. Damage to people’s property while playing paintball is also covered as well as the proper way to carry your gun for paintball when driving. If hunting is your thing, be sure that you don’t go looking for game in a graveyard; it is illegal in the state. You also can’t hunt large animals while they are swimming. If you are an angler, don’t ever use koi, goldfish, comets, or common carp as bait; you just might find yourself in the big house. Also, be sure to never use dynamite when you are fishing; yep there is a law for that!

Local Laughs

According to Karl Heideck, specific cities in Pennsylvania have specific laws that only apply there. One of these strange laws states that it is illegal for trolley passengers to transport donkeys or mules, and in Morrisville, Pa. it is illegal for a woman to apply cosmetics without a permit.

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The Amazing Aptitude And Foresight Of Eric Pulier

One of the reasons for the advancement of mankind are entrepreneurs with exceptional intelligence and an understanding of how to turn their ideas into products capable of making a difference in the world. From when the idea for the Pyramids of Giza became a reality to the innovation of the iPhone entrepreneurs have been leaving their mark upon the world. Eric Pulier has joined the ranks of past entrepreneurs with his innovations and brought change to the world with his creativity, intuitiveness, and insight.

The United States of America owes their style of government to the founding fathers. These were exceptional men who believed in the common man and their faith built a nation. Creating a constitutional government that has proved it can withstand the test of time took extraordinary wisdom, intellect, and fortitude. This brought prosperity and freedom to the American people that was never seen before. This type of thinking has opened doors for future generations of entrepreneurs. If not for the accomplishments of these men Eric Pulier would not have been able to contribute to technology and increase not only what was possible but create what many perceived as impossible. The difference he has made in the technological field can be used as a foundation for entrepreneurs of the future.

Eric Pulier has designed new models for business that have improved and changed the current market. The communications he designed to enable children with critical diseases so they could take comfort in one another’s stories rivals John D. Rockefellers decision to replace whale oil with kerosene. Eric Pulier has affected the modern culture with technological contributions that are essential to the continued success and growth of the country. Another successful entrepreneur is Jeff Bezos who has made a name for himself as the CEO of Amazon. As time passes the entrepreneurs of the present continue to rival and exceed the contributions of made in the past.

Jeff Bezos and John D. Rockefeller became symbols of building a business empire, Eric Pulier established how far technology can go towards providing a better world and the importance of philanthropy when freely given and appropriately placed. The vision of the future was irrevocably changed when Elon Musk of South America came up with innovative ideas to save the globe from the effects of climate change. Technology now embraces a Los Angeles underground tunnel for traffic, solar energy, and electric cars. If not for the innovations of entrepreneurs none of this would be possible.

The future of humanity is dependent on new idea and preventing unethical competitors from taking root in society. The future is comprised of exceptional ideas implemented by courageous entrepreneurs. Contemporary entrepreneurs are necessary for society to continue to flourish and grow. Fair competition conducted on the open markets has become a staple for modern society. Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur who will never resort to taking unfair advantages by accepting handouts from the government. He has succeeded with honesty, integrity, and intelligence. He has proved he cares about the people and the children by the businesses he has created, the decisions he has made, and the generosity he has consistently shown to the world.

Eric Pulier is a true visionary and a futurist who believes the world can be improved by combining technology with the growth of mankind. He has built a career based on more than a dozen businesses who have all used innovations to make a positive difference in the world. The applications his businesses have been responsible for has used technology as a basis to help numerous companies and individuals. Eric Pulier has set himself apart from most entrepreneurs because he does not use his profits to give himself a better quality of living. He takes his money and invests in the world around him and the future of generations not even born yet.

Eric Pulier strongly believes the way to achieve the brightest possible future is with inventive and futuristic startups. Many of the companies he has founded have been small but they ensure the competitiveness of so many companies while removing the stagnation that so often results from governmental influence. Eric Pulier is also skilled as a venture capitalist. He has been directly responsible for the funding required for a multitude of startups resulting in millions of dollars a year. To call Eric Pulier an entrepreneur does not even begin to cover the contributions he has made to the world. His actions have earned him both admiration and envy despite the fact he has worked hard for everything he has. His childhood was humble and he was not rich. He lived in New Jersey with his family and spent his high school years working in a gas station. Even then there were obvious signs of the man he would become as he learned to program computers and became immersed in the possibilities of technology.

After Eric Pulier had graduated from high school he lived at Harvard University in an average dorm. He applied himself to learning everything he could about literature and science and continued to provide his mind with fuel. In 1988, he became a Harvard graduate and focused on the driving passion he had for technology. In 1991, he addressed the challenges so common in healthcare and education with a company called People Doing Things that found solutions by using technology. Even after he sold his company he continued creating new and more advanced companies focusing on media and virtual computing. He believes most problems can be solved with the correct use of technology and this has propelled his career to the greatest of heights.

Eric Pulier still uses his passion for technology as evidenced by his latest creation vAtomic Systems. He is using his intelligence and skill to merge experimental technologies and augmented reality with the digital and physical technological universe. Eric Pulier has proven time and again that success is achieved with the use of the innovations and growth found in technology. No matter what he does from this point forward he will never be just another entrepreneur.

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