Karl Heideck Hopes To Amuse You With Some Of Pennsylvania’s Oddest Funniest Laws

While most laws speak the common sense sides of people, there are some strange laws out there that make for entertaining reading. Pennsylvania has its share of these odd laws, and if you are looking for a laugh, you have opened the right article to read.

Karl Heideck, a successful attorney has dug deep to find some of the oddest laws on the book in the Keystone State. One of these laws include a strange rule that states that people cannot fire guns, cannons, or similar weapons during weddings. Another says that a priest cannot marry drunk people. Here are some more interesting Pennsylvania laws that might get you to chuckling according to crunchbase.com.

Bathrooms and Booze

While people with mobile homes or a travel trailer may not need to heed this law, regular folks in Pennsylvania must be sure that bathroom facilities are available within 200 feet of kid’s bedrooms. They also must have a bathtub or shower nearby. Only government-run stores can sell liquor in Pennsylvania, and roughly 600 government-run liquor stores exist in the state. This law recently, in 2016, was amended to allow supermarkets and restaurants to sell wine as well as the right for convenience stores to sell beer.

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Paint and The Hunt

If paintball is your thing, be sure to not fire at anyone who is not engaged in it at the time. Damage to people’s property while playing paintball is also covered as well as the proper way to carry your gun for paintball when driving. If hunting is your thing, be sure that you don’t go looking for game in a graveyard; it is illegal in the state. You also can’t hunt large animals while they are swimming. If you are an angler, don’t ever use koi, goldfish, comets, or common carp as bait; you just might find yourself in the big house. Also, be sure to never use dynamite when you are fishing; yep there is a law for that!

Local Laughs

According to Karl Heideck, specific cities in Pennsylvania have specific laws that only apply there. One of these strange laws states that it is illegal for trolley passengers to transport donkeys or mules, and in Morrisville, Pa. it is illegal for a woman to apply cosmetics without a permit.

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