Onelogin’s Breakthrough with Envoy

The new and exciting SCIM protocol by Onelogin is a breakthrough for single sign-on registrations and employee data processing, creating an improved office visiting and data management experience. Onelogin has joined forces with Envoy to streamline user lifecycle processes, from onboarding affairs to offboarding and in-between, SCIM’s procedures allows users the benefit of being more efficient and secure when handling users’ identities and their access. Now, visitors(and employees) have an easier and more fastened time going through the sign -in registration process, simply by using their iPad, versus traditionally using an unsecured log-board. This is just a penny to the collection of coins that this application can do for an organization. SCIM is an add-on feature available to Envoy Premium and Enterprise software customers.
What exactly is the whole rave about SCIM? Well, first off, it’s a very valuable management system that thankfully simplifies the Envoy’s user information processing through user provisioning. This makes user information updating a whole lot easier, more efficient and more secure. Due to the time-consuming nature and headaches of the sign in process – signing a log-book, creating name tags, signing NDA’s, etc. And, the constant changing of users’ information – names, addresses and job descriptions; the forgetting of passwords; and changes to employee status (the hired and the vacated), manually having to process such information updates across multiple systems and applications is burdensome, but, it is absolutely necessary for organizations to keep their user data up-to-date.
It’s pretty savvy the way SCIM works. First, the set-up process is simple for Envoy Premium and Enterprise users; add the Envoy provisioning connector to Onelogin’s application catalog and, just like that, you’re ready for business. Onelogin is synchronized with Envoy, so that when changes happen with Onelogin, it happens with Envoy, automatically. This way companies can manage and update user profiles as changes happen – application rollout – hassle free. Upon visitors’ arrival, employees can create a notification for visitor arrival, which automatically signals when a visitor arrives. In addition, visitors have the luxury of signing in, upon arrival, with just their IPAD (17 different languages). Guest can conveniently sign out through their IPADs as well.
The SCIM protocol is just the beginning to many new supplements for company user data management that are set to happen throughout the life of the Onelogin and Envoy collaboration. There is no question that Onelogin has developed a deed that has allowed organizations the opulence to become more productive while being more secure when dealing with tons of identities and access within an organization. Stay tuned for more collaborating efforts from these two powerhouses to hit the market in the upcoming years.
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